fur trimmed boots

It's That Time of Year

Prompt: You bring my grandmother a basket of homemade candy every Christmas and she keeps dropping hints about how great you are so we should probably go out at least once—you know, just to make grandma happy.

The first time that he tasted them, they melted on his tongue with an unknown gentle sweetness, and he thought that if heaven could be found in food form, it had to be in the form of those caramels.

His grandmother had offered them to him on one of her gaudy snowman plates, the homemade wrapping only adding to their charm as he’d raised an eyebrow at them. She’d stated that the young girl from down the street had delivered them the other day, and to wish him a Merry Christmas.

Obi had scoffed. Seriously? Who did she take him for?

His grandmother had puttered around the kitchen, trying to find her cookie cutters. “You remember Shirayuki from the Fourth of July picnic, don’t you?”

He hummed his response as he tilted his head at the plate of homemade goodies. Of course he remembered. Not that he’d ever tell the old meddler that. In fact, he didn’t think it’d be possible for him to ever forget her. He’d never seen another human being with eyes that vividly green or hair so vibrantly red. She’d smiled and offered him a cherry tart, and something in his chest had pulled.

His fingers reached for the candy, unwrapping a piece with gentle care, his mind replaying the way that her hair fell over her shoulder as she’d knelt down to hold a sparkler with the rest of the neighborhood children, her eyes reflecting the golden lights like emeralds.

Obi’s eyes fluttered as he chewed, the confectionary treat dissolving into a buttery, creamy, delectable texture. Wow. He’d never had anything like them before. So soft and golden, honeyed and decadent.

“Yes, sir,” the old woman sighed, seating herself beside him at the kitchen table. “That Shirayuki sure can bake.” His grandmother had lost her stealth-mode years ago but refused to acknowledge it, her soft hands unwrapping her own piece of blissful candy while shooting him a not-so-subtle sideways glance.

Obi shook his head with a small smile while reaching for another piece. “Pretty sure I came over here to help put up decorations, old woman- not get the third degree.”

The next time that he tasted them, he was untangling a ball of lights on the living room floor while an old record played carols in the corner. She’d only listen to the timeless holiday tunes on vinyl, because they reminded her of the times that she’d spent with his grandfather, of Christmases long since passed. It was charming in a way that was uniquely her, and Obi had come to cherish the crackling sound that accompanied the melodies.

He’d ponder on it later, though. It was currently taking everything within him not to snap.

Obi was getting annoyed and about to start spouting off his favorite curse words when tender hands placed the plate of heavenly sweetness upon the coffee table beside him, and his mouth watered instantly at the mere sight of them.

He hadn’t been able to get them out of his head; not since last year, and he’d been secretly disappointed when he’d learned that she only made them at Christmas time, which was something that she’d told him at the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. She’d set the lemon cupcakes upon the table before offering him one, her smile as bright as the floral print of her dress as he’d complimented her on the frosting.

“It’s infused with blackberries!” She’d piped, tiny hands reaching out to brush a crumb off of his dress shirt with care. Verdant eyes as green as the fresh spring grass around them had shone up at him as he’d tried to remember how to swallow. “I’m glad that you liked them, though!” At his befuddled look, she’d clarified. “The caramels, that is!”

He’d caught the look that his grandmother had shot him over Shirayuki’s shoulder, and had made a mental note to have a talk with the meddler about things that didn’t concern her.

Grandma sat down in her recliner, a sly smile curling her lips as she watched Obi glancing at the caramels longingly out of the corner of his eye, fingers still valiantly trying to untangle the mess of lights sprawled out in his lap. He vowed to never again throw them into the box haphazardly, no matter how cold it was or how hungover he was.

"That sweet little Shirayuki dropped those by again,” she softly crooned, leaning back in her chair and rocking as she watched him struggle. “Nicest little thing…I tell ya, any woman who can bake like that will never be lost for good company.”

Obi sighed as the lights finally began to relent and resemble a straight line once more. “Because the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” He decided to reward himself for his hard work and couldn’t ease the flutter of excitement in his chest as he pulled apart the homemade wrapper; a wrapper that had been touched by her own hands not long before.

No- because if everything else she makes is half as good as those candies, I’M moving in with her!”

The third time that he tasted them, they mixed with the anxious uncertainty dancing upon his tongue, his fingers twitching nervously and toes tapping in his shoes as he shifted his weight from foot to foot.

The snow was quiet as it fell, blanketing the surrounding neighborhood in a sheet of soft white fluff. The flakes resembled down feathers, big and floppy as they floated down from the night sky. He’d be able to appreciate its beauty much more if he wasn’t so busy shoveling it off of the damn driveway.

