Urgent Security Notice

Not a joke, if you have a FurAffinity account, and use your password literally anywhere else, you need to change it right now.

The password hashes, the literal things that decrypt passwords, have been exposed. Your accounts that use that same password are all at risk.



hi everyone. that time of the year (years??) has rolled around and i’m opening commissions so i might be able to eat fruit again and maybe pay off my 20k+ student loan debt (maybe). i’ve recently opened a patreon and furaffinity account, but i’m also extending the offer of my commissions here. 

instead of a huge list on the post this time around, i’m going to point you to my website which has all the rules and examples. my prices are currently as listed:

Sketches (per character)
Detailed Bust: $10
Detailed Full: $20

​Shaded (per character)
Detailed Bust: $50
Detailed Full: $60

Full-Render (per character)
Detailed Bust: $85
Detailed Full: $95

please send any inquiries to ninamodaffari [@] gmail.com. i currently have five slots open, as to not get too overwhelmed. thank you for your continued support!


Tips for Leaving Furaffinity

A step by step guide for artists looking to migrate away, or expand their reach beyond Furaffinity.


Recently Furaffinity became the victim of a severe breach in security, causing content to be deleted, user information to be comprised, and bring the site to a complete halt. As of today, the website is still in read-only mode, removing the ability for users whose passwords were compromised from even logging in to change their passwords.

In light of these developments, many people have voiced their concerns over not only the stability of Furaffinity, but also the safe keeping of their private information. Due to the large user base, many artists rely on FA for commissions and as a result exchange private information through the note system such as paypal accounts and email addresses. As a result, this hack has caused many to doubt if they should continue to utilize the website and what alternatives they can pursue. In the accompanying video, I plan to explain ways artist can expand their reach beyond the scope of Furaffinity and, depending on their goals, move away from the website entirely.

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Commission scammer

Hey guys!  I never really thought I’d have to do this but I figured I may as well throw this out here to possibly save other people future stress and frustration.

For those of you who take commissions on FA, please beware of commission requests from user bams2014

About two weeks ago I was commissioned to do 2 loafs for this user. They paid upfront , I did their commissions, sent a link of said commission to them via note and went on with my life. This past week I recently received a notification from my pay-pal saying they had issued a charge back for the commission. 

Confused as to why, I noted them again asking the reason since the commission was done and linking them to the finished commission once again. Within fifteen minutes my note was read but no response was given.

I noticed a comment on their page of another artist desperately trying to get a hold of them  for payment which raised a lot of suspicions and I decided to investigate further.

Coincidentally enough a friend of mine had also been commissioned by this user for a 6 page comic. When I asked them if they had any problems with the commissioner in question, they said that they had  that the same charge back stunt had been pulled on them as well.

I am currently trying to fight their chargeback claim however it’s been proving very difficult since paypal appears very bias to digital goods as well as the fact that most of my business is conducted via furaffinity which I hear they can be a bit iffy about (despite my commissions being 100% sfw)

I also reported them to the FA staff, however the admins cannot do anything about scamming situations like this unless it involves a large group of people which is totally fair imo but still sucks.

Artists please watch out for this user. They’ve scammed myself as well as a friend of mine so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a regular thing for them.

They also seem to use multiple paypal e-mails  so please watch out for anyone who tries to pay with maureenann85[at]hotmail.com  or veritysimons[at]yahoo.co.uk 

As well as tries to commission these characters http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19793192/  (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to link to them or not so here’s the commission they scammed outta me)

Fortunately I didn’t lose a lot of money to this person, but a lot of artists rely on commissions for food and necessities and something like this could be devastating to them.

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