fur feathers and scales

Angels walk among us. With crooked halos and shattered wings, they walk among us and try to remember what it felt like to be holy. Stretching out their arms and reminding themselves of what it felt like to soar.

Gods walk among us. Trapped inside too small bodies with nothing but the memories of when they were everything, and dream of the worlds and empires they helped forge. Their hands had once built galaxies, but now seemed so small.

Aliens walk among us. From far away worlds and twinkling stars, they carry on and wonder how they had gotten so far from home. One day they know they’ll traverse this galaxy once again, but until then they must make do with Earth.

Fae walk among us. Who try to remember their people, their customs, their dances, in a world that is convinced that they are children’s tales, and no more. Desperately trying to become themselves again, wondering if it was all simply a prank gone wrong, or something worse.

Forests walk among us. Those who remember their trees, their plants, the animals they kept safe under their canopy. Now they can only hope their small friends stay safe, until they can take care of them all again.

Animals walk among us. Wondering why they were stuck on two legs with none of their fur or feathers, scales or shells. Questioning why their voices suddenly are so wrong, so different from the cries they used to make. Surrounding themselves with whatever they can that reminds them of their home.

Ghosts walk among us. Clothed in flowing white and shadowy blues, wandering through areas that used to be solely theirs. They can no longer phase or float, but they make do. They have to.

Dragons walk among us. On feet without the claws they remember, and with heads held high despite the missing horns and fangs. They clamber forwards, rebuilding their hoard with every step of the way.

Dolls walk among us. Those with faded felt and chipped ceramics alike wondering why they were suddenly flesh. Looking over themselves and realizing their bodies were suddenly softer then they ever were, more sturdy then they ever were.

Galaxies walk among us. Made of star stuff and moonshine, infinitely growing forces trapped in too small bodies. Remembering what it felt like to span light years and wondering who had managed to trap supernovas into flesh and blood.

Monsters walk among us. In every shape and size; they walk; slither; crawl; and remember the days they were feared, and wonder if they really want that back. If they would want it back after finally being treated as a living creature with as much right to exist as anyone else.

Betrayers walk among us. With guilt-ridden hearts and regretful eyes. Who reassure themselves that it was the right thing to do, not quite sure if they believe themselves.

Saviors walk among us. With a shine in their eyes and smiles on their lips, reassuring all they come across that one day the sun will shine and all with be right once again.

Rebels walk among us. Causes long ago forgotten, but with fires still raging in their hearts. Challenging anything and everything. Unrest and revolutions follow them wherever they tread. Chaos and freedom, mixed together.

Survivors walk among us. Soldiers with nothing left to fear, who have instincts as their guide and luck on their side. Walking forward unafraid, because they’ve done this all before.

Immortals walk among us. Souls laden with sorrow, heartbreak slipping through their eyes. They know by now not to get close, but do so anyways because its the only thing that makes them feel anymore.

Soldiers walk among us. Hands itching for weapons they no longer have, tense with instincts they no longer need. Wondering why their body is so unmarred and unbroken. They had always done their best, but now they no longer knew if that was good enough. If it ever was good enough.

Children walk among us. Lost and afraid, they march forward, with the weights of a thousand impossibilities on their shoulders. These children are forgotten, and they would prefer to stay that way.

Cursed-folk walk among us. With cautious eyes and doubtful tones, who know that the world is against them now more than ever. Everything comes with a price, and they wonder if their price was truly worth it.

Mages walk among us. Hands of their magical tools of choice, ready to pull them out if necessary to defend or attack. Scared because this was the land their ancestors were killed in. Courageous because they continue forwards anyways.

Travelers walk among us. Those who took a wrong turn and found themselves in a world that isn’t theirs, hoping to one day find the way back. Strength rings through them, for they know they cannot- will not -stop until they reach their home.

Chosen Ones walk among us. Remembering what it felt like to be The One, The Savior, The Last Hope of their worlds- and wondering why that responsibility was ever thrust on them in the first place. Wondering why they had been abandoned back in their old world after fighting so hard for the one they had made their home.

Spirits walk among us. Spirits who see others like them in the corner of their eyes. Spirits who meet up in quiet secret places and remember, together, what it felt like to be themselves. Reassuring each other that one day they will all go Home.

Unicorns walk among us. Even with their horns no longer there, there is no doubt magic runs through them. They are blessed creatures, and they know it. Stars and sunlight glisten in their eyes, and every step plants flowers. 

Demons walk among us. Still feeling the darkness in their blood, and the calls of others like them. Hell fire and brimstone smells dance on the breeze, luring them away. Luring them back home.

Dire Wolves walk among us. Even without their pack, they are fierce. Every step a calculation, every move planned.The hunt is on, and it looks like you are the prey. Get ready to run.

Dinosaurs walk among us. Long gone though they are, the continue forward. With pasts surrounded by mystery and unknowing. They are a varied folk, from carnivores to herbivores and everything in between. Large and small alike they fight on.

Winged Ones walk among us. Backs aching from wings they don’t have- limbs they haven’t had in a long time. The sky calls to them, begging them to come home, but they cannot reply. Stuck on the ground, staring hopefully up at the sky- one day they might go home, but not yet, not today.

Glitches walk among us. Scratches on the disk of reality, blips in the world. Tilt your head, look at them from a wrong angle- they might just be lens flares, might just be tricks of the imagination. The world warps around a being that is not there, that shouldn’t be there.

Hellhounds walk among us. Hellfire sprouts from their paths, infernos blaze just under their skin. Embers burn their paws, soot stains their fur. Wildness stirs in their hearts, urges them forward. Feral creatures, born from fire and darkness.

Vampires walk among us. Fangs stained red with blood that is not theirs. Pale as untouched snow, with hearts as dark as the night they rule. Voids twist around them, cloaking them in their shadows. Look out for too sharp grins at midnight, watch your steps.

Elements walk among us. Raging winds, blazing flames, crushing earth, and surging waters rush together. Combining to make impossible possibilities, incredible worlds, exploding worlds. Elements that made up entire worlds now spinned into bones.

The Undead walk among us. Shuffling and stuttering, wondering if this makes them undead undead. Flesh now whole and bones unbroken, feeling their heartbeat course through their veins once again, feeling the air filling their lungs once again. 

Werefolk walk among us. Bodies no longer shifting as they once did, permanently stuck on their two legs, for better or for worse. From all walks of life, they shifted into anything and everything. They do what they can to remind themselves of what if had felt like to themselves again.

Starseeds walk among us. Those that have lived only a few lives and those that have lived hundreds walking together. Taking the same steps they’ve taken who knows how many times before. Memories trickle back to them, small ones and big ones alike replaying in their minds. Doing their best to remember their mission and goals.

Mermaids walk among us. Although, maybe walk would be the wrong word. Figuring out how to walk on separate limbs that used to be one. Feeling most at home when submerged in water, sometimes forgetting their new bodies need oxygen. Strong arms and new legs propelling them through water, making them relearn a skill that they’d known since birth.

Death Omens walk among us. Afraid if their mere presence curses everyone around them. Keeping to themselves, just in case. Wondering how much of their past life carries on to their new life. Afraid that their mere touch could end lives, wondering if its their fault every time catastrophe hits.

Psychopomps walk among us. Remembering their jobs, remembering their duty. Even when they hated it, they remember what that must do. Both an impartial guide and a guardian protector. It was not their job to judge, simply to provide a safe passage from here to whatever lies beyond. Smiling in the face of death, knowing that they are not here for them.

Shadows walk among us. Twisting and shifting, not solid forms but far from intangible. They are everywhere and nowhere all at once, watching on to every act, recording passively that actions of others, while also defending those in need, actively stepping out to protect. They are the night and the stars, and yet also the shifting woods and deadly blades that flash in the shade. They are, and they aren’t.

Prisoners walk among us. Remembering shackles and chains holding them back, holding them down. Forced in cages and cells, forced to repent. But now- now they are free. They are free to walk and speak and run. Every part of their soul sings. Shackles now rusted off, chains now broken- they have no intentions of ever putting them back on.

Robots walk among us. Rusty joints and electricity running through them. Mechanical men, made to work with no need for sustenance. Inorganic beings with artificial intelligence, making themselves better, making themselves evolve. Their jobs are not yet done.

Mountains walk among us. Their strength and fortitude transformed into movable flesh and feeble bones. Eons of near unending life taken away and replaced with a life of hardly a century. Where once they were feared and respected, they are now hardly ever seen.

Winter Sprites walk among us. Ice on their fingers, frost in their hair. Snow falls over their trail, painting the frozen landscape a chilling white. A shiver trails up your spine when they pass, followed by a freezing breeze- winter spirits in their element can freeze the world over, if one could be bothered to do so.

Seers walk among us. They watch, wide eyed and humbled, at the creatures who walk around them. Wings and horns and twisted bits, wandering through crowded streets. Their oddities, invisible to most, show bright and clear to the perceptive eyes of those who watch.

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iron is s t r o n g
crystal can s h i n e
gold is m e l t e d
silver is p o u r e d

hunterx700  asked:

Recently I bred my Mudsdale, Outlaw, because it was mid breeding season and she really wanted a foal. I got very lucky and the Mudbray turned out shiny, however Outlaw is having a little trouble recognizing her as her foal. Are there any ways I can help her realize that it really is her baby or should I simply hand raise the Mudbray?

Sadly, most Pokémon will actively reject shinies. It’s not to be mean, mind you. It’s a survival strategy.

The glittery skin/fur/hair/feathers/scales of a shiny will often attract predators, which will show attention to the rest of the brood/flock/pack/troop/pod, etc. Rejecting/ignoring/harassing the shiny will often remove it, preserving the rest of the group. It’s just a brutal fact of Pokémon life that is so ingrained even domestication cannot remove it.

Outlaw will probably never “recognize” her foal, so you will have to hand raise it. To give it proper socialization, you may need to get creative. Try contacting another equine trainer, preferably one that specializes in Ponyta, and see if your little girl can play with some colts or fillies. They don’t share the same color patterns, so they probably won’t recognize your Pokémon as a shiny. Since they share similar behaviors, the foal should be able to learn how to be a horse.

Regarding Outlaw, though: please don’t let this keep you from trying to breed her again. The fact that she did not actively attack the little one suggests she is a gentle Pokémon, and will probably be a great mother to a regularly-patterned foal.

fetchtival  asked:


  • who hogs the duvet

They don’t need one. Beast Boy turns into a big floofy dog.

  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going

Beast Boy

  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

Beast Boy tries his hardest to get things for Raven that she never knew she needed. Raven’s no slouch either though, she’ll sometimes just show up with a signed comic or tickets to a nearby convention

  • who gets up first in the morning


  • who suggests new things in bed

Starfire by accident. Raven through the kama sutra

  • who cries at movies

Beast Boy. Raven holds it in, but Beast Boy can tell it effects her

  • who gives unprompted massages

Beast Boy

  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick

Raven has never been sick in her life and freaks out over Beast Boy getting anything more than a cold

  • who gets jealous easiest


  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music

Raven unironically likes Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance

  • who collects something unusual

Raven collects the fallen fur, feathers, and scales from Beast Boy’s animal forms

  • who takes the longest to get ready

Beast Boy

  • who is the most tidy and organised


  • who gets most excited about the holidays

They actually both dislike the holidays. Raven dislikes the idea of setting a day aside just for obligated gifts instead of spur of the moment decisions. Beast Boy doesn’t like the Hallmark version of it

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon

Raven is big spoon, Beast Boy is little spoon. Unless, Beast Boy is cuddling as a large fluffy animal

  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

Beast Boy. Raven just keeps her usual expression while easily beating him at most games.

  • who starts the most arguments

Beast Boy. Never over anything serious, he just finds it fun to argue with Raven about the most minor of things

  • who suggests that they buy a pet

Raven. Beast Boy immediately turns into whatever she suggests and pouts.

  • what couple traditions they have

Stargazing, watching shows/movies/anime together, road trips to secluded areas

  • what tv shows they watch together

Beast Boy introduces her to tons of anime. She really likes Evangelion, Madoka Magica, Little Witch Academia, and weirdly enough Azumanga Daioh

  • what other couple they hang out with

Robstar, obviously. They have also hung out with Flinx, Clois, Wonderbat, New Wonder-Bat, Booster Beetle, and Supermartian a few times each. They have hung out Harleyivy once, and it was terrifying

  • how they spend time together as a couple

Depends. Some days they’re sickeningly sweet and flirty. Others they’ll just be quietly lounging about. And then there’s the days where they strive to mutually frustrate each other

  • who made the first move


  • who brings flowers home

Beast Boy

  • who is the best cook

Beast Boy


Pet Portrait commissions are currently: Open!

Some extra notes:

  • I use traditional media for all portraits. I’m less comfortable with digital media, but we can discuss if this is your preference.
  • All pet types welcome! Unfamiliar subjects will naturally take a little longer, but as long as you provide plenty of reference photos I’ll be able to draw them. Please send reference photos via the above email, or send links if you have photos uploaded.
  • Realistic style portraits are not intended to be a carbon copy of a photograph. Although I aim for accuracy, my main focus is on portraying a sense of personality, so details will occasionally differ.
  • Payment is via PayPal, preferably upfront. Prices are in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and PayPal invoices will be sent in this currency (PayPal takes care of the conversion at no cost to you).
  • Shipping within the UK is included in the price! International shipping varies and will be calculated in light of your location and the price of your commission(s) and this will be added on to the overall price (various options are available so please don’t be put off by this!).
  • In addition to the above, please let me know if you’d rather not have your commission physically shipped - that’s absolutely fine, and in this case I’ll send you a full size high quality scan instead.

Thanks for the interest! I’m excited to have a chance to draw your beautiful furred, feathered and scaled friends! ♥


and maxwell is.. mostly just rude about the giant statues i was hoping he’d have more to say

CHESSPIECE_DEERCLOPS = “I don’t like winters.”
CHESSPIECE_MOOSEGOOSE = “What an imbecilic expression.”
CHESSPIECE_DRAGONFLY = “It never stood a chance.”

it takes one of the boss’s drops (eye/fur/feathers/scales) to build a sculpture of it, looks like

hi-im-little-miss-me  asked:

So i don't know if you've answered this before but in your To Belong universe if someone has something permanent on their bodies like piercings or tattoos do they stay on their skin in animal form? And for piercings specifically how would that work if someone had an ear piercing but their animal form was like a bird or a seal that doesn't have ears like humans do?

  • Tattoos, piercing holes, scars, burn marks, etc are visible in both forms. 
  • If you have a small piercing in your ear as a human you will have a hole somewhere around your animal ear, relative to size.
  • Warning! If you wear a BIG piercing as an bear, a sudden transformation can/will tear up your small human ear-nib since the jewelry itself does not shrink. Some logic applies in other cases.
  • The majority of people who like wearing any kind of jewelry have taught themselves to always remove anything that could brake or hurt them before changing forms.
  • But stories which include “but you see, I had forgotten to remove my nose-ring/etc…” are extremely common.
  • Tattoos remain on your skin no matter what form, but depending on your animal it can be hidden under fur/feathers/scales. 
  • Tattoos do shrink, but they are can become misshapen. Don´t expect that pretty flower on your trunk to look any good on your human nose. (Ask an expert before inking, they have seen it all!)
  • Fur/hair will not grow over horrible burn marks.
  • If you have many painful scars then shifting between forms can be hurt due to the stretching.
  • Your fancy pansy new hairdo will not survive a from change. All those hours of pampering would be wasted.  
  • OBS: Bird ears are creepy. Don´t google it.   

wait what do you think of the crystal/facet/glimmer genes on dragons with fur or feathers instead of scales

I can see how dragons covered entirely with scales may have scales that shine like crystals or are maybe even made of crystals

but what about fur
is each individual strand of hair made of crystal
or is it like really shiny thread

are feathers made of really low-density, light crystal

did someone just spill permanent glue and glitter all over those dragons

Pick at least one GIF that best describes you!

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I truly like animals more than humans. A lot of people say that but dont really mean it.  They have tons of friends, great relationships, tons of numbers in their phone, plans for the weekend and lunch dates.  Then they have a cat that they feed once daily and sit with sometimes when they binge watch netflix.  No

 I have no friends without fur, feather or scales. (not a plea for pity or sympathy, just stating the facts), never have plans for the weekend unless it includes my pets, only leave my property once a week because my pets dont do well alone and the only reason i’ve been married a long time is because my husband realizes that I like animals more than humans and doesn’t try to push it.  I have 34 animals on my property and I groom pets for a living.  The only numbers in my phone are immediate family members and grooming clients…who are listed by their pets names.   From past experience I find that animals are better listeners, dont try to one up you or compare your troubles to theirs, truly care when you’re sad or dont feel good, don’t slowly drift away, really dont care if you’re boring, ugly or fat.  They also tend to judge, lie and backstab 100 percent less.

I dont hate humans.  Not by a long shot!  I just feel really uncomfortable around people and when I do talk, I spend the next 3 days picking apart everything I said and wondering what I said that made people not like me.  When I get an ask or a message I truly do like it and try to answer and be friendly. 

(This was a lot longer and more pitiful than I meant it to be!!!!!!)

OK, I tag….   @lizillasimming​  @toddiangirl21​  @nitrogirl4​  @calisimgirl​  and @tabbyrh


Mutalia are large, 4 eyed aliens, such as these three:

All of them have four eyes. There is no 2 or 3 eyed Mutalia, unless there was some horrible accident.

Their eyes can be different colours though! 

They can have up to 2 tails, But one is okay too. They are long and lizard like, but can be covered in fur, scales, skin feathers, whatever you would like! 

Usually a Mutalia is 6-10 feet tall, however the average is around 8 feet.

They can be any colour, though I would ask to stay away from neon colours. (Except on their eyes those can be any colour.)

They can be based on any earth animal. Humans do not count here. 

Their faces are usually short, nothing like a crocodile’s mouth. (But a short crocodiles mouth is okay!)

They can have 2 or 4 arms, unless again, a horrible accident occurred.

Here are a few examples of different body parts:

If the Mutalia has 4 arms, they will have a second set of pectoral muscles. (Though they may be small and not make an indent in a shirt.) The tails do not affect this. 

Mutalia can have horns, fins, tusks, gills and such, but they cannot have wings. Even if they’re based on a bird. You can put them in any clothes, or don’t, their society doesn’t require clothing. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and tag me if you make a Mutalia!!

shyfluffymage  asked:

YOURE A ZOOKEEPER? That's so coool!! I love fur babies and scale babies and feather babies!! I can't wait to see all of your pictures to be added into the discourse tag!

Yup! Most of my pictures are probably going to be my own personal animals (ferrets, cats, dog), but I’ll post my friends at the zoo, too. =)

illusivexemissary  asked:

"Hey mama bear." Gabriel approaches his wife with a quiet reverence, a reverence that holds even through his dimpled smile. He kneels to her--an archangel to earth's sovereign--and bestows, one by one, fur strands and fossils and feathers and shells and scales of the first invertebrate, the first vertebrate, the first bird, the first mammal, that she created. On the top of the pile, he places a ceramic molded with the palm prints of their twins. He kisses the top of her hand, still kneeling.

💐 mom day for nature mom! 💐

             SHE’S DRAPED SHAWL after elegant shawl around her arms and shoulders – the cold she feels persists in its ache, a culmination of every negative emotion she could ever hold within regards to this day. it doesn’t get easier, these holidays dedicated to motherhood. in fact, with the added woes of humanity’s folly, it may even be getting harder. because all seraphina pitchiner wants in this world, in soul scars untold of and silenced, is to know that she is good. to know that she is worthy.

               and here her husband kneels, an angel of God who had knelt to a mother in possession of far more good than seraphina could ever hope to possess, here he kneels to her – she who was replaced. she who was cast out. she who was labeled PAGAN WHORE, now looks upon these gifts and symbols of her children, cherished and some lost, and weeps. quietly, and with certain effort to hide and to stifle, she cries out of sheer emotion and exhaustion. but here her husband kneels. kissing her hand, and treating her like she is something to be cherished, too. she stares at him in hapless awe. shrugging her shoulders. shaking her head.

                                                ‘ hey papa bear.

Figuring out your theriotype

You’re probably reading this for one of two reasons.
1) You would like to find more ways of figuring out your theriotype.
2) You’re new to this otherkin/therian business and wanna know what the hypes about. Probably not the right post, but welcome!

Whatever reason you’re here- old therian or new- here is a handy guide for figuring out your theriotype.
(DISCLAIMER: I know there have been posts like this in the past, however, more strategies and ideas couldn’t hurt! ^_^)

Step 1: Figure out why you think you’re a therian

it’s incredibly important that you narrow down your therianthropy and separate it from your human side. What makes you different? It’s not just wishful thinking. Make sure you’re not taking human features and interpreting them as animal ones. This is a common mistake. Traits such as liking the company of others do not mean you’re a wolf therian, neither does loving running and being good at it make you a cheetah therian. Similarly, loving a particular animal (i.e mice) to the point where you feel such a connection to the animal you’ve adopted some of their mannerisms does not make you a therian. This is called ‘animal-heartedness’ or ‘kith’
The point is, therianthropy is something you are born with. It has been said countless times and I’ll say it again.

Therianthropy is identifying as an animal, not identifying with one

More therian-like behaviours and tell-tale signs would be a preference to walk on all fours, memories of thinking you were an animal when you were younger, species dysphoria*, instinctively making animal noises such as purring, growling, hissing, howling etc., weird food cravings (such as grass), as well as all types of shifting. These are more therian-like things to do.

If it helps, write down three lists. Completely animal characteristics, characteristics that could be human or animal and completely human characteristics. Then use the list to help with the next steps. If you think you have more than one theriotype then try and sort the 'animal characteristics’ list into

*Feelings of not being born in the right body and general dissatisfaction with your physical appearance.

Step 2: Narrow it down

So you’re a therian for sure, you’ve got your handy list and you’re sitting on the internet wondering what to do next. Well, we are going to start by taking a closer look at your shifts. Not all therians shift, some (contherians) maintain a constant human-animal mentality. So do not be alarmed if you have never experienced a shift, it’s a common occurrence and very normal- you can use the same techniques to figure out your theriotype.
Phantom shifts are very useful for figuring out your theriotype, but for the minute we won’t go deep- what you’re trying to find out is a genus or a family- obviously if you feel feathers, you’re a bird of some sort. In the same way, if you feel a prehensile tail, it would be worth looking into some monkey species, whereas a tail that could only be controlled from the base would probably direct towards other animals (e.g horse).

Think about specifics, the length and density of fur or feather or scale coverage. Do you have wings? Are they coming out of your shoulder blades or a part of your arm? What about paw size, retractable claws, how long is your snout?

M-shifts are just as important. How do you move- on all fours, with grace and ease or with little hops and jumps? What noises do you make- hisses, growls, nickers, howls, whinnies? Or maybe you’re silent and stealthy? What feelings do you get- fear perhaps? Aggression? Or nothing at all… Everything is a clue. Most people will already have a decent idea of what their theriotype is, but that’s no reason to be lazy.
You’d be surprised by what just observing yourself can do.
Keep your list handy and keep adding to it. The more the better!
Try and get down to generic species such as 'canine’, 'ungulate’, 'feline’, 'bird of prey’, 'parasite’.
We’ll get onto species later.
For some of you, that’s it. You are what is called a 'cladotherian’ (As a cladotherian, you encompass all “insert genus here” and you need to go no further on your journey- well done! Congratulations! We send you all the way down to the last step.

