Pictures of my second y!j haul! I’m absolutely in love with my funwari and gorgeous! Both have different but really nice textures to them (。♥‿♥。)

I really wish I could have kept going but I’ll be moving in 2 weeks and then I’m out of the country for a month so I had to stop and get them shipped to me, so these will probably be my last purchases for a while!

anonymous asked:

hope this ask doesnt get eaten by tumblr.. i think the 'vacation', 'marine baby', 'school baby', 'play color' and the 'festival' series should be added to the dictionary! sadly I don't know when they came out but i bet rosy knows it o3o

You’re right! There’s actually quite a few series I have the stock images saved including all of those you mentioned but I didn’t come across times for when they were released so I haven’t added them. I’m also looking for at least the year these series came out: original baby, regional, two different cherry babies(?), earmuff, kurikuri baby, funwari, Valentine’s love, and the different macarons.

I guess what I can do is start adding these underneath the 2011 and earlier page unless people know when any of these came out.