What the hell kind of ad is this!

I wonder what the pitch meeting for this ad was like!?!?

Ad guy: “So, we’ll have this kid, bending over showing off his underwear-clad butt. The kid will have his head turned, peering at us and smiling. And we’ll use the tagline: "Your son can have a lot more fun, when you put his pals behind him!” What do you guys think?“

I never realized NAMBLA was also an advertising company!

Are Funpal briefs still being made? In adult sizes?

I love underwear! Do you?

Alright, so it’s not secret that i am obsessed with boys underwear. I have been collecting it since I was young, I would scour areas around pools to find pairs left behind in hast to get home from swim practices, I would steal undies from stores (when I was really young, like 6-7yo), and when I was older, got the balls to go and start buying them legally! I want you know how you guys got interested? Why do you love underwear? Did you ever collect??