(A brief note before Step 3)
Dear all canine therians.
Do not assume you are wolf.,
A still questioning wolf therian.

Step 3: Get to the nitty gritty

So now we are at the most challenging step. The step that almost everyone gets stuck on.
The process is similar to step 2, but even more detailed. It should be simpler now that you know vaguely where to look but do not underestimate it

Here is when your instincts come into play. Many therians have described seeing a picture of an animal and instantly feeling as if 'yes, this is it, this is who I am’. If you are one of those, that’s wonderful, but don’t instantly cast it as your theriotype. Look into the animal, its behaviour, its social life and just the animals general habits. if it feels so much like you that it appears they have written it for you then go to the next step and congratulations!

For the rest of you, you may not be so lucky. If no animal 'pops’ then do not despair, you can still find your theriotype! The key is research, research, research.
Say it with me:


You can not do enough research, theriotype finding is a long and tedious process and you may find yourself looking at the mating habits of the Vietnamese stick insect, but I promise you that once you have looked at all the factors, all the behaviour and social structure and eating and every little thing about all the animals that could possibly be a candidate, you will find your theriotype and it will all be worth it.
Or you will think you have, which brings me onto…

Step 4: You are never finished

After all that, you now have your theriotype, right?
Never stop researching. You may have found that perfect animal for you, but that doesn’t mean you should stop- you never know. I myself am always looking for more suitable theriotypes and am in the midst of investigating hyenas at this very moment ^_^
Basically, repeat step 3 until your arms fall off. If you have found your theriotype you will have no reason to change it to any other animal you’ve researched and if you thought you had but were wrong… well aren’t you glad you looked?

Now go forth, therians and be yourselves!

I hope this helped a few people…
IDK hehe

Please tell me what you thought- could anything could be edited? Did I get anything wrong or did anything offend anyone?
Also, leave your tips for other therians on how you discovered your theriotype (I’ll be putting them in as an extra section Smile)

From Beck: My advice…don’t look so hard. It WILL come to you. Trust me :) It always does. When you know…you’ll know!~ I say take a break from searching, then try and go back to it when you have a fresh clear slate in your mind to do so.
And my advice for when you DO go back to searching..
First, try and narrow down specific attributes. Like…some bats eat fruit some bats eat insects, some live off blood, etc. What do you feel you yourself would live off as a bat? How big do you feel you should be? Smaller like a lot of desert bats? Or maybe bigger like a flying fox! (one of my personal favorites). Once that is done you should have an easier time narrowing your options :3
Secondly, try not to look for what “fits” so to speak. Look more at what you feel is right. That’s the main key in a soul search I have found.
And lastly, don’t stress!~ It will all work out. Try out different things. Fail, and fail again because…its okay! ^.^ Nobody expects you to get it right the first time or second time. The third time fourth time…etc. You have an infinite number of tries ;) No rush and no worry.

This is Wander’s Zunox,a species I mentioned herehttp://artistic-girl.tumblr.com/post/158916187258/may-i-present

Her name is Moon, and to this day she’s still on Wander’s home planet,waiting for him. Wander didn’t bring her with him because at the time,he didn’t have orbble juice, and the ship he used was too small for her.

A thing about Zunoxi,they have sharp teeth,forked black tongues, and they’re bodies are covered in a mixture of scales,thick fur, and feathers.

Fun fact, I based the design loosely from the fire breathing dragonflies from Smurfs: The Lost Village,mostly the back and legs shape.

Like all Zunox,Moon is known for unwavering loyalty to her owner,AKA Wander, and the moment you threaten him,she’ll have a breath of burning flames with your name on it.