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Since it’s Book Lovers Day, I want to recommend my favorite (non-cryptozoology) book: The Pricker Boy by Reade Scott Whinnem. I still get goosebumps when I read the summary:

“Some stories draw blood. Some truths won’t stay buried." 

He was human once, or so they say. The son of a fur trapper, he was taunted by his peers and tricked into one of his own father’s traps. By the time anybody found it, the trap’s vicious teeth were empty, pried open and overgrown. It was said the brambles themselves had reached out and taken pity on that boy; that his skin had hardened to bark as thorns grew over every inch of his body. 

Maybe it’s true and maybe it isn’t. But anyone who knows anything stays out of the woods beyond the Widow’s Stone. 

That used to be enough. But this is the summer everything changes, as Stucks Cumberland and his friends find a mysterious package containing mementos of their childhood: baseball cards, a worn paperback, a locket. Offerings left behind in the woods years ago, meant to keep the Pricker Boy at bay. Offerings that have been rejected.

Needed to draw Jack’s sick flow after reading this post by @halfabreath

Cuz hot damn.


(I wonder if Jack like….ever wants to do historical role-play because with a beard he could probably pull off a sweet 19th century Fur-Trapper look)

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it makes me sad, and sick to my stomach to see people selling multiple packages of bulk  “coyote fangs” or “bobcat toes” and claiming they are somehow Cruelty Free

really? you regularly find 100 dead coyotes with fully intact teeth and 100 or so dead bobcats with no signs of roadkill damage? really?

its really unfortunate when people are dishonest

I struggle to keep things in stock because my supply is actually found bones (i dont buy from breeders/fur farmers/trappers or any other source that involves killing animals purposely to use the parts).

I work so hard to be honest about how the bones i use were found and to Actually BE as Cruelty free as i can…

perhaps i shouldn’t even bother.. does anyone even actually care?

[ edit : Eff that, sorry about the momentary pity party.. i know there are lots of amazing people who do care. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. sometimes i just get discouraged <3 ]

Jason Momoa Talks ‘Frontier’ and Lisa Bonet, His ‘Dream Woman’

By Donna Freydkin

You wouldn’t be far off in saying Jason Momoa’s latest role is tailored for him.

The guy has a way with a needle and thread. He was raised by a single mom who taught him how to sew, and Momoa made the majority of the 18th century garb he wears as a fur trapper in the Netflix series Frontier, which streams Friday.

“I love that time period. I have a weird collection of stuff from that time period. Rusty blades and tomahawks and arrows. I have an affection for that kind of stuff,” he says, adding with a laugh that “if this [acting stuff] doesn’t work out, I’ll move to Paris and become a designer.”

Plus, he has an affinity for subzero weather. “I love the cold. I grew up in Iowa. I love hockey. It’s filmed in Canada, so it’s awesome and everyone is nice, and it’s filmed in Ireland, so it’s awesome and nice. I can bring my kids up there and they can play in the snow. They cruise up there and get to be young for a month,” he says.

Momoa has a son and daughter with his wife, Lisa Bonet. If you follow his Instagram, you see Momoa’s ongoing odes to his spouse. Talk about #couplegoals.

“We love each other. We’re obsessed with each other. I found my dream woman. It’s ups and downs. It’s hard being away from my family. I want to be home. But my career’s taking off,” he says.

At the moment, Momoa has “a little flu going from the kids. I’m a little under the weather.” But he’s in great spirits, promoting Frontier, a show that truly is a labor of love. He spent about two months creating the clothes and says he’s a regular at flea markets, looking at stuff that inspires him.

“I made all that stuff I wear. I made everything with my friends, with the help of our costume designer. We put the whole character together. We started making our own knives. I flew to Texas and we started building the knives. We made tomahawks. The coat is old Carhartt canvas. We had furs to make the vests. The leather on me is old horse leather,” he says.

Next up for Momoa is Justice League, co-starring Ben Affleck and out in November, and his own superhero vehicle, Aquaman. “I’m excited for it to come out,” he says of Justice League. “That’s everything I can tell you. I’m going to be down in Australia for Aquaman. I read it. I love it. It’s kind of like — finally. That’s what it feels like for me. A big ahhh. I’m stoked.”

He still doesn’t feel like he’s made it, though.

“Things didn’t start picking up until now. I’ve known about Aquaman for about four years, five years. I couldn’t say anything. Nothing’s really happening yet. I love doing Frontier. It’s just started to pick up. I just got tired of doing stuff I didn’t want to do. I started directing my own stuff. I want to tell stories. Work gets work. Put your hustle on,” he says.


reincarnation!au + college!au I guess?

August squatted to get a better look at the miniatures in the Roman diorama. “Gaius Octavius..,” he mumbled to himself right after he saw the miniature of Octavius. “..Augustus Caesar.” He sighed at the thought of his parents naming him after a Roman general. August got up and moved on to the Wild West diorama. There,he saw the miniature of Jedediah Smith. August had forgotten what Smith was famous for. In fact,his knowledge in American history was bad as he had originated from Italy.

