fur is cruel

Freyja - How to honour and invoke her.

Herbs, Scents, Oils, Flavours, Foods and Drink

  • Strawberry (sweetness, love, desire)
  • Rose (love, romance, sexuality)
  • Florals (femininity, sweetness)
  • Sandalwood (sensuality, strength, desire)
  • Nutmeg (luck, love)
  • Rosemary (death, respect, passing on)
  • Vanilla (sensuality, sweetness, desire)
  • Mint (sensuality, desire)
  • Cinnamon (strength, warmth, assertiveness)
  • Thyme (magic, strength)
  • Ginseng (aphrodisiac)
  • Saffron (aphrodisiac)
  • Catnip and catgrass (cats)
  • Mugwort (magic, prophecy) [toxic in large amounts]
  • Wormwood (magic, prophecy) [toxic in large amounts]
  • Juniper (strength, power)
  • Charcoal (death, rebirth)
  • Red wine (aphrodisiac)
  • Mead (golden colour relates to her golden tears)
  • Cocoa (aphrodisiac)

Items that can be used in an altar dedicated to Freyja

  • Cats - statues, fur (not from cruel means!), shedded claws or whiskers, paw prints, plush toys.
  • Food and Drink offerings - see above list!
  • Weaponry - being a warrior goddess, a weapon is a great addition to an altar dedicated to her or as an offering. Letter-opener swords are perfect in size, but a kitchen knife will work just fine! Be careful of any children or other people who shouldn’t be able to access something that can be used as a weapon.
  • Feathers - Freyja owns a Falcon feather cloak that allows its wearer to fly.
  • Gold - anything golden. She likes shiny things.
  • Necklaces - Freyja owns the beautiful necklace, Brisingamen. Any other jewellery would work too!
  • Runes - Freyja is a witch (seidkona).
  • Other magical items - crystals, candles, tarot cards, wands etc.
  • Beauty products - hair brushes, makeup (warpaint!), nail polishes, etc.
  • Boars - Freyja (and other Norse gods) own boars. Anything relating to a pig would be suitable (often you can find crystals carved into the shape of a pig). A boar bristle hair brush would be perfect.
  • Things relating to feminism - There will be those who roll their eyes and get angry when they see this point, but it’s true. Deal with it.

Subtle and “secret” ways to worship

  • Keep altar items in a jewellery box. It signifies her magical necklace while still being able to be hidden away in case the wrong people see it. Same goes for makeup bags, handbags, other boxes, etc.
  • A bottle of wine can be placed somewhere in her honour. It’s a common sighting in many households, so there’s little chance of someone questioning it.
  • Keep a book (grimoire, book of shadows, journal, etc) with poems, songs, drawings, print-outs etc. dedicated to her. These can be easily hidden between furniture or in a drawer if need be.
  • Kitchen magic - use ingredients that are associated with her in your cooking. Just be careful not to include anything that can be toxic or make yourself or someone else sick.
  • Burn incense, oils, candles etc. in scents related to her. Many homes use these things as decoration.
  • Play music of a Nordic/Pagan/Medieval nature (or whatever you associate with Freyja!).
  • Wear perfumes in scents related to her.
  • Note: you are allowed to secretly worship, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Not everyone has the luxury/comfort/space to openly have an altar or place of worship in their home, and that’s okay! Your patron deity won’t mind.

Please note: mentions of Freyja being the goddess of femininity are not intended to belittle or exclude trans and non-binary people. Any one of any gender identity can worship her, and without having to explain or justify it to anyone else.

why is going fishing seen as a fun family activity, but killing dolphins or whales is globally protested?

why is it seen as totally normal to kill and eat piglets, chicks, lambs, calves and ducklings, but people would be sent to jail for doing the same to kittens or puppies?

why is fur seen as cruel and unnecessary, but leather is the norm?

why do we hate cruella deville and the humans trying to kill babe or wilbur, but then financially and morally support those same actions each day ourselves?

why do we love nemo, simba, free willy, bambi and stuart little, but then kill them, eat them, enslave them or subject them to a life of experimentation?

why was there a global outrage over the yulin dog festival and cecil the lion, while we do much worse to other animals every single day?

why are we so violently opposed to seaworld holding animals captive for human’s entertainment, yet have no issue with paying for other animals to be killed, skinned, burned, cooked and packaged for our tastebuds and pleasure?

e-levn  asked:

fuck you with your cruel fashion and get off my dash

We did not get on your dash; you followed us. A simple unfollow would have done, but in the future please keep your imperialist vitriol to yourself. Fur is part of many indigenous people’s clothing out of necessity, and it is not your place to label fur items as cruel just because white settlers lock up and torture their fur animals. There’s a better target for your comments. Thank you.

This also goes for anyone else who subscribes to Western animal rights movements’ ideals and misplaces their anger on indigenous peoples who have no history of systemic animal abuse. It seems like indigenous peoples are easy, soft targets for this particular kind of “activism” and I don’t even have words for how messed up that is when the culture that needs fixing is the Western one.


-Kazuma Kaneko’s depiction of Okuninushi and traditional depictions

Okuninushi (great-land-master) earlier known as Onamuji was a relative of Susanoo (in some versions his son, in other versions he is in the fifth or sixth generation of Susanoo’s family).
His stories belong to the tales of Izumo and appear in the Kojiki so the mythological background and source material may be completely different than the original Amaterasu stories.
He is the kami who granted his country to Ninigi, Amaterasu’s grandson and he is the god of medicine, nation building, farming, business, love and marriage.
The name Okuninushi (great-land-master) represents that he was the lord of the Central Land of Reed Plains.

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Stop using fur on your body ! Don’t sacrifice a life for something that you don’t need to use.

Banyak orang menganggap memakai bulu / kulit asli binatang itu keren dan elegan. Namun banyak juga orang yang tidak tahu bahwa proses mengkuliti satwa tersebut sangatlah kejam dan tidak manusiawi !!

Hentikan waktumu sejenak dan mulailah melakukan pencarian di Search Engine tentang cara manusia mendapatkan kulit satwa tersebut. Jika Anda masih punya hati, jangan pakai bulu binatang di badanmu !

zofialiso  asked:

I've only went vegan 5 months ago so I own quite a lot of non vegan clothes including (sadly) fur and leather boots and gloves

(continuing) do you know what I should do? and also do you know any good alternatives for coats and booths that are warm and vegan? im also debating the subject because many non vegan clothes are made of synthetic materials and vegan leather is essentially plastic so isint that bad for the planet? what do you think?

When it comes to old stuff we bought prior going vegan you can choose either keep wearing them until they’re no longer usable or give them away to charity as its pretty common within some vegans. The important thing is stop buying those products because funds the cruelty to animals. Furs are the worst industry I have ever seen in my life, so evil so unnecessary, plus leather pollutes incredible the environment as well..so contrary to alternatives at least those are cruelty free and you can always search for more environmentally friendly clothes. If we want to cease the suffering from those creatures we will find a way to do that being looking for alternatives or just thinking if we really need those things or not.