fur lapel

Imagine Thorin wrapping his furry coat around you on cold nights- Pt.2

Characters: Thorin, Dwalin, Reader

Words: 938

Fluffy, mild cussing (Dwalin)


You were shaking, but not due to the cold.

You and the rest of the company were out of the burlap sacks, out of the hands of the trolls. Bilbo was one quick-thinking Hobbit, that was for sure. And Gandalf was a lifesaving wizard, no doubt about it. All was well again.

But later on, you curled under Thorin’s coat tighter than ever, fearful of nightmares, finding comfort only from his surprisingly sweet scent, like wisteria, mixed with the distinct soft worn leather smell. Even the slightly gamey odor of the fur was appealing.The combined aromas seemed to ward off any lingering thoughts about the last incident.

You had gone through a brief period of feeling like a weakling for needing Thorin’s coat, then a longer stretch of feeling rather greedy for just wanting it. The coat was, hands down, the best among the group. And Thorin didn’t seem to mind so you decided to enjoy it.

Then came that one balmy night.

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Accessory Report: Fall Must-Haves

6 stylish extras that complete any look

Michael Kors said it best, when he mused, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” We couldn’t agree more with this sentiment, which is why we created a guide to the most wearable and statement-making accessories for fall.

Here’s a little preview of some of the fashion picks from the guide:

Loeffler Randall Shearling Lock Clutch

Nasty Gal Sheer Madness Reversible Bag

ASOS Say You Do Pointed Heels

Zara Fur Wraparound Stole

ASOS Faux Fur Lapel Collar

Topshop Classic Fedora Hat

Zara Pearl and Stone Earrings

Mango Snap Ring Ear Cuff

Zara Mini Bag with Clasp

Sophie Hulme Mini Envelope Cross-Body Bag

Shop more fall accessories here! And tell us, which one are you dying to buy?

Lace Up

When we saw sneakers on the Chanel runway we heaved a huge sigh of relief and gladly packed away the heels that gave us blisters and instead turned to our trusty old sneakers to take us places. Now a season or two later we can’t let go of these unbelievably comfortable trend so today I am suggesting amazing ways to wear different sneakers for different occasions. They’re just like heels, only more comfortable - I feel like that should be my new motto.

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I received several requests to post info about our Cherno Alpha cosplay from Ohayocon. I hope this can be helpful for other cosplayers. >_<

1. Hair – I got a lace front wig and had it cut/braided. I needed blonde bobby pins, spirit glue, hair wax, and a blonde wig cap. tenta-cowles opted to bleach/dye his hair/beard instead.

2. Bling – We got cheap, bulky rings and spray painted them gold. We bought the official dog tags online, and we also made some custom dog tags at an army surplus store. tenta-cowles bought gold chains to use as necklaces and a bracelet. For the lapel star, he used a Texas Ranger pin. XD

3. Clothing – We wore cargo pants, black boots, and gray striped tank tops. The jackets were heavily altered Swedish OD M59 Field Jackets. superfreak521 added lapels, cuffs, fur, and shoulder tabs with gold stars to the coats for us. We painted ЧЕРНО АЛЬФА on the left sleeves with black acrylic paint, and we painted the buttons gold. We put über cool Cherno Alpha patches on the front. [I’m not sure they’re canon, but they’re awesome, so who cares?] And of course, we safety pinned the crap out of the backs. I posted a tutorial for Aleksis’ safety pin art here and one for Sasha here.

Good luck!