Dating Zach Dempsey Would Include
  • always telling him no to something and him pouting like a child
  • him doing it anyway and you getting upset
  • Zach apologizing and trying to be romantic about it
  • emphasis on the word ‘trying’
  • him throwing rocks at your window to get your attention
  • until he ends up throwing a particularly heavy one and breaking your window
  • never being able to stay mad at him because he’s just too cute
  • stealing all his Nike sweaters and hoodies
  • wearing his letterman jacket at school
  • walking in the halls with his arm around your shoulder
  • fully supporting him when he told you he wanted to be a marine biologist
  • going to all his games
  • wearing his Jersey
  • almost losing your voice from cheering him on so much
  • being proud of him
  • him giving you private basketball lessons
  • sweaty hugs
  • the guys taking a liking to you immediately
  • always being over at Bryces house
  • only really going there to make sure Zach doesn’t do anything stupid
  • you’re actually the mother of the group
  • “Come on, babe, just one more beer-”
  • “No, you’ve had enough!”
  • “I only had one!”
  • “And that’s enough!”
  • being the victim of Bryces catcalls once
  • Zach threatening to cut up all his body parts
  • starting with his dick
  • “It’s just a joke, Dempsey-”
  • “Shut the fuck up, Walker.”
  • hanging around Alex because he’s pretty funny
  • being disappointed in Alex when he does something dumb with the boys
  • frowning upon the list and ripping it up when it was passed to you
  • you being too late because several pictures were already taken of it
  • being upset with Zach when you found out about the tapes and Hannah
  • making him go to her grave to properly apologize to her
  • being there with him
  • trying not to be dragged in all the drama going on with the tapes
  • taking pictures of him when he does something cute
  • which is all the time in your opinion
  • having play dates with his little sister
  • being scared of his mom but never telling him that
  • he finds out eventually though
  • “you’re scared of her too?”
  • sweet, fluffy first time
  • you coming up with the most ridiculous pet names for him
  • “Hey, babe, can you hand me my shirt.”
  • “Sure thing, Bunny Farts.”
  • him calling you at midnight just to hear your voice
  • “you’re an idiot but you’re my idiot”
  • hugging him from behind and peppering kisses along his face when he’s spacing out to remind him that he’s not alone

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Ultimate Hannibal Funny Gif Master Post

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Dating Deadpool Would Involve

This wasn’t requested. I just really wanted to write it. I’ll probably do a second version after the movie comes out

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  • Wade coming home after a mission and instantly throwing off his mask and pulling you into a kiss
  • Him being very protective of you and doing absolutely anything to keep you safe
  • Him at first being shy to take off his mask but you encourage him and he becomes more comfortable
  • Both of you making dirty jokes but Wade usually winning
  • Wade buying you costumes to wear as a joke but you actually wear them for him as a surprise
  • All jokes aside, Wade being really caring and loving you dearly
  • Both of you joking so much that people are sometimes confused about your relationship
  • Dancing around your apartment like lunatics
  • Often being crazy and reckless together but Wade makes sure you’re safe
  • Wade pulling you into arms at random moments and just holding you. Once you burnt your dinner because he wouldn’t let you go.
    The kitchen nearly caught fire. 
  • Having amazing sex often and sometimes in costume
  • Wade teaching you to use a sword and a gun and other weapons
  • Deadpool putting your clothes on and mimicking you so you steal his suit and wear it. He finds this incredibly hot.
  • Wade thinking you’re adorable and you thinking the same of him which he finds funny
  • Being surprised by how good he is with kids
  • Introducing him to your family who are a bit cautious of him but see how happy he makes you so accept him and his scars
  • Wade telling you he loves you each morning and placing a kiss on your forehead
  • Spontaneous kisses
  • Being happy and content together and wanting to spend the rest of your life with him

Imagine Dean getting jealous at a bar.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: Fluff, implied smut, jealousy

Word Count: 1,500

A/N: Requested by @shadowandsoul for my 2.5k drabbles celebration (These are basically gonna be imagines, I can’t help myself.) She says: BABE OH MY GOSH CONGRATS!!! You deserve it all and so much more!!! 😘 can I pleaseeeee have a Dean Drabble where you’re at the bar after a hunt and you have guys hitting on you and Dean gets jealous? Because let’s face it jealous Dean is a hot Dean. Love you!!!! Thank you so much for the request sweet pea. Hope you like it! I’m going to go ahead and tag folks like usual because these aren’t gonna be any different than my regular fics. You’ll just get a lot more than usual over the next little bit.

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Self-Care Tips

-Sleep hugging something

-Use extra blankets for coziness

-Fluff your pillows before bed

-Turn on light music/sounds that soothe you

-Hug your animal

-Hug someone you love

-Walk into work/school thinking of the thing that makes you the most happy


-Light some candles that smell good

-Eat the junk food

-Tell some plants that they look beautiful

-Tell some people that they look beautiful

-Give yourself at least 3 compliments

-Watch something funny

Being happy is important! Feeling loved by others and yourself is important! You can do this <3

Girl groups can

  • sing
  • rap
  • write their own lyrics
  • dance
  • dance with killer heels on
  • dance even on their period
  • be funny
  • be adorable
  • be sexy
  • be all the above at once
  • be leaders

and boy group stans be like so is there anything girl groups can do?

Today a courier showed up in my house, so I go up to him and I click a to talk. All he’ll say is the generic “Nope, sorry, nothing.” line or the “important deliveries” one weird. Maybe it was for my Housecarl. Who knows? Funnyb