“Jedediah Smith.. was a hunter, trapper, fur trader, trailblazer, author, cartographer, and explorer of the Rocky Mountains,” came a man’s voice from behind him. August turned around and the first thing he saw was a pair of shiny blue eyes. A blond man around his age was grinning at the sight of the diorama. “I just said what was written on Wikipedia. Funny thing is,my mom named me Jedediah after him as well,” he laughed.

In late 1930, the inhabitants of an Inuit village in Canada’s Northwest Territories disappeared without a trace, leaving food, clothing, guns and more behind. What evil caused them to flee–or, perhaps… took them? And what about those mysterious blue lights seen in the night sky by trappers and Canadian Mounties in the area?

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anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Kristoff is sick/ laid up and Anna takes care of him. Her ratio of success to "Oh my God I'm so sorry I didn't mean to accidentally spill that all over you... I guess I owe you a sponge bath?" is totally up to you.

I did a prompt recently where Anna was a nurse? So let’s go with that.

“Anna! Have you seen my plaid scarf?”

“Should be in the front hall closet, where you last put it. Wait, it’s August, why do you need a scarf?”

Anna made her way into the hall to see her boyfriend rummaging through the top shelf of the front hall closet.

“I just find it cold in here, don’t you find it cold in here?”

“Kristoff, are your teeth chattering?”

Finally finding what he’d been looking for, Kristoff wrapped the scarf around his neck and emerged from the closet. He also had the fur-trimmed wool trapper hat he’d gotten on a winter trip to Niagara Falls perched snugly on his head, and fluffy mittens on his hands.

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Even more Fightin’ Daphne AU headcanons:

 Both sides of Shaggy’s family trace their lineage back to before the Revolutionary War. His mother’s side first got their fortune with French fur trappers in the north, then made even more money in land sales, and have heavy Métis and Ojibwe blood in them, but his Dad’s side of the family is…pretty bad and mostly have their origins in the south. Shaggy has a great Uncle Beauregard who owns an antebellum mansion in South Carolina where Shaggy spent his childhood summers. The place always scared the shit out of Shaggy, who says the place is nothing but ‘bad vibes’ and “I don’t know man, like, horrible things have happened there. You can feel it.” The place probably is actually haunted. As a result, Shaggy is way more sensitive about ghosts and ghouls and the supernatural than most of the group.

 While Fred largely concerns himself with the people who are being negatively affected by the ghosts or monsters they encounter, Velma has a scientific interest in the phenomena, and Daphne just wants to fight a ghost, Shaggy is the the one who doesn’t really want to mess with forces they don’t understand and who, along with Scooby, tends to have the best intuition about danger. Shaggy is the member of the group who will get a bad feeling, grab the back of your hoodie and pull you back before you fall through a rotten part of the floor.  The main issue is that he has a lot of trouble telling his gut feeling apart from his anxiety.

 It’s not really an outright superstition so much as an “I am not going to be a dumb white kid in a horror movie” gut sense. Like, if a group of ‘hip teens’ came up to Shaggy like “We’re going to the abandoned asylum with a Ouija board! Wanna come?” Shaggy would be like, “um, no. If I was like born in 1908 I like probably would have been one of the people they locked up in there. I’m like, not messing with that place.” 

Disappearing Village

In 1930, over 2,000 occupants of an Inuit village located on Lake Anjikuni in northern Canada disappeared, and none of them were ever found. A fur trapper named Joe Labelle went to visit the village. He had been there before, and knew it to be a thriving village of fishermen. When he got there, however, the place was deserted. There was one fire, with a ruined stew left over it. No footprints were found, their dogs were buried under a snow drift and had perished, and their provisions were still in their huts. And, finally, the ancestral graves of the people had been emptied. No trace of them was ever found, and their disappearance remains a great mystery.

The Truth about Fur Trapping

I see a lot of posts on here where people are clearly gobbling up the garbage spewed by animal rights campaigns and this really ruins what the real image of trapping is. People seem to think trapping is just this cruel activity where people trap just to scratch their own ass with a wooden club after getting their sick kicks and go back to their shit laden caves. If you think that trapping is just that, you are clearly very misinformed. 

And that’s the thing, there’s a ton of misinformation out there on trapping. So I decided, that since I am a trapper myself, I’m going to show my side of what’s really going on. We trap for a reason. We don’t trap to be cruel assholes, but the AR activists like to portray this. If you’ve been lapping up what they load on your plate, please dump that food in the garbage for now and open your eyes to what the other side has to say. How else can you properly learn and be entirely informed if the only information you get is shock images and snuff videos that have been shoved down your gullet (that have likely been staged by the AR activists themselves).

