furanken shutain

penguinplayground  asked:

Go to bed you dork omfg.

Listen here, cumslut.

You 8n’t my daddy that you can take my awakening privileges away in a simple finger click. If I’m tired or my fourth wall is 8eing drunk tired is none of your 8usiness and I can keep it up for a good 24 hours at this r8.

What I’m trying to say is that you have no right to send me off to “8eds” 8ecause guess what? I have no 8ed you heartless nerd. And 8ecause the lack of 8ed everyone is going to call me peasant and laugh at me 8ever and I will 8e forced to grow up a mustache, change my name into Deltrese and move to live in LA on earth and it will all 8e your fault for ruining my good name and destroying the social cycle I am in at now.

Not to mention I worked my 8utt off and paid fucking money to get some friends and now you 8r8k it all up on me with sending me to a “8ed” which I don’t have 8ecause I rather to sleep in slime and/or on piles of 8alls thank you very much.

May8e instead of saying go to 8ed reconsider your choices and pick of words and send me to coon or to an 8ight 8all pile. I am extremely 8utthurt over this 8ecause you also didn’t mention if that was refered to me or to my fourth wall!

8ecause you talk less to me I thought it meant to 8e to me and you cared a8out me 8ut in the next ask you will say haha no peasant I was refering to your fourth wall and again crush spidergirl’s dreams.

All I ever wanted some attention.

And love. Or even a tap on the shoulder and some8ody saying ‘you did your 8est and tried, Vriska, that’s what actually counts’.

Do I ever get anything?


And that’s all 8ecause I killed a friend or two in the past.

Speaking of let’s take a moment to thank to a certain cue 8all douche8ag for this one.


I’m so done with you.

I’m done with everyone.

I h8 you.

I h8 him.

I h8 everyone.

Have a good day.

Or night.

Or whatever.