fur and fish scales

I went to a cursed grocery store today

They had rabbits. Not just cuts of rabbit meat, the whole rabbit stripped of fur and eyes n such.

Frozen fish that still has scales, missing only the head.

Cereal from past holidays [as far back as 4th of July Rice Krispies]


M.O.M. Classification: XXXX

The Kappa is a Japanese water demon that inhabits shallow ponds and rivers. Often said to look like a monkey with fish scales instead of fur, it has a hollow in the top of its head in which it carries water. The Kappa feeds on human blood but may be persuaded not to harm a person if it is thrown a cucumber with that person’s name carved into it. In confrontation, a wizard should trick the Kappa into bowing – if it does so, the water in the hollow of its head will run out, depriving it of all its strength.

Time for my big announcement!
It’s summer so I have decided to start the first ever Tortie Scouts! Every Sunday for the next 10 weeks I will assign a new task to be completed to earn an official Tortie Scout badge. Any tort, turt, scaled, furred or feathered friend can participate (even fish but good luck with that). Here’s how you participate:

1) Find out what the badge of the week is each Sunday.
2) You have until the following Saturday to photograph your tort or other critter completing the task.
3) Email me your picture to wafflestort@gmail.com
4) I will post the submitted pictures on Sunday before the new badge is revealed.

It’s totally free to participate however, for $10 mom is making real badges and an authentic Tortie Scout certificate to be sent to you at the end of the summer if you want to receive them. I will post a link to that when mom has it all set up (slacker). The first badge will be posted shortly so keep an eye open for it.
It’s going to be so awesome to see all our friends having fun this summer!