You probably live in a city or small suburb, where your only pest is the occasional possum raiding your garbage. If that’s so, you’ve probably never came across any issues that are more serious. Beyond the suburbs, people of all kinds make a living by raising crops and livestock, and come into all sorts of conflict with wildlife. In the modern world we live in now, we need management more than ever before. People tend to forget this. 

So when you have a rancher or a farmer raising corn, soy, beans, etc, he/she runs into animals tampering with their livelihood. They could put up a huge fence, or pay for some machine that sends out digital wolf howls but these are costly and unrealistic. So they turn to a fur trapper to manage those animals who cross in and tamper with them. Trappers usually don’t charge to trap someone’s private land, so this is good for both rancher and trapper. Plus, you don’t want wildlife being too reliant on human food and livestock, so culling those who do so is a benefit on the species as a whole. 

So when you have people calling for a ban on trapping and telling these ranchers to basically “suck it and build a better fence” don’t realize what’s going to happen when trappers are not around to help and manage wildlife. When people have their livelihood tampered with and threatened, and they don’t have legal and humane means to manage the threats, resort to some pretty horrific methods to rid of the issue themselves. Which include illegal traps they don’t know how to use, poisoning, meat laced with glass shards and sponging (leaving sponges out dipped in chicken fat that cause a blockage which takes days to slowly kill an animal). And believe me, if there is no trapping, people WILL resort to this as their own form of management. These cruel methods are also indiscriminate. So pets and endangered species will fall victim to these on a wide scale basis. 

Trapping benefits humans and animals.

So now I’m going to cover how traps are really very humane and effective tools. 

All those pictures you see of mangled paws are from some gross misuse of traps by poachers or desperate people who didn’t have access to a legal trapper. Traps require a lot of education and training to use properly. They are not ready out of the box and simply setting one anywhere is irresponsible. It’s not the tools themselves that do damage, it’s who set the trap. Like any tool, there’s a right and a wrong way to go about using it. 

So I’m going to show you a graphic picture of the WRONG way to use a trap. 

That is NOT what occurs through an educated and legal trapper. This is what occurs during poaching or when someone is desperate and trying to rid an animal themselves from their own land. Without trapping, this will be so much more common. 

So why does it mangle the animal in that trap but the very same trap in a trapper’s hands doesn’t do this?

Simple. It’s all in the set up. Swivels on the trap chain and simply being mindful of the trap and animal it’s to catch. 

Notice in that picture the trap has no chain at all, not even any swivels. It’s been anchored to a thick wire. That is not a proper set up! That set up has worked against the animal’s movements and thus broke and tore all the bones and tendons in the ankle. Properly set up traps promote free movement for the animal, so they don’t rip and mangle and break their paws. 

Properly set up traps do not mangle or rip paws. It also safely contains the animal and allows them to move in any which way they want, in any direction, and freely turn around. 

It’s not logical for us to use poor set ups that rip and mangle. An animal in a poor set up can rip out and that’s a lost catch, an injured animal, and a waste of our time. 

Also, foothold traps are devices to HOLD not to CRUSH

As seen here in this picture, this is my own hand caught inside a foothold trap.

No pain. It just simply holds. That’s it. In fact, biologists use these very traps to catch, collar, monitor and release endangered species.

As seen in this video here : Trapping is being used for catching red wolves. Other animals have also seen the benefit from traps and trapping has been used to restore many once endangered species. Otters, puma, lynx, mexican wolves, etc. Trapping is an effective and safe way to capture these species.

If traps were maiming and crushing, they simply would not be used in these programs.

Animals caught in traps can be safely released with no issue. In the video below, it demonstrates this. 

Here’s some close ups :

Where’s the fleshy bloody ribbons of flesh and shards of bone PETA told me about??? Well, sorry, but there’s none of that crap here! 

Notice this raccoon is not hindered in any way as he moves. He was released and trotted away perfectly fine.

Traps also allow us to release undesired catches. Also, some traps are species specific. That raccoon is in a Dog Proof. It allows animals with hand like paws to reach in and trigger it. Regular foothold traps also have adjustments for weight pressure. So if you set a trap for a coyote and a weasel comes along and stands over it, he won’t set it off. 

On the topic of catching pets now. I see when pets get caught, trappers are blamed. I want to say, most pets caught are caught solely due to IRRESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS. When you disobey leash laws and allow cats to wander willy nilly into the woods, you are responsible to whatever happens to them. Yes, a pet caught in a trap can be released fine, but we hate seeing it occur because of lazy owners. Cats and dogs have no business roaming the woods freely. Please leash or contain your pets at home and be responsible of them. Stop blaming trappers for your negligence. 

So, is trapping still needed in this modern world? Absolutely! It’s one of the most valuable ways to humanely manage wildlife and is not what certain groups make it out to be. Don’t buy into shocking pictures that were staged or done by illegal activities.