Torchwood: Which member of the team are you?

[This is ‘just for fun’ test taken from Torchwood magazine. However, we do learn new things about the team. Please put your result in the tags!]

Q1 What’s your take on extraterrestrial life?
a) Just another day at the office.
b) Frightening, fascinating, and a whole lot of fun.
c) It’s alright as long as you don’t fall in love with it.
d) I prefer it locked up, strapped down and out like a light.
e) It’s easier to understand than human life.

Q2 You come across a Weevil on your way home from a night out. Do you…
a) Invite it back to yours for a nightcap and a cuddle.
b) Pull out your gun and phone your other half to tell them it’s going to be a late one.
c) Stay in the shadows and hope you blend into the night.
d) Challenge it to a cage fight.
e) A night out? Didn’t I have any work to do?

Q3 Which alien do you have most in common with?
a) Blowfish
b) I prefer humans
c) Cybermen
d) Weeevils
e) The Butterfly People of Arcateen 5

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anonymous asked:

Do you know of a ballerina N. Makarova? The clip "Prima ballerina N. Makarova tells us about her disasters on stage!" is funny!

Natalia Makarova is one of the greatest ballerinas to come out of Russia. She graduated from Vaganova Ballet Academy in 1959, and is considered to be in the same category as Anna Pavlova, Tamara Karsavina and Galina Ulanova. She is one of the Russian dancers who defected to the West in the 60s and 70s (along with Baryshnikov, Nureyev and Godunov). 

I had no idea she was so funny.

d i s c l a i m e r 

We Are BulletProof Chatroom


Words: 910

Genre: Fluff


J-Hope makes a chatroom. Namjoon and Jimin get a little feisty. V tries to melt ice cream. Nothing more said.

J-Hope created the group ‘We are bulletproof’

J-Hope added (Y/N), Joonie, Jimout, V, Kookie, SugarCube and Mum.

J-Hope: Hey Guysssss~

(Y/N): Heyyyy Hopey!

Who’s ‘Mum’?

Mum: Hoseok!

Kookie changed mum’s nickname to Jin.

(Y/N): Ohhh~ Hai Jin! (•.•)/

Kookie: (Y/N), how did you do that?

SugarCube: What is this? Why am I here?

Kookie: Hoseok made a group chat with all of us in it.

Jin: Hoseok, why did you make this?

J-Hope: Group chats are fun! Have you never been in one?

Jin: No…

SugarCube left the group chat.

J-Hope: Yoongi!

J-Hope added SugarCube.

V: Hallo, my name is V~ ^_^

SugarCube: We know Taehyung.

(Y/N): Hallo V! \(>.<)/

Kookie: How do you do these


(Y/N): You hold shift and Ctrl and the emoji panel should open. :~

Kookie: (;_;).

V: (•.<)/

SugarCube: (-.-)’

Joonie: Sup’ guys?

Joonie changed his nickname to Rap Monster.

(Y/N): I love how he still used punctuation when he wrote that.

(Y/N) changed Rap Monster’s nickname to Dance Monster.

Kookie: Lol!


Jin: Namjoon won’t say anything because it’s (Y/N).

Dance Monster changed Jin’s nickname to irrelevant.

SugarCube: ahaha

Dance Monster changed SugarCubes nickname to no one.

Kookie: Hyung, calm down please.

Jimout: Namjoon your not funny.

Dance Monster changed Jimout’s nickname to Jimmyboi.

V: hahahahaha Namjoon is on a roll!

(Y/N) removed Dance Monster.

no one: How do I change my name?

V: I don’t know. Hoseok?

J-Hope: Hang on~

Irrelevant: lol (Y/N) removed Namjoon.

(Y/N): Namjoon Just called me and asked me to add him back.

J-Hope changed no one’s nickname to SugarCube.

SugarCube: No Hoseok.

Irrelevant: What about me?!

Irrelevant: Wait don’t add him!

(Y/N) added Dance Monster to the group.

JimmyBoi: (Y/N) give me a nickname!