Obi’s breath plumed out and hung in the air before dissipating, his back beginning to ache and fingers tingling from the cold eating its way through his gloves. The concrete surface was deemed good enough in his book at long last, and he couldn’t wait to get back inside so that he could thaw properly. Maybe have one of the caramels that were waiting on a plate in the kitchen?

He grimaced as he recalled how smug his grandmother had looked when he’d walked into the kitchen, freezing at the sight of his favorite treat sitting before him in the cozy light of the kitchen. Was it worth listening to the old woman hound him about the red-headed girl when it was taking everything in him to think about anything but her?

He was still trying to decide, which was why he’d pulled on his winter coat and boots and stomped outside to shovel snow. Busy hands would help to take his mind off of the way that she smiled, and just how badly he wanted to see it everyday, not just around the neighborhood or on the holidays.

He stood upright in order to adjust his hat more tightly over his ears, and that was when he saw her approaching.

Shirayuki trudged through the snow in her fur trimmed boots, snowflakes sticking to the wool of her black coat and stocking cap. She carried a basket in her mitten covered hands, her own breath curling around her as she smiled and called his name with a wave.

It was the cold causing the twinge in his chest. It had to be. It definitely didn’t have anything to do with the fact that he hadn’t seen her since Thanksgiving, when she’d fed him a bite of one of her pumpkin cheesecake bars, her thumb reaching out to swipe away some of the graham cracker crumbs from a corner of his mouth with a delicate laugh. It hadn’t been on his mind at all how her touch had lingered near his mouth, their eyes locking for several seconds before she’d blushed and ducked her head in order to avert her gaze back down to her lap.

Shirayuki came to stand before him and he offered her a smile, leaning against his shovel. “Isn’t it a bit late for you to be out and about, little lady?”

She scrunched her nose up at him with a playful huff before lifting up the cloth covering the contents of her basket, homemade wrappers peeking out at him through the falling snow. “Well then maybe I’ll just take these back home!”

Obi made to grab for one but she yanked them out of reach at the last second, sticking her tongue out at him and backing up a step. “Grinch,” he teased lightly before trudging up the driveway to lean the shovel back up against the house. “Droppin’ off more of those? Thought maybe you’d bring the old woman some of those cranberry cookies that she’s always talkin’ about…”

Obi turned around and tilted his head slightly at her blush, watching her fidget with the handle of the basket as she shifted her weight from foot to foot. Her voice was so soft that he almost missed it as she murmured, “But caramels are your favorite, right?”

Obi couldn’t deny that the tightening in his chest had to be due to his hammering heart, his breath catching as he watched her reach into the basket to pluck one from the rest, golden eyes noticing how her hand shook slightly as she extended it out to him with a timid smile. “Merry Christmas, Obi.”

She’d made them for him. All of this time, they were for him.

Christmas only came once a year, and seeing as how it was a time for miracles, maybe he could give it a shot?

Obi accepted the treat tentatively, his gaze never leaving hers as he twisted open the wax paper wrapping. Popping it into his mouth, the buttery smooth texture was as perfect as he’d remembered, almost as perfect as the sight of the new fallen snow clinging to crimson strands as she watched him chew the candy and swallow.

Obi tugged on his hat, clearing his throat as he noticed her small frame shivering. “Do you, uh-” Damn, this was hard. “Want to come inside and see Gran? Maybe go get some coffee?”

Her eyes were evergreen as she blinked up at him, her voice as soft as the whisper of the falling snow as she murmured with a smile, “Okay.”

The fourth time that he tasted them, she offered one to him herself, small hands extending out a snowman plate and giggling at his excited expression.

Long fingers plucked one off of the top of the pile, winking at her and delighting in the small blush dusting along her cheeks. He’d never get tired of the look in her eyes as she watched him twist apart the wrapper and pop it into his mouth, her giggle lighter than air as he hummed his appreciation and closed his eyes to savor the taste. Nothing beat the flavor of a freshly made caramel candy.

Christmas carols played in the background, the record old and crackling slightly from years of wear and use. It was cozy in the kitchen, Shirayuki smiling at the sound of his grandmother humming along to the familiar tune, hands wise with age stirring the large pot with a wooden spoon.

Shirayuki stood from the table and went to stand beside her at the stove, administering praise at how perfectly the batch was coming along, Obi smiling at the sight of both women watching the thick mixture bubble merrily, the buttery smell clinging to his tongue as he breathed deeply.

