fur fur fur


Got three new tails from a friend and added some tumbled stones and dried rose to my display

So Sasha’s getting groomed tomorrow

And I feel it’s best for both her and me and my severe anxiety if we do a body shave (I’m keeping the terrier face, long ears, and longish tail)

She absolutely despises brushing and it is such a struggle for me to brush her multiple times a week.  It can take half an hour or more and sometimes I don’t even finish because she is so done.  I’m having such a hard time brushing her she is developing mats and I just can’t brush them out without her trying to bite my hand off.

I figured the best thing to do would be to shave her and then we can work on desensitizing her to the brush while her fur is short and doesn’t have any snarls or tangles in it to hurt her.  

I’m going to miss her long fur…