Adventures in Cat Parenting

So, before I moved into my apartment, I brought my three cats to stay with my mother so that they wouldn’t get in the way of packing or moving when the time came. Also, because cats stress out a lot more than dogs about being transported, we figured it was best not to move them after a week or two but to give them the full month to recover.

Now, during this time, Zed gets this ugly, crusty rash under his jaw. It’s happened before, and after an expensive visit to the vet, it turned out to be a bite from one of the other cats and it would have healed on its own. So this time when my mother tells me about the rash I’m wary of checking it out – until she sends me this picture of basically his whole neck covered in crusty rash. And tells me he’s apparently throwing up his food.

Cue next visit to vet, who says it could be fleas and he keeps reopening some flea bites (I’m pretty sure it’s not fleas, since my cats are in-door cats and I don’t live near anywhere that might bring in fleas, plus they were treated for it pretty recently) or it could be allergies – cats tend to show they’re allergic to stuff through skin issues and throwing up. So she suggests while we treat him for the rash, I should consider a special diet for the cats. Either the ludicrously expensive one they sell at the vet, or home cooking.

No problem, I’ve actually been considering home cooking for a while now, because Zorro is overweight and a lot of research I’ve done suggests that might be helped by home-prepared meals.

So I get home (and bring kitty babies back to my apartment with me) and I give Zed a day to recover from his harrowing vet experiences (actually, he’s always the calmest at these things, the little guy is so blasé we should have called him Zen) and I still feed them the same stuff as I usually do because I need time to figure out the diet thing.

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