fur crop top

Name: Sans
Nicknames: Sansy, Lust, Pur
Powers: Regular bones, blue is changed to purple, G-ASS-ter blaster has a purely aesthetic heart effect, can kick very well, the power of seduction on anyone of the age of consent.
Gender: Male
Personality: Flirty, very blunt in speaking his mind and asking for what he wants, but will back off if someone is made uncomfortable. Doesn’t necessarily like fighting, but will protect anyone he cares about (or just has an attraction to.) Generally laid back and easy to talk to but won’t force you to tell him anything.
Does height (or length) really matter? 😘
Age: 21
Stats: LV: ??? HP: 1 DEF: 1 ATK: 1
Description: Purple sleeveless jacket with light blue fur trimming, a black crop top with a light blue heart, black skinny jeans and light blue short heeled boots. Magic is purple, and pupils are constantly heart shaped.