It smelled like Christmas.


Cyborg is bundled to within an inch of his LIFE


Starfire is an alien and apparently doesn’t feel cold but the old lady gave her a HAT and she wears it with respect!

Raven is MEGA ULTRA STYLISH with fur trim, adorable boots, black leggings, SO CHIC!

Beast Boy is not pictured because at the moment he is a green penguin but his snow clothes include squishy mittens and ski goggles!

*rolls around*


Making of the Korra Cosplay:

1: An official character design page for Korra’s first season outfit. Referring to a reference image helps you visualize what you’re trying to create and to keep it authentic.

2: 2nd picture shows the materials.
-Approx. a yard of felt
-A blue turtleneck shirt for alteration (or for the ambitious soul, approx. 2 yards of jersey material *or similar stretch fabric* and a pattern for a mandarin collar shirt
-½ yard of thin blue fabric of your choice
-Yard of white fabric of your choice
-1 pair of expendable long white and navy blue socks
-2 yards of white faux fur trim (don’t use real, c’mon save the animals man! Lol) or an old piece of clothing that has enough fur trim on it.
-1 pair of old blue sweat pants (they should technically be lighter than mine, but whatever…) or approx. 4 yards of blue fabric of your choice and a baggy pants pattern.
-1 tube of white acrylic paint
-Inexpensive/old pair of faux fur trimmed suede boots

3: A blue turtleneck was bought…because I only had 3 days to make this before the event, so I thought it would buy me some time and be simpler. Well…surprise! That’s not how things go. They only had 2 sizes so the one I got was waaaay too big for me. Had to seriously take it in at the neck and the center-back. I then I cut off the arms and altered the neckline, a bit of an ordeal. :-P

4: Korra’s outer skirt I made with leftover felt material I had from design school. I found felt kept shape much better than the semi-suede like materials and as a plus for those looking to make it, it’s cheaper too! Afterwards, I cut an old faux-fur head cover and trimmed the skirt with it. I hand stitched all the skirt and used waist ties from an old shirt for the skirt ties. Her inner skirt was simple, cut and sewn in the shape of an isosceles triangle, from some old Italian imported dark navy blue silk I had. (A bit of luxury for Korra, why not?) xD
If you don’t have the skill or time, just make it big enough to tie in the back, but if you have the time try inserting velcro in the back on the corner edges of the inner skirt. And Voilà!

5: A picture of me making Korra’s headpieces. I used empty thread spools for her side hair accessories and cut a small bit of a paper towel roll for the top piece, painted them stark white with acrylic paint and covered them with a thin blue crepe-like material from an old skirt I had.

6: Testing out the new hair accessories and giving the new hairstyle a test run.

7:Trying the skirt on, fits well. So I go ahead and make the reinforcement stitches.

8: Testing out the whole ensemble together. After making adjustments to the back, the shirt fits better, so I go ahead and begin with the alteration of the neckline and the white piping for the sleeves.

9: Armbands were made with long socks and a shirt sleeve from the shirt. Final touches and complete!

10: Meeting up with another Korra at the Pop Expo, dream come true! Hey 2 benders are better than 1, right? ;-)

*Notes: Pants & Boots: Buy a simple, loose pants pattern, gather stitch the leg bottoms, or if you’re pushed for time or skill, use old sweat pants. In regards to the boots, I’m not skilled in shoe making and it’s hard to find good Korra boot tutorials that actually look like her shoes in the show. I didn’t have the material or skill so I bought some super cheap ones at GT that fit the look.

Anyways if anyone’s planning a Korra cosplay, I hope this helps…Ciao!

Frightful Weather, A-Mei-zing Heroism [An RP w/ iceylady]

Kia wandered around the old Eco-Watchpoint carefully. The snow crunched quietly underneath her faux fur trimmed boots. Kia could see her breath in front of her face. There were only two Watchpoints on the planet that were stationed in this subzero climate. Watchpoint: Antartica and its twin, Watchpoint: Greenland. Greenland was, like Antarctica, trapped years ago under the storm.

The young brunette wandered about the wild facility, looking for any survivors. Antarctica had only one living scientist, a beautiful Chinese doctor named Mei-Ling Zhou. That was somebody Kia desperately wished to meet. Not just for her scientific expertise, but the unique way she survived the many years since Overwatch’s collapse.


i was cute as shit tonight

i had my puff jacket with the fur trim and my boots and muscle tank and leggings and big earrings

and i felt like no body could tell me nuthin

my skin was on fleek and my twists was lookin real moist and lush

i was real fly today