fuq friends

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Ugh sooo theres a thread on reddit on how Betty is a selfish bad friend because she only uses Veronica??, got mad at VA fot investigating FP and her love for Jughead clouds her judgment.

Wait…..BETTY…only uses VERMIN???? Da fuq?

The only good, friend thing we’ve seen Vermin do to date for Betty was giving Paulie temporary shelter. Past that, if Vermin does something nice for Betty, she has an ulterior motive/is trying to feel like a less shitty person/wants to improve her social position…..

Conversely, even with all kinds of shit going on in her own life (which Jughead has always been the one to comfort and help Betty with, cause LBR, they’re one another’s BFFs in addition to being BF/GF), Betty has always been there to comfort Vermin through her melodramatic ladypain (I mean Vermin had a bigger breakdown over Ethel’s dad than Betty did over her family falling apart before her eyes, in the same episode)….

And guess what? Vermin’s entire behavior with regards to FP? Psychotic, back stabbing, duplicitous, ridiculous, and totally not her place to do in the first place. AND then threw Betty under the bus, like the jackass she is. If anything, Betty had a moment of clarity when she distanced herself from VD and should’ve stayed with her first instinct there….

They are just so utterly disgusting….and all because they’re elitists, worshipping a petty, snide bitch because $$$