3 Tips for Spotting Characters in a Theme Park

When you see a character walking through a theme park especially a Disney theme park it is safe to assume they are headed to a specific location. Please remember to think of the safety of the characters, cast members and other guests around you. 

1. DO NOT RUN AT THE CHARACTERS! Parents: if you have small children, please hold their hand so you can enjoy watching the characters walk by together and you don’t have to worry about them running, tripping, getting stepped on by the characters or overzealous fans. Parents with older children, if you are near the characters it is ok for them to say hello, wave, even give them a high five, gently. They should not hit them or grab them. ADULTS, please, please, please, you are grown people. You running at the characters can be scary when you are bigger then them or the same size. 

2. DO NOT SCREAM NEAR THE CHARACTERS! This is more for adults, if you are screaming wildly the character or the attendant may think something is wrong especially if the screaming is from far off. We understand if small children scream but the combo of screaming and running just makes everyone anxious. Squealing in excitement, cool! Screaming like someone to trying to murder you, not cool!

3. TRY NOT TO GET UPSET IF THEIR LINE IS CLOSED! You can follow the attendant or characters to their meet and greet location but know that sometimes they have all guest they can see already. Please don’t get upset with the attendant. Parents, instead step off to the side, maybe watch for a moment and then maybe tell your kids, “Isn’t that cool, we got to see them walk by. Maybe we will get to meet them next time.” Don’t freak out or get angry. 

It is important to remember there are characters all over the park. Some have indoor locations, outdoor locations, some will have short lines while others you will have to wait a very long time for. Enjoy seeing characters but please be respectful of them and the attendants.