Dance Monster: No don’t!

JimmyBoi: Hey, don’t be greedy! She’s not yours!

Dance Monster: I can’t hear you.

JimmyBoi: We are texting…

V: Namjoon, do you like (Y/N)?

JimmyBoi: No he doesn’t!

Dance Monster: No…

J-Hope: But Namjoon

Irrelevant: Seriously hoe do i change the nickname?

Irrelevant: OMG I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to send that word…

J-Hope: When we finished filming the Baepsae dance practice you said and I quote:

Dance Monster removed J-Hope.

(Y/N): Dance Monster, Hoseok gives us hope! You can’t remove him…

SugarCube: oh wait…

SugarCube changed his nickname to Suga.

Irrelevant: Yoongi help!

Suga changed Irrelevant’s nickname to Jum.

Suga: wait.

Suga changed Jum’s nickname to Jon.

V: …

Suga changed Jon’s nickname to Jib.

Suga: @!*#$*%#*&@£%#$€*

(Y/N): Good thing they filtre most of these words…

V added J-Hope.

(Y/N) changed Jib’s nickname to Jin.

(Y/N): Hopey!~


J-Hope: (Y/N)! <3

JimmyBoi: don’t send her hearts.

Dance Monster: don’t send (Y/N) hearts.

V:  When are Red Velvet going to make a comeback guys? I like their songs…  

J-Hope: Calm down you two…

V: Guys if I microwave ice cream will it make it softer? And is it alright if it’s in a metal bowl?

Jin: Love triangles! Kids!

Suga: Why don’t you try it and find out Taehyung.


V: What, why?


V: lol your so funny (Y/N)!

JimmyBoi: she’s not joking Taehyung.

V: wait so I could have died?

Dance Monster: yep.

V: Suga! How could you?! (;_;)’

Suga: I legit didn’t know. I was curious.

V: what if I died?

JimmyBoi: Taehyung.

V: you would all be planning my funeral instead of our next comeback!

J-Hope: V?

Jin: Taehyung!

V: (Y/N) would you wake me up with a kiss?

Dance Monster: NO!

JimmyBoi: NO!

Jin: wait where is (Y/N)?

Suga: i don’t know. Namjoon?

Dance Monster: Why would I know?

JimmyBoi: why would he know?

Jin: it’s pretty obvious really…

V: yeah it really is!

Suga: you like her.

Dance Monster: …

V: O.o

JimmyBoi: …

J-Hope: O.o

Jin: O.o

Kookie: Guys what’s your highest score on Exo run? Because mine doesn’t change even when I pass it. Is it a glitch or does it happen to you too because I might need to contact SM about this since it’s preventing me from progressing in the game.

Kookie: Guys?

Kookie: Helloooooo?~

Kookie: OMG!




(Y/N): Guys I can hear shouting outside and it sounds like a fight and I’m really scared…

J-Hope: I’ll come over!

Dance Monster: NO I’LL COME!

JimmyBoi: COMING!

JimmyBoi left the group.

Dance Monster left the group.

Suga: he’s not broken.

Kookie: you sold him out, Hyung!

Suga: he seems fine to me.

J-Hope: I think Jimin might like

(Y/N) aswell…

V: I put the ice cream next to my radiator and it softened up!

Kookie: I’m gonna go check on them.

Jin: me too. And Yoongi I think you should come and apologise to Namjoon.

Suga: for what? Speaking the truth?

Kookie: even if it is the truth it’s not for you to say Hyung.

Kookie left the group.

Jin: come on Yoongi.

Suga: yeah, okay.

Jin left the group.

Suga left the group.

J-Hope: I’m gonna go too. Are you coming Taehyung?

V: coming where?

J-Hope: to (Y/N)’s house.

V: what why?

J-Hope: Just meet me downstairs.

V: can I bring my ice cream?

V: …

J-Hope: yep.

V: on my way!

V left the group.

J-Hope left the group.

This group chat is inactive as there are no members left.