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royal au snippet

“I promise, I am not in the habit of lying to cute football players.”

“You think I’m cute?”

Flushing, Harry shakes his head. He hadn’t meant to say that. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Anyway, are you excited for the wedding? Got your suit and everything?”

“Wow, awful interested in this wedding, aren’t you? Not a transparent subject change at all.” There’s a fond, mocking tone to Louis’ voice, an earnest kind of teasing, and something about it is music to Harry’s ears.

“I love weddings,” Harry says with a shrug. “What’s more beautiful than two people professing their love in front of everyone they cherish? Spending a whole day celebrating that love? The answer is nothing, Tomlinson. Nothing is more romantic.”

“Yeah,” Louis says softly. “Exactly.”

They take a turn to cross over a bridge and at the corner, Harry spots a man dressed in a dark suit. He’s sure he’s seen him before.

Definitely a security detail.

“Lottie’s stressed about the flowers though. She wanted these… calla lilies, or whatever, and peonies, wanted them for the bouquets and the centerpieces and a whole wall of them at the reception. But of course there’s a shortage of them all this summer, with the heat. And it turns out you can have a famous footballer for a brother, but it still won’t do you any good for your wedding flowers.”

“That sucks. What’s she gonna do?”

“No clue. I think she and my mum are working something out. Lottie will make do. She’s a smart girl.”

Somewhere in the distance, a clock chimes midnight, twelve rings of a bell. Louis stops dead in his tracks. A few feet from them, a pigeon crosses the street through a large puddle.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to turn into a pumpkin. Or a frog, or whatever.”

Harry cackles, a loud laugh that disrupts the still of the night. “I’m not, don’t worry. But I should probably get going anyway.”

“Rabbit fur trade protest march in the morning?”

Harry swats his shoulder. “Would you stop with that nonsense.”

“Am I wrong?”

“It’s actually a meeting with the children’s health ministry, thank you very much.”

Louis heaves a mock-frustrated sigh. “Much less interesting, then.”

“Wow, I didn’t realize you cared about the rabbit fur trade so much. Maybe I should set up a charity for the protection of rabbits and make you a patron.”

“Oh, if only I had the time for that. Much too busy being a famous football star.”

Harry shakes his head fondly. “You’re such a pain in the ass. I’m taking you home before you cause any more trouble.”


Gucci Mane Stands His Ground When Fur Protesters Attack | TMZ


A performance to protest the use of fur

Yesterday the animal rights activists in Vilnius, Lithuania did a performance in order to protest the use of animals for fur. During the performance one activist was dragged out of the cage by two men, her head was shaved, the fur coat she wore was ripped off, fake blood was spilled on her, and then she was left to lie on the ground. The activist rolled out the sign which said “Fur - the fashion which kills”.

Overall, the performance was a success. It was showed on all the major TV stations, some newspapers wrote about it. Nothing like that was ever done in Lithuania before.

Some people were truly shocked and said the performance went too far, which is weird because they don’t say that about fur industry which is far more cruel.  

Photos taken by E. Batakytė, D. Umbrasas, I. Gelūnas.

They had many nicknames for her. It started with reasonable ones like McGee. McMinnie. McKitten. It developed quickly to wittier ones and they had one for each specific occasion like Mine-rva/Mynerva (reserved to be used every time Sirius proposed to her), Minerve/McGonadone (every time she lost her temper over some shit they had done), McGonagone (every time she left the classroom). It was completely lost when everything was a good excuse to make up new nicknames like Purest of Pumpkin Halloween Pies, Headmistress of All Kittens, Cat Shaped Paradise, Little Ball of Fur. McGonagall protested against each one of them, during seven exhausting years. But when a newly disinherited Sirius Black looked her in the eyes and called her Mom of Lost Kittens, she couldn’t find a good counterargument.

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I love your Odin headcanon. Can we get him with baby Loki?

Bargaining Universe—but can be read without it in mind.


It’s not long after the baby changes its color that Odin decides it is no mere illusion. The tiny thing warms in his hands until he’s the same temperature as the All-Father. A look of confusion crosses the baby’s face, and then he dissolves into a fit of trembles.

