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Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Day 1.2

I started our official first day in Malaysia on the couch with, not kidding, an afro. I was too tired to dry my hair the night before. Turns out I crashed and refused to get up to sleep in the bedroom too. Today was the day of the show but the first half of the day was planned for us to get our first duck rice plate and visit a specific store at the Pavilion Mall - whilst of course seeing the surrounding places as well.

I didn’t get to show the hotel room in my last post and thought it was practical to show what it looks like during the day because the windows brought so much light in. We got an upgrade and the place was surprisingly massive. Here’s the view from the main door. It had a little office area in the corner, adjacent to that was a living set and on the right side, a closet that you can’t really see. The space was too big for the amount of furniture it had so it felt a bit empty. Like my heart. I’m kidding. 

Imagine me beside the couch now. I’m facing a television set and a door to the bedroom. Excuse the queen-sized mess.

The bathroom was standard. The toilet had a bidet, it had a rainfall shower and a regular shower head, and one sink. And it was just the right amount of space.

The ‘deal’ we made the night before didn’t really come about and I was way too hungry to wait for proper brunch so I grabbed myself a banana and a chocolate bar. Balanced diet.

And yes, pictured below are all the girls waiting because boys always take forever, don’t they?

Cab rides were pretty expensive and having found out the Imbi train station was nearby, we followed an alleyway from our hotel to the station. The stench was horrendous, and this led to early morning cardio having to practically sprint the whole way through.

I saw this little shrine on the way there and a girl doing the whole offering, kneeling down and (don’t quote me on this but) I think she was crying as well. Any information on this? Because I’m confused.

I think this part of Bukit Bintang is most familiar to me so it was not hard at all going from one place to the next. We led them to Pavilion Mall first.

Pavilion Mall had a great food court selection called Food Republic and damn right, I got some duck. This one was pretty good, however it doesn’t beat my favorite. The sauce was bomb though.

Nicole and I scouted for pastries for dessert and had this awesome half baked cheese thing and bought some egg tarts to bring back to the hotel as well. We saw this glob (not really a glob… it’s a pretty glob) of butter at the Toast Box kiosk. It was cool and gross.

We went to this supermarket called Mercato which was right beside the food court. They hoarded so much Beryl’s chocolate-covered almonds I kid you not. After that, we headed back up to the mall in search of The Click Shop, a lomography camera store.

But we found Pharrell instead. THIS WAS LITERALLY INSANE. Our group was walking around with quite a distance from each other and while going up the escalator, Nadine, who was ahead of me, mouthed ‘Pharrell’ - which then I couldn’t understand until she gestured ‘hat’. I silently flipped and did the same to the others behind me and we all brisk walked to him (and his bouncer) looking to see if it was actually him and man, it was.

He was on the phone (hence, the earphones) walking so we caught up to him and asked him for photos. He was absolutely nice and suave and chill and cool and calm and serene and peaceful and kumbaya. He was all “Thank you, thank you ladies” and he smelled pretty good too and I hope he doesn’t mind I took a whiff.

After all the gushing and “Wow, we just met Pharrell” moments, we eventually found The Click Shop and stayed for probably half an hour with some of us selecting cameras to buy and most of us just taking advantage of the free WiFi. Our group walked out with 5 new cameras and Pharrell-flooded Instagram feeds.

And off to the hotel we went to get ready for FMFA.

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Day 2

Today was a sorry excuse to try to make the rest of the trip a bit worth it so we planned to visit Batu Caves, Central Market and have both lunch and dinner at Jalan Alor again.

I think the photos speak for themselves. Basically that’s how our day went. After Bukit Bintang, we rushed back to the hotel to get our bags and had a bit of a dilemma: we had an hour til check in counters closed, the airport was an hour away and we had no ride. We didn’t pre-book our shuttle and since we were a pretty large group, it was quite hard to find a vehicle (or three) that could take us all at the same time.

Let me narrate to you the turn of events because what else could go wrong, right? We kind of stressed out the hotel staff in finding a shuttle in such short notice, we sped through highway after highway going to the airport. It felt like forever. Our flight was at 12:15 AM and check in counters close 45 minutes before that so in our case, the time we had to beat was 11:30. We left the hotel a few minutes before 10:30. If our driver didn’t drive as fast as he did, we wouldn’t make it in time. We got to the terminal around 11:26 and ran through so many directions because airport personnel cannot for the life of them point out the exact counter we had to go plus the signs were so confusing. Imagine the whole situation with us lugging around carry-ons from counter to counter and not kidding, from one corner of the airport to another in hopes that we wouldn’t miss our flight. We got to the right Air Asia counter at 11:29 and they flat out said they were closed and that we couldn’t make it. We were furious and tired and everything just felt like crap. I backed away from the begging and haggling situation and just prayed we could at least make our flight. They made a few calls and we eventually convinced them we would make it because we didn’t have bags to check in and we can run (as you do) to immigrations and security and all that stuff. They gave us boarding passes and we ran yet again. In line for immigration, John started feeling queasy and almost blacked out of over fatigue so we had to get his bags and the guys had to carry him down to the boarding gate. It was chaos I tell you. We were all seated separately, as expected of late check-ins and got to Manila before 4:00. Capping off the fails of the trip, Angel’s newly bought Sprocket Rocket’s lens broke off probably while we were having that rushing airport situation. I feel really bad for her. So Angel, if you’re reading this, here’s a hug.

My second trip to Malaysia was… interesting. Don’t get me wrong, although nothing went right, we definitely still enjoyed laughing at our misery. It’s been a week and our LINE group still isn’t quiet. Highlights? Meeting Pharrell, duck rice and definitely great company.