lasnight i had the weirdest dream

ok.. so i first of all.. im not even gonna list names because this is ridiculous as shit. lol ima just use a fake name so you all can follow.. any who, so in my dream.. i was in my living room, sitting on the couch with this girl named “Spencer”.. we’re just talking & out of nowhere we start making out.. next thing i know im in between her legs goin ham lmfao 😹. so we got off the couch & in my bed.. & im asking her how i was doing so far.. you know, cuz i was curious to know.. & she was like “veeeery good” 😊 i thought i was all cool and shit. lol. then we started back up.. & i woke up. lol. so the funny thing is, i’ve never ate a pussy in my life, but i know i’ll kill that shit fasho. lmao 💯 however, i wonder what this dream means.. lol.