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(Ask for seduce me the otome) what are the guys (the five incubi) like drunk (funny stupid etc head cons if u don't feel like fan fic thank u)

So Michaela actually did a post about this before, so I think I’ll just expand on it since it’s technically canon!


  • by the time he’s really wasted, he’s probably told you the same story at least four times
    • it’s always about how his brothers got to have lives while he always had to study
  • he actually gets a lot more nit-picky when he’s drunk, complaining about the littlest thing; even the way the pillows are arranged on the furniture will bother him now
  • just let him complain and he’ll eventually tire himself out


  • it’s one of the best times to ask him for advice when he is drunk
    • sometimes (i.e. almost all the time) his advice is unsolicited, unwanted, and uncalled for
  • he still has some pretty good words for the wise though and, surprisingly, a lot of his advice actually helps despite coming from slurred words
  • he never remembers what kind of advice he gives the morning after when a hangover is eating away at his brain, so don’t bother trying to ask him again if you happen to forget


  • he was already pretty funny and daring before he came to the human world
    • now, after seeing movies and YouTube videos of drunken stunts, there’s no stopping him from copying and perfecting whatever he happens to watch
  • you’ve accumulated quite a few broken tables from him trying to surf them down a hill
  • it’s a good thing he’s a sturdy demon, otherwise he should be dead now


  • like a completely different person when he’s drunk
  • he actually complains that his power is such a childish one when he’s inebriated, disliking that he makes toys appear out of thin air
  • though he’s one of the ones to get drunk the fastest, he’s also the one who sobers up the fastest
    • this is due to the fact he’s such a stick in the mud while drunk


  • definitely gets a lot more touchy feely when he’s drunk
  • suddenly he isn’t afraid to push you up against a wall and kiss you in front of his brothers
    • in fact, if it weren’t for you keeping his hands pinned firmly to his sides, he’d probably try to take it a little further with or without the audience
  • it’s the only time where he isn’t ashamed to be using his powers to take some of your energy; he’s too inebriated to notice

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Have you considered, and forgive me if this is old news but I only just watched the stuff, that every time we see a new Jim & Jim that it's more Jim? Each vid ends with Jim passed out (or dead?) and the footage corrupting. A clone of Jims. Beyond Jimlets, Jims are just continuously being made. I dunno, sounds stupid now that I think about it but it's funny stupid so eh.

dude oh my god. this just broke my brain tbh. thats.. so many Jims. 

Too Many Jims

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Hiya sweetie💗, I’m really confused as too what is going on with Robert and Lawerence? Does Robert go after Lawerence and they become a couple??? 🤔

not a proper couple, an it’s part of robert’s stupid plan to pretend he fancies larry sort of couple

robert’s being scheming glorious trash again, basically

3/3 whites. iconic. but idk why people are freaking out so much? as a whole I get why cos this entire storyline is a hot mess (BUT ONLY A FEW MONTHS TIL THEY WHIP OUT SOME BEAUTIFUL TWIST AND EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE AND ROBRON ARE HAPPY AND IN LOVE AND I LOVE LIFE AGAIN) but it’s just fucking funny???? