That specific promo is now over guys! But Society6 is constantly having one promo or another, so if you still want a spectacularishly awesome TPG shirt or swag, please check it out! Get something for your loved ones! Get something for your hated ones just to confuse them!

Also, I would LOVE if you tweeted me @PigeonComics a picture of you in your shirt if you get one, it just makes my day :D

Yay TPG merch!

🤣😂 Lol! But the very fact that you felt the need to correct me yet waited until better pix of her shirt came out along with this little rant bely your certainty about Kristen’s location after Cannes.

It’s pretty obvious when paying attention that K finished filming UW prior to Cannes.

But you know that don’t you. It’s why you and your sessed friends (thanks for confirming my suspicion as to which side you are on) were biting your nails hoping I was wrong about her tshirt.

Funny that K hasn’t given Rob back his green jacket. And funny that y'all pay such close attention to Kristen to even have a inkling of where she might be let alone what her tshirts say.

So sad that ppl that claim over and over to have moved on so certain that RK are over that you pay such close attention to his “ex”

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