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Hello! I adore your blog, I rescued a husky gsd mix 6 months ago, and it's been great having your blog as reference! I was wondering if you can recommend toe bean protection other than booties, our pups feet are looking rough. Thank you so much!

Well we do regular bean care! Like nail trims and combing and trimming the fur that grows between the beans. Noodle has A LOT OF THIS so I try to do it often. I use musher’s secret to moisturize beans, but there are other paw moisturizers and you can use coconut oil, thats what many people do. This will keep their beans healthy and keep them from getting rough, cracking, and bleeding. Also during the summer I clean their feet after being outside with baby wipes to avoid allergens clinging to their beans and making them really itchy. 

If you don’t want to do booties and are running and stuff I would keep to softer places like grass and dirt, we even have an outdoor padded track that I sometimes use. The heat and damage to beans is why I use the booties, and ani has one leg that is a bit shorter than the other so when I exercise her she wears her booties to prevent injury. 


Furfrou Nicknames:

  • Scruffy
    (Normal form. The nickname sounds plain and normal)
  • Lulu, Angel or Rosetta
    (Heart trim. Cute nicknames for a heart themed Dog)
  • Gemini, Jewels or Juliette 
    (Diamond trim. A precious nickname for a Jewel themed Dog)
  • Nova, Starr and Starla 
    (Star trim. Astronomy themed nicknames for a Super-Star)
  • Cario, Faroh, Queenie or King Tut
    (Pharaoh Trim. Royal themed nicknames for Kings)
  • Kabuki, Bell or Lyrics
    (Kabuki Trim. Pleasant Japanes Dance themed nicknames)
  • Queenie or Reina
    (La Reine Trim. Elegant Queen-themed nicknames)
  • Bella, Olivia and Serena 
    (Matron Trim. Classy nicknames for a classy Dog)
  • Dandie, Bonkers
    (Dandy Trim. Unique and flashy only for the most Dandiest of Dogs)
  • Madeline, Scarlett and Violet
    (Debutante Trim. Elegant and beautiful)

Furfrou Facts:

  1. Trimming its fluffy fur not only makes it more elegant but also increases the swiftness of its movements.
  2. Historically, in the Kalos region, these Pokémon were the designated guardians of the king.
  3. This Pokémon’s furry coat cushions it against physical attacks. Furfrou is known to be loyal to its Trainer.


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My last post showed fur trimmed coats dating back to the 1950’s, but fur trims are just as popular today. used in coats, shawls, gloves, hats heels, boots and so much more…. One recent fashion trend was the very reliable fur trimmed parka, no wardrobe was complete with a handy winter parka!