I’m laughing so hard abt my own comic rn Kanaya why did you dress up in a full-length fur-trimmed dress with a PEARL NECKLACE to go to a COFFEE SHOP Kanaya what the fuck

Anti-Fur Society, Norway:

She cringes in the corner of the cage. She has a beautiful gray fur. That’s why she is here. Her paws will be sore and painfull. She will never feel freedom. She will never run free in the woods with her family, and she will never experience digging in the soil and make a hive for her babies.

One day she will be dragged out, an electrode in the mouth and one in the rectum. Her life ends here. The cute puppyheart will stop beating. 😢

All this just to become a decorative fur trim on a jacket. We do not accept this. Together we can ban fur farming!! 

fic want

I want a story where Loki does something noble and selfless, like save a child or prevent some disaster from taking place, and then he tries to hide exactly how noble it was.

Basically I want Disney Prince Loki to come back to us.

I want the metaphorical equivalent of him saying, “What reason do you have to presume me a Disney prince? That is absurd!” while little blue birdies fly around his head, and rabbits and chipmunks dance at his heels and tidy up his general vicinity with tiny, rodent-size brooms.

(Extra points if his fur-trimmed cape magically keeps shifting from green to red.)

What I’m really saying is that I want to see Loki’s innate sense of right and wrong win over his mental decision to be the villain in the story. I think it’s within him to be a hero if he wanted to.

Blitzkriegers doing the Yotsuba-thing, cause I love it. And look, there’s even an Ian! (whose design I had to half make up myself since he’s in like one frame in G-Rev…) There’s no Tala, cause he’s not exactly lacking in fandom representation. :P

I recorded myself drawing this, and the video is uploading now. :3
(reuploading the drawing cause I wasn’t really happy with the colours)

Summer may not be officially over in London yet, but the good weather has given up and has put me in the mood for coats, capes and anything warm. 

This fabulous evening coat by Shannon Rogers is more appropriate for winter than upcoming autumn but my God! Isn’t it incredible? 

The coat alone is a chic and expensive statement but imagine wearing this to an evening party, the theatre or a ball and unveiling a stunning gown underneath. There’s no need to hold a grudge against coats for hiding your wardrobe now.