Shivering, Odin realizes. A shape-shifter, then—and a powerful one at that.

Odin brings the child back to the encampment, bundled and hidden in his arms. Those who attempt to speak to the All-Father receive no reply, only a hardened stare from his wounded eye that inspires them to keep silent.

Once inside his private tent, Odin sets his treasure down on the bed, which is piled heavy with furs. Loki wiggles in protest, eyebrows knitted together as if to demand to be picked up again.

“What is your name, then, eh?” Odin asks. “We have yet to exchange a proper greeting. I would have expected better etiquette and decorum from a prince of this realm.”

“Looooo…” the baby implores. “Keee kah bah.” His fingers stretch toward the All-Father and then cram back into his mouth.

Odin’s lips twitch into a smile. “Loki? Ah. What a pleasure it is to be formally introduced, Prince Loki, though I regret to inform you that you are now a prisoner of war. I saw your great deeds upon the field of battle, and I fear I cannot leave you here in this realm in good conscience. You will no doubt slay all those in your path with your fierce bravery. However, perhaps a bit of supper before I bring you to the stocks?”

Using the tips of his fingers, Odin feeds Loki bits of bread soaked in warm milk. The bread has just the slightest hint of honey and tiny pieces of fruit from Frigga’s gardens. At the very first taste, Loki’s eyebrows ascend in surprise, evidence of his interest. His little lips quiver with hunger and cold.

“Now, let us speak of reason, young man,” Odin says, dipping another piece of bread in the milk. “While I understand you wish to appear in Aesir form in an attempt to make me feel more at ease in your realm, you need not worry. I would like to submit a formal appeal that you shift back into your Jotunn form so that I might better keep you warm. Surely you see the sound reasoning behind this request?”

Loki hiccups and spreads his lips wide to accept the soggy bit of bread. Once Odin gives it to him, Loki bites down hard onto the All-Father’s finger.

“Ah,” Odin says. “How fortunate that you are not yet in possession of teeth. Is that your way of telling me you approve of this fare?”

Loki gnaws on Odin’s finger in increasing frustration.

“You are most welcome,” Odin says. “I will pass along your approval to the All-Mother upon my return to Asgard. That is, unless you would consent to offering her this compliment yourself? I fully understand that a proud prisoner of war, particularly one so skilled in conquering the hearts of foreign kings, might not wish to convey such praise to an enemy. Are you attempting to tell me you wish to enter our realm under peaceful accord?”

“Bah!” Loki replies.

“Mmm.” Odin gives a thoughtful yet solemn nod that he normally reserves for stately affairs. “Well said, young man. Remember this day, for you and I have decided the fate of this realm. I will draw up the necessary paperwork at once. You will no longer be a prisoner under these accords. Whatever shall I do with you now, my boy?”

The final two words fall from Odin’s lips with surprising ease. Before this day, he has only spoken them to one other.

“Loki,” Odin says, testing the name again on his tongue. It has an endearing sound to it. Warm and melodic. Not something Odin would have normally chosen, but it fits somehow. “Loki,” he says again. The child stares up at him with hunger that has nothing to do with the bread, but his worries seem coaxed away when Odin strokes his little head with his thumb. “Fear not, my son. I will not leave you behind.”

Too early for christmas?

Newt x reader having some fluffy christmas cuddles 

I take suggestions as usual!


You picked your wand up, directing it towards the tinsel on the ground. With a very convenient spell you levitated the tinsel off of the floor and wrapped it neatly around the Christmas tree. The same went for the baubles and Christmas lights. Humming a gentle tune and dressed in underwear and Newt’s coat that the idiot had forgot to put on before leaving the house to buy something, probably food for the many beast that he cared for.

You had convinced him to get a real house that wasn’t just his little cabin where he lived with his beasts. He had been opposed to it at first until you promised to move in with him if you got a little house together and that settled it. The two of you moved into two story, Tudor styled house in a small community called Tinworth. There was a large backyard that came with the house that Newt absolutely loved. You had helped him but up a few charms so the two of you could keep some of his beasts up here in case they got sick and needed extra attention. Now the yard was filled with white, frosty snow that crunched lightly under your feet and glimmered from the moon light.

