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Who teach Adrien how to repair Funtime Foxy? Or did he learn how to repair animatronics himself?


William gave the Circus rights to Alfred, but never really teach him or Adrien about build animatronics, or repair them. However, he did the blueprints of the animatronics back in the day, along with a manual instruction to each model. William used to have a staff of technicians when he was the boss of the circus, and since he couldn’t be with them 24/7, he wrote this instructions.

Alfred got the manual instructions and blueprints of the animatronics when he own the Circus, he gave each technicians the model they were in charge of.

Adrien got the blueprints and manual instructions of Funtime Foxy, he didn’t knew anything about mechanics so he followed the instructions step by step. He get used to the steps quickly, he could check the fox without the need of the manual after a month, Adrien is really proud of himself for that, he didnt know that be a mechanical would be so easy for him.