i love everything about prequels and clone wars-era star wars so much… i love the politics, the insight we have into galactic and interplanetary affairs… i love the vibrance of the people, the uniqueness of the alien races and cultures and languages… i love the fashion and the design… i love the incredible, out-of-this-world technology, the seamless blending of the mysterious Force and futuristic science… i love the diversity of the planets, from the endless cities of coruscant, to the stormy skies of kamino, to the dark fluorescence of umbara… i love meeting and getting to know senators, bounty hunters, slaves, jedi and sith alike, as complex individuals…. i just think it’s so special to be able to experience the star wars universe in its prime, before it all fell so tragically to war and corruption, and i really love the prequels and treasure them so much because of that. to me, there’s nothing like them, and that’s why they’ll always have such a special place in my heart.