The inside was very rustic and simple. A lot of warm colours, wooden furniture and fur. Newt had protested wildly against the fur until you told him that all the fur was fake and done from polyester or something like that. Newt had no idea what polyester was but accepted your word on that polyester was in fact not an animal.

The two of you had been too busy to put up Christmas decoration until now, late December. Both of you were stressing over the holiday and working. You were working double-shifts as a healer at St. Mungo’s. How the hell did people get so tangled up in their Christmas decorations that they had to be hospitalised? (literally)

Anyways, back to it. Since you have worked so much overtime you had gotten a day off. Newt was running errands so you took the time to wrap some Christmas gifts and decorate the house. You had gotten pretty far, decorating the entire hallway, kitchen and living room. The only places left were your bedroom and the library/study. You skipped up the stairs, giddy with holiday feelings and made the quick left into the bedroom that you shared.

With flick of your wand you changed the sheets to be a soft brown colour with a red throw over. Red and gold pillows to match and some tinsel at the footboard to finish it off. You put out some red and green candles around the room and then moved onto the study. You started off by putting down a tray with cookies and milk on the desk, putting a spell on the milk so it’d stay cool. Then you went to hand tinsel around the bookcases. With a nod you grinned and walked back downstairs. Just in time for you to hear the front door shut.

“Y/N?” You heard him call as you came down the stairs.

“Yes, love?” you asked and saw him peek up the stairway. He was grinning from ear to ear as you came down the stairs. When he saw that you were wearing next to nothing under your coat he flushed pink but tried to ignore it.

“Did you decorate?” he questioned and wrapped his arms around your waist, hugging you close.

“Yeah, do you like it?” you asked softly, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I love it, it looks brilliant!” he said and kissed your lips. “What are you doing in my coat?”

“Well you forgot it, so I’m borrowing it,” you replied and stole another kiss from him. “Want me to take it off?”

You gave him a smirk and watched him turn that lovely shade of red again. Oh how you loved doing that.

“I, uh,” he let out and slipped a hand up to cup the back of your head. He leaned down to kiss you again but you instantly escaped his embrace, bouncing out of the way.

“You’re freezing, Newt!” you scolded, shivering from the cold skin to skin touch. He smiled softly and started saying something, reaching for you again. “No! Your hands are like ice cubes. Go sit on the sofa!”

Newt pouted slightly and took his shoes off at the door. He sulked his way over to the living room to do as you asked him to. You smirked and walked into the kitchen, quickly whipping up some hot chocolate for the two of you. You added some cream and topped it all with cinnamon. Newt really, really loved cinnamon so you made sure to add it to everything.

When your drinks were finished you walked into the living room. Newt was leaning over the arm of the couch, fiddling with your radio. He never really got it to work and he was a hundred percent sure that a poltergeist lived inside it to haunt him because all he could ever do was make it go to static.

You sat down next to him and put the mugs of hot chocolate on the table. He looked over at you and gave you a little smile before continuing to fiddle with the radio.

“Here, let me warm you up,” you mumbled and grabbed his elbow. You dragged him closer to you, grabbing his hands and rubbing them.

“That’s really sweet of you,” he said and then saw the chocolate. “Y/N you really didn’t need to…”

“Come on, I’ve been alone all day,” you complained, lifting his hands to your face and kissing the tips of his fingers. “Let me spoil you when you’re finally home.”

“Do I work too much?” Newt questioned and frowned a little. “I’m sorry that I have been so busy often. Are you lonely often?”

“Don’t worry, love.” You smiled at his worried expression and leaned in to kiss his chilly cheek. “I work too and I’m so proud of you. Writing a book and doing amazing work with your creatures. They make you happy and I can’t keep you away from them.”

“You make me happy.” Newt looked at you with that heart-eyed look that made you melt. All the shyness and strange innocence that he had kept into adulthood. You smiled and leaned into kiss him, pushing him back against the arm of the sofa.

“And you make me happy,” you mumbled against his lips, putting one hand on his cheek and one on his shoulder. His arms wrapped around your waist.

