fur trimmed boots

Frightful Weather, A-Mei-zing Heroism [An RP w/ iceylady]

Kia wandered around the old Eco-Watchpoint carefully. The snow crunched quietly underneath her faux fur trimmed boots. Kia could see her breath in front of her face. There were only two Watchpoints on the planet that were stationed in this subzero climate. Watchpoint: Antartica and its twin, Watchpoint: Greenland. Greenland was, like Antarctica, trapped years ago under the storm.

The young brunette wandered about the wild facility, looking for any survivors. Antarctica had only one living scientist, a beautiful Chinese doctor named Mei-Ling Zhou. That was somebody Kia desperately wished to meet. Not just for her scientific expertise, but the unique way she survived the many years since Overwatch’s collapse.