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Parents: *won’t take me places, won’t let anyone drive me, won’t let me get a car*
Parents: “why dont you hang out with your friends anymore?”

Sam finally points out their height difference. 

Sam walked into the dusty motel room and sits next to Dean on the couch, “So I’ve been thinking…”

Dean put his beer down and looked at Sam “About what?”

“I may be the younger brother, but /you’re/ the little brother.”

Dean glares at Sam, “Screw you.”

It was an accident I swear!
  • Me: *accidentally starts watching supernatural*
  • Me: *accidentally watches 4 seasons in 4 days*
  • Me: *accidentally thinks the dorky Angel and the pie lover are cute together*
  • Me: *accidentally starts shipping my first ship*
  • Me: *accidentally comes across fluff for new found ship*
  • *weeks go by*:
  • Me: *accidentally stays up until 6 in the morning reading smut*
  • Me: *accidentally dedicates 18484939 fan accounts to Destiel*
  • Me: *accidentally falls off bed in the middle of the night over intense feels*
  • Me: *accidentally makes theorise about how it's canon during math class*
  • Me: *reflects of how deep I am in the Destiel trash pit*
  • Me: nO rAgErTs

What do you call a fanfiction that you wrote with people hella close to you?

A famfiction

Consequences of reading Twist and Shout
  • Me: *can't listen to elvis*
  • Me: *can't go to the beach*
  • Me: *can't do milk shake dates*
  • Me: *spills milk on the floor* WHY!? WHY!? *gross sobbing*
  • Me: *constant crying*
  • Friend: "See you then" *waves*
  • Me: *choking on sobs*
  • Friend: Wait why are you crying!?
  • Me: FUCK YOU
A lame joke
  • *Sam, Dean, and Castiel walk into a bar*
  • Bartender: *looking at the trio* I'm sorry, but we don't allow animals in here.
  • Dean: *looking to Cas* Excuse me? My friend here is a freaking angel. He's done more for this world than you ever could, and if anyone has the right to be called a "person," it's him. So why don't you say that to his face!
  • Bartender: What? An angel? No! I was talking about the gigantic moose that followed you guys in!
  • Dean: Hey! That's my brother you're-
  • Moose: *makes moose noise*
  • Dean: ...
  • Dean: *realizes that they've been walking around with a literal moose all day, mistaking it for Sam*
  • Dean: Son of a Bitch, that's the third time this week