Your eyes fell closed as you melted into his strong embrace. Your lips gently moving against each other in unison. The slightly earthy and cinnamon smell and taste from Newt filled your senses and made you relax. The two of you didn’t usually have much time to do stuff like this but now that it was happening it felt like you were teens again, the same love and spark that you thought you had lost was coming back, tingling your stomach and making you want him so much more.

“Merry Christmas.” You broke the kiss to look at him, take in all his freckles and those stunning green eyes.

“It’s not Christmas yet,” Newt stated and raised an eyebrow. “Why are you saying merry Christmas?”

“Because it’s cliché,” you chuckled at him being cute yet again. “But you kind of ruined it a little.”

“Oh sorry.”

There was an chattering sound itching Anna’s ear, so the Princess of Arendelle tried to wipe the annoying bunch of hair that was tickling her ear and the squeak seemed to become louder. Her mind still clouded with sleep, she ignored the feeling of something extremely tiny and light bounce off her back.
Minutes later, the incessant squeaking came back, annoyance increasing in tenfold, including some scratching on her cheeks. Whatever that mosquito was doing, it had to stop. She tried to rid of it by just shaking her face lightly, not wanting to shake the sleepiness away. The sky was barely awake, she wasn’t going to be awake any time soon. But that annoying pest didn’t seem to stop. In fact, the scratching seemed even sharper and Anna felt sprinkles of cold on her cheeks. On reflex, she shook her head vigorously and something furry fell into her mouth.
What the-?!
A loud squeak echoed in her throat when she got up abruptly and spat out whatever fell in her mouth - a hamster!? It’s platinium white fur and blue eyes made her think of her sister. It was - a quick look at her clock - almost eight, so Elsa had to be in the study now.
Anna scanned her room quickly, her birthday was over, and Elsa wasn’t even in her room. Her eyes narrowed, afraid it was one of her surprises again and she would rather be caught less off guard than last time or she was going to lose her sandwiches again.
Nope, Elsa wasn’t around. When the hamster piped up again, she lowered her head to take a closer look at it. “You’re a feisty little one aren’t you? It’s barely even eight in the morning.” She said, stroking its fur. “And you have very long fur…”
The hamster protested, rubbing its head. The shorter strands of the long fur fell front and it bit the Princess’ finger. “Hey! Bad hamster!” She quickly withdrew her hand. The hamster ignored her and climbed the Princess’ laps and somehow, snowflakes appeared under its feet, leaving bits and bits of cool and damp sensation seeping through Anna’s nightgown and on her thighs. “Wait a minute…”
Her eyes zooming in on the hamster again. When she was close enough, the white furry creature pawed her chin and she felt the cool sensation again. “Elsa?”
- - -
PS: It’s your fault I keep noticing hamster/animal!Elsanna on my dash now. *flees*
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Pet Store AU

Title: Pet Store AU

Characters: Gajeel Redfox, Levy McGarden, Juvia Lockser, Pantherlilly

Pairings: Gajevy

[Part 2][Part 3][Part 4][Part 5][Part 6][Part 7[Read on FF.net]


Gajeel groaned as Juvia came to a stop in front of the pet store.

“Come on, Gajeel! Look, they have puppies!” Juvia squealed and ran inside. Gajeel rolled his eyes at her excitement. He had nothing better to do today so when Juvia asked him to accompany her while she did some errands he agreed.

Gajeel followed her in and headed toward the direction of her squeals. He found her in the adoption center, strangling a puppy to her chest.

“GAJEEL, LOOK HOW CUTE!!!! JUVIA WANTS TO ADOPT THEM ALL!!!” She cried, squeezing the poor pup.

 After she was done smothering the puppies, Juvia grabbed Gajeel’s arm and dragged him to cat adoption center.

He stood beside her as she determinedly pet each kitty.  He eyed them over, disinterestedly. He stepped away, ready to wander around the shop when something caught his eye a few stalls over. Sulking in the corner of his tiny home was a dark gray kitten with a scar over it’s eye. Gajeel walked over and squat down.  He stuck a finger through the bars and stroked his little head. Immediately, the kitten started to purr.

“Wow, he likes you.” a voice said from behind him. 

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