fur cruelty

As we start to transition from fall to winter, and as you start searching for the perfect winter coat, remember to avoid feathers, fur, leather, and wool. These materials belonged to a sentient animal who was likely trapped, abused, and then killed for your coat. There are tons of inexpensive alternatives like polyester, cotton, nylon, faux leather/suede, or synthetic fleece. You can also shop second hand.


I’m all about making concious decisions. Never be a fool, be educated on the matter. So that’s why I challenge everyone who is a consumer of meat, wears fur and goes to animal entertaining shows to watch this documentary. It’s available on youtube and is called “eartlings”. This is only the trailer. But you get an idea. Don’t choose to not watch it because it might make you uncomfortable with your choices. Watch it and be educated and based on that you can make a good decision about your product choices. It’s so important that we will not look away anymore. 


Fur is incredibly heartless and futile.

The way fur is produced not only hurts the poor animals but also the underpaid workers who are being exposed to toxic chemicals and have to work in horrendous conditions.

Please never buy anything with fur on it. Take your time to check if that coat you are about to buy has real fur on it and think about what that means and if you want to support something like that. 

Inktober Day 9


Cruella de Vil: Anita, darling!

Anita: Good morning, Cruella. 

Cruella: What a charming dog. 

Anita: Thank you. 

Cruella: Spots? 

Anita: Yes, she’s a Dalmatian. 

Cruella: Inspiration? 

Anita. Yes. 

Cruella: Long hair or short? 

Anita: Short. 

Cruella: Coarse or fine? 

Anita: I’m afraid it is a little coarse. 

Cruella: Pity.

Anita: But it was very fine when she was a puppy. 

Cruella: Redemption.

-”101 Dalmatians” (1996)

Riv | Message of the day:

We take these animals and completely violate who they are.

“We use them, abuse them, and deprive them all their lives…then we cut their throats, shred them and eat them! Morally, I’m against it, ethically, I can’t justify it, and ecologically, it’s just insane… 

..The thought of meat-eating makes me shudder. As far as wearing fur is concerned, it is the rudest, most inconsiderate, selfish and sick façade I can imagine.”