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Tonner’s Miss Piggy vinyl dolls, 2009 Fall/Holiday Collection

from left to right w descriptions:

First Mate Piggy: Dressed in her famous “Pigs in Space” outfit (including appliquéd stars and the embroidered logo) with silver gloves, silver tights, silver zip-up boots, a silver faux leather belt and a golden brown-blonde wig. 16" tall.

We Wish You a Merry Piggy: Dressed in a party dress with a satin bodice and sash, tulle skirt with glittering polka dots, and faux fur collar and cuffs; including a matching faux fur hat with mistletoe detail, knit gloves with gleaming ring, pantyhose, satin ankle-strap shoes, and signature faux pearl necklace. 16" tall.

Anakin Skywalker - Dance

Your reputation as the most level-headed and graceful fighter among the Jedi is carefully crafted and maintained - Jedi aren’t supposed to be as emotional (or sarcastic) as you are. But sometimes, in battle, your facade will slip. And someone’s about to take note of that….

Warnings: Blood/injuries, swearing, battle

Wordcount: 1537

Your mind was clearest in the air. Not in landspeeders or fighters or atmosphere ships, but in moments like these where your feet didn’t touch the ground. In this instant, you take a breath, and then you complete the flip and land in a crouch, the practice staff held out in front of you. I did it!

The world stays frozen around you for one precious second. Then the quiet is shattered by applause - more precisely, one person clapping. 

“Nice,” Anakin Skywalker says, arms crossed over his broad chest. He’s dressed in battle gear, a sure sign he’s about to leave for some distant battlefront. “That’s a difficult move to pull off, but you did it well.” 

You stand with fluid grace and switch the staff to one hand. “Thank you, Master Skywalker.” Your voice is clear, modulated, even. “Practicing with the staff helps me keep my edge in battle.”

“I think that’s the idea,” he says with a little smirk, and your heartbeat speeds up. What the hell? Stop that. “That stick’s a little long to sub in for a lightsaber, though - and shouldn’t you be practicing combat instead of dancing?”

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My Dream fur coat. I love everything about this coat. I love the hood, the fur details, the cuffs, etc. I’d kill for someone to make me this coat!

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*I go over to the head board and attach the pink leather cuffs with fur inside so as not to damage your wrists.* -Bucky (Mine are abyss. Your's are dark brown.)

*I add three scoops to my bowl and four to yours before closing the lid and placing the container back into the freezer.* There we go! (Nopeeee! Mine are two black holes in my face!)

INCUBASS: 0.8% of votes (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Kageyama Tobio is tired.

He is tired of hearing the same chorus of notes from the other room, over, and over, and over again. Not just today, but for the past week, ever since Hinata had first heard the song on TV in a commercial, of all things.

The incubus hasn’t stopped singing it since then, although singing isn’t technically the right word for it. Since Hinata’s entire way of talking is essentially just one long song, Kageyama supposes a more accurate thing to say would be that he hasn’t stopped recreating it, little pipey flute-like noises and long low thrums like a violin and the silky sweet way he has, sometimes, of purring.

Hinata can speak human at the same time he talks in his own language, which apparently does extend to singing. So he sometimes sings the words over the hums and bell tones and chimes—except, unfortunately, he doesn’t know all the words. Only some of them.

Specifically: “Santa baby”.

So, his version of the song goes something like: “Santa baby, Sa-anta baby, Santa baby… Baby! Sa-a-anta baby—”

And on, and on, and on, and—

“OKAY!” Kageyama says very loudly, after the eighteenth time through the song since dinner. He’s been staring at a paper he’s supposed to be typing for tomorrow, and he’s only managed to write one line in the past hour. He finally decides to venture out of his room to face the demon and the terrible, terrible song. “Hinata—” he says as he stands up, “is there something—anything—else you can do besides sing that fucking song—”

He stumbles when he enters the living room.

“Kageyama, finally,” Hinata says, popping to his feet. He’s wearing a pair of shiny black boots topped with white fake fur cuffs that reach all the way to his knees, a red Santa hat jammed down over his fiery hair, and, perhaps most baffling, a cotton puff ball beard. Apart from that, he is entirely naked. This, at least, is nothing new.

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Companion drabble to THIS piece, so help me. Sorry about the little art-repost, I needed a visually-catching header.

I like the music and it’s inspiring, ok. I spit this out in one go so sorry for any mistakes or whatnot.

Hope you enjoy o/

Yugi tugged down his furred hood, the bitter north air biting at his already numb eartips. His breath came out in clouds, his hair encrusted in frost long ago.

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Parkas at Every Price

Shop winter’s warmest outerwear essential

The weather outside is frightful, but warm parkas are so delightful. With storms hitting the states and freezing temperatures abound, it’s time to seriously consider how you’ll stay warm in the thick of it. A hooded, lined parka is your best bet, with its full coverage fit and often fur-lined detailing. We sorted through the best new styles and separated them by price point to give you a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you wish to save, spend or splurge on the outerwear must, battle the cold in one of our cozy winter parkas below.


Animal Print Furry Parka

ASOS Parka In Cocoon Fit With Knitted Cuff


Fur-trim snorkel parka

Borg Lined Short Padded Parka Jacket

Blogger Justine of Jetset Justine


Members Only X UO Faux Fur-Lined Parka

Faux-Fur Trim Parka

Bancroft Warmest Parka

Fjallraven Faux Fur Trimmed Lightweight Parka

Alpine Field Parka


Fur Trim Multi-Quilt Parka

Canada Goose Trillium Parka

Classic Parka

Minted Parka Jacket

Fur-Hood Parka


The Dolly Sisters (1945) - Betty Grable as Jenny Dolly and June Haver as Rosie Dolly wearing matching outfits, which include a black chiffon long-sleeved blouse, worn over a satin bodice with sweetheart neckline, and a satin skirt, worn over wide-cut chiffon trousers. Both of them wore long night robes with fur collar and cuffs: Grable wore a baby blue one and Haver a baby pink one.

The costumes were designed by Orry-Kelly.


The Phantom Menace: As a young monarch, Amidala often finds others underestimating her abilities. As a sign of her commitment to her people and her capacity to rule Naboo, she wears extremely formal, regal robes. The size of her gowns makes her appear larger and the make-up hides her youth. While sitting in state, Amidala wears a magnificent crimson dress, a color which is a traditional symbol of royal authority. The gown is accented with gold embroidery and shed potolli fur cuffs, and seven sein jewels illuminated by plasma gas circle the hem. The straight lines on the gown subtly emphasize Amidala’s direct approach to diplomacy. The escoffiate headpiece provides gold faceframes to border Amidala’s face, and the famous Jewel of Zenda rests on her forehead to complete her traditional Naboo look.

Amidala’s makeup is also highly symbolic and worn by all Naboo royalty.  The two stylized beauty marks on her cheeks demonstrate symmetry.  The vertical line on her lower lip is called the scar of remembrance and commemorates a time of suffering on Naboo before the Great Time of Peace. Amidala also maintains one tradition from her small mountain hometown - wearing the white nail polish favored by the young girls of her village.  

Taken together, the gown, hairstyle and makeup showcase Amidala’s majesty and strength. 

Design: For all of the Queen’s gowns, Iain McCaig designed costumes with the ability to disguise Natalie Portman. “Because we were going to have one actress playing a duel role in the film, we had to design costumes for her as the Queen that would serve to hide her identity.” The complexity and size of the dress, however, lead to a difficult, involved construction. McCaig suggested to George Lucas that they design a dress with ‘lanterns’ in it, and while Lucas responded skeptically, he allowed the dress to be attempted.

Consequently, for eight weeks and for a cost of $60,000 the costuming department strived to make this dress work. Construction began with an undergarment shaped like an ice-cream cone that was fitted perfectly to Natalie Portman. Several layers of canvas were needed to not only maintain the bell shape, but to support the weight of the wires and lights connected to the batteries necessary to light-up the dress. And while the costume was originally going to be velvet, lighting issues mandated a change to silk.

The headdress was a complex construction as well. Intricate gold work covered the headdress while vintage red lace was used as an overlay on the blade-shaped side panels. Similar to the Eastern influence of many of the other TPM gowns, costume designer Trisha Biggar felt this ensemble had a “a sort of Chinese Imperial feel.”

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 20

“Very well.” Jared said as he stood up from the couch and stepped in front of me.

I could hear as he moved what I thought was the ottoman across the carpeted floor.

“I’m going to help you stand. You’ll take two steps forward and then ottoman will be in front of you. You’ll turn then I’ll help you down, I want you to lay on your back.” Jared instructed.

“Yes, Sir.”

Trying to stand, even with his help was a struggle. My legs were cramped and just not cooperating with me. Jared was patient though as I finally righted myself and took those two steps towards the ottoman. As I knew he would, he was right there supporting and guiding me. He would never let me fall.

I could feel the material of the ottoman at the front of my legs, “Now, I’ll help you turn and when I tell you to, I want you to sit.” Jared said as he helped guide me into position.

Following his lead, I turned, “Okay, now I want you to sit.”

I sat down then eased myself back as he instructed. Jared’s hand was there guiding me down since the posture collar was so restricting. I couldn’t see what I was doing either. Once I was in place, I let my arms settle as my sides.

“Very good.” He praised.

Jared didn’t allow my arms to stay at my sides long though. Just as I began to relax into my new position, I felt Jared’s fingers wrap around my right wrist.

“I’m going to bind your wrists together. When I’m done, you are to raise them over your head.” He instructed.

“Yes, Sir..” I responded.

Jared was using the same leather cuffs that matched my posture collar. I remembered seeing them on the table and it brought be back to the first time he used them on me in a Chicago. Quickly buckling my wrist, he moved onto my left one. Once both were secured I raised my arms over my head, wanting to follow his commands exactly.

Using his hands to manipulate my arms, bending them at the elbows, he attached a chain to the metal ring on each cuff. Pulling my arms back taunt, he then wrapped the chain around each leg of the ottoman. My arms were tightly secured now, I couldn’t move them at all.

“What color are we, baby girl?” Jared asked after giving me a few minutes to get used to my new position.

“Green, Sir..” I said. So far, I was comfortable. That isn’t to say it won’t change though.

Standing over me, Jared tickled his fingertips from the edge of the cuffs gently down the underside of my arms. I was trying to hold back as my entire body jittered in the wake of his touch. I was extremely ticklish and being bound like this only made that worse. Jared was enjoying it though.

“I want to hear every sound baby girl, don’t keep quiet.” He said, purposely dragging his fingers lightly over my ribs.

“Thank you, Sir.” I said. For some reason, it was so much easier to deal with things if I could just let it out.

Continuing to tease, his finger tips barely grazed over my hardened nipples, enticing a very clear moan from me. Without stopping he moved down my ribs and over my hip. Positioning himself at the foot of the ottoman, I felt his hands grasped both of my knees.

“Let’s open those gorgeous legs a little wider, shall we?” Jared said, picking my legs up by the backs of my knees and spreading them open. “I want to see that beautiful pussy.”

I could feel the cool air hit my dampened thighs as soon as he parted my legs. Naturally, the outer lips of my pussy opened as well, exposing my throbbing opening. I could just imagine what I looked like. It’s sometimes embarrassing how quickly the littlest things he does gets me dripping.

“Mmm, already so wet, baby. I love it.”

‘If he loved it so much, I wish he’d touch me then.’ ; I thought it but would never say out loud. I was aching for him already though.

He didn’t touch me.. Instead of touching me where I wanted him most, I felt as he wrapped the fur lined leather cuffs around my ankles, one at a time. Then, just as he did with my wrists, he clasped a chain onto the ring then wrapping it around the leg of the ottoman. I was now totally secured to the ottoman and unable to move any of my limbs.

“What color are we, baby girl?” Jared asked now that I was exactly the way he wanted me.

“Green, Sir.” I immediately responded.

“Good…. Then we can get started with your punishment.” He said, I could almost hear the smirk in his voice.

I was completely at his mercy. If I had time to think about just how vulnerable I really was at the moment, I might have been scared at the possibilities of what was coming next. But I wasn’t allowed time to think. Just as I took a deep breath, Jared began.

Taking the flat tip of the crop, Jared placed it on my parted lips. I could smell the strong scent of the leather as it rested just under my nose. Slowly gliding it down my chin, then between my breasts stopping just above my clit.

“You are not allowed to cum without permission. Do you understand?” Jared’s voice was serious.

“Yeess, Sir.” I responded, my voice shaky with anticipation.

“Tell me why you’re being punished…”

Clearing my throat I apologized again, “I took it upon myself to tease you a little bit and I’m very sorry, Sir. It won’t happen again.”

As I spoke, Jared used the tip of the crop in a swirling pattern down my legs across my tummy and up my ribs. There was no pattern, it was all random. Goosebumps spread across my body in the wake of his touch. Lifting the tip of the crop from my skin, I thought he was done but quickly realized, he was just getting started.

“I’m quite sure that it won’t.” Jared said as he peppered my skin with the tip of the crop, using varying pressures on each strike. When one hit landed on my nipple, my back arched off the ottoman. I let out a moan as what felt like a shriek of lightening bolted from my nipple to my clit.

“That’s right baby, I want to hear you..” Jared purred as he continued his onslaught.

My hands were fisted so tight I could feel my nails practically breaking the skin. Without my sight, without knowing where he was going to target next, I couldn’t anticipate at all. That simple fact heightened my sense of touch tremendously.

Without warning, Jared went from peppering my skin to suddenly pulling away. Giving me a small break, I was able to catch my breath. I could feel as fiery welts were forming in the wake of the crop. My body would no doubt be red and blotchy for hours.

Just as I began to relax, I felt Jared’s flat hand against my tummy. It was as if his warmth and protection was radiating through his hand and into me. Lightening his touch so that only his fingertips remained, he slowly began to drag his fingers up the center of my body. Reaching my lips, his thumb traced my lips then slowly pushed past them and into my mouth.

Instantly closing my lips tightly around his thumb, I sucked hard. Jared pulled it slightly back, using my saliva to gloss my lips then driving it back into my mouth again. This time pushing it so deep, the tip of his thumb hit the back of my throat. Trying to control my reflexes, my mouth flooded and I swallowed hard as I hollowed my cheeks around his thumb.

“You’re learning control, baby girl… Very good.”

When he finally pulled free of my mouth, he grabbed my breast hard. Palming it then tweaking my nipple rough enough for me to wince as he pulled it away from my body.

“Ahhhh!” I cried, wishing I could squeeze my legs together as I felt another jolt to my clit.

“Hmmm… am I being too rough?” Jared asked in what I thought was purely a rhetorical question since he immediately grabbed my other breast and tweaked that nipple just as harshly.

“Answer Me.” Jared commanded.

It wasn’t rhetorical!! Shit!!!

“No Sir, no…. I’m sorry..” I quickly responded hoping I was fast enough.

I was still trying to recover, my senses were all over the place. I barely understood words, I was too wrapped up in what my body was feeling. With the tip of the crop, he slid the long edge between my folds and used it to fully expose my throbbing core. Doing so on both sides, I struggled to stay still.

“Doesn’t look like it..” he started to say as he turned the crop flat against my opening so that he could gather my wetness on the tip, “You’re absolutely dripping, baby girl.”

Moaning again, I subconsciously thrusted my hips against the crop. The desire to be filled so overwhelming, I thought I was going to go mad. I was becoming desperate.

“Stay still.” Jared ordered but unfortunately for me, it didn’t quite register because as he was speaking I thrusted up again.

Quickly pulling the crop away, I cried out. “Noooo, please.”

“Very well.” He said, bringing the flat end down sharply on my exposed clit.

“Ahhhhhhh!!” The intensity causing me to let out what sounded like a moan and a cry at the same time.

My entire body jerked but he didn’t let up. One snap after another came down against my clit, not once missing the mark despite all of my moving. Each tap, again of varying pressures, hit my clit in fast consecutive strikes. I was racing towards my orgasm, I just knew it.

“Sir!” I begged, “May I cum, PLEASE!”

The snaps suddenly halted as he responded to my request, but not giving me what I desired most. “No, you may not.” He said, completely pulling away from my body.

Feeling generous, he allowed me a much needed moment to recover though. I was literally heaving as tried to catch my breath. My muscles were tense and I could only imagine what I looked like writhing as I laid there like a restrained animal. I was a total mess.

“I must say baby girl, my mouth is watering.” Jared softly said, “Your pussy looks delicious.”

Taking the flat tip of the crop, he gathered more of my anticipation. Being careful not to go near my opening, he only gathered what was dripping down the inside of my thighs. Lifting the crop from my skin, he brought the tip to rest across my lips.

“I want you to taste what I crave..” he muttered.

With the scent of the leather mixing with my own fragrance under my nose, I quickly parted my lips letting it fall to my tongue then closing my lips around it. Sucking my anticipation from the crop was so erotic.

“That’s right, suck it clean.” He murmured.

I was still wrapped in my own thoughts as he began to slowly pull the crop back. Instinctively, I caught the very tip between my teeth. It was a far feistier move than I would have made had I been in the right frame of mind.

“Let. Go.” Jared demanded and I immediately obeyed but it was too late.

As soon as it cleared my lips, Jared brought it down hard, snapping the leather against my cheek.

“Naughty, naughty…” He cooed, “I think this is going to be a long night, baby girl.”

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No lol like what are the coming trends for fw 15

oh lmao that was such a vague way to ask this question !! i’ll make a trends post w links to things we can actually afford/ are more wearable around back to school time when it’s all up & out but they will all stem from these:

big stand outs for me:
carwash pleats: christian dior // salvatore ferragamo // sally lapointe
isolated fur cuffs: celine // gucci // topshop unique
even higher waisted pants: isabel marant // jason wu // versace 
exaggerated sleeves (no hands!): chloe // stella mccartney // nina richi 
lean silhouettes in all white: the row // valentino // narciso rodriguez
tweed/houndstooth/herringbone suit stories: chloe // carolina herrera // marc jacobs
one sleeve dresses: yigal azrouël // stella mccartney // simone rocha 
*my favorite* monochromatic in gray: stella mccartney // sally lapointe // theory

heavy victorian vibes (lots of lace & extra fabric): alberta ferretti // chloe // altuzarra
modern military fit (navys & menswear silhouettes): hermes // lanvin // chloe 

accessory trends: 
fur shoes: fendi // tibi (we’re even seeing it already being trendy on tumblr w the fur on heel straps)
chokers (not the thin tumblr velvet ones- thick & textured almost like the top of a turtle neck): tome // altuzarra // emilio pucci
thin neck scarf: chloe // haider ackermann // marc by marc jacobs

other stuff i don’t feel like linking bc i’m tired: detailed tights, chunky past the ankle boots & way over the ankle boots, over exaggerated (realllly big) fur coats, lots of plaid, high 60′s inspired hemlines, gloves gloves gloves (… before we need them) + lastly the “stacked kitten heel” loafers w a wedge heel like @ chanel, margiela and comme des garcons.


I received several requests to post info about our Cherno Alpha cosplay from Ohayocon. I hope this can be helpful for other cosplayers. >_<

1. Hair – I got a lace front wig and had it cut/braided. I needed blonde bobby pins, spirit glue, hair wax, and a blonde wig cap. tenta-cowles opted to bleach/dye his hair/beard instead.

2. Bling – We got cheap, bulky rings and spray painted them gold. We bought the official dog tags online, and we also made some custom dog tags at an army surplus store. tenta-cowles bought gold chains to use as necklaces and a bracelet. For the lapel star, he used a Texas Ranger pin. XD

3. Clothing – We wore cargo pants, black boots, and gray striped tank tops. The jackets were heavily altered Swedish OD M59 Field Jackets. superfreak521 added lapels, cuffs, fur, and shoulder tabs with gold stars to the coats for us. We painted ЧЕРНО АЛЬФА on the left sleeves with black acrylic paint, and we painted the buttons gold. We put über cool Cherno Alpha patches on the front. [I’m not sure they’re canon, but they’re awesome, so who cares?] And of course, we safety pinned the crap out of the backs. I posted a tutorial for Aleksis’ safety pin art here and one for Sasha here.

Good luck!