A call out post for @kittenlaf:

  • French AF but says “chocolatine”, show me yo ID
  • Is so nice and caring, puff that huffle and it’ll fly
  • Has been to hell and come back singing
  • Chairwoman of the BahorelDefenseSquad
  • Take her to furch, Feuily Church
  • Sometimes drops some Kaamelott on my dash, highly appreciated
  • Makes me follow TURN while i know nothing about TURN (jk, I watched the first episode yesterday, Ben Tallmadge can GET IT)
  • Great analyses
  • Literally spreads content like wildfire
  • Is too pure for this world
  • Actual Combeferre
  • Doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints
  • Actual kitten laugh

‘Cause what I’ve done’s more brilliant than theSun.

Buried my inner child; &introspection was theGun. Married, w/o a vow. Resurrection has begun. Very varied; my style ….second to none.

Fight, or run
Link-up, or bow down
Choose a side
Knuckle-up, or throw the towel down

Who am I?? [llmf] ….just ChuckFurch, Nigga; priceless &perfect.

So: Fuck your worth, ..nigga.


Solo acoustic #guitar on my #Furch #Stonebridge steel string #musicasmetaphor #horleony

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Aggressively apathetic. Borderline berserk. Callously caustic. Devilishly divert; eloquently evil. Force, freedom, &Furch. Graphically Godlike. Hawks, hammers, &hurt.

Intensely individual; just know: limits’re minimal.

Never oppose prophecy. Quietly, I’ll render you.. into a state totally unrecognizable.

It’d be wise of you:
&watch what I'ma do.


🎸ist #instamusician #musicasmetaphor #horleony #Furch #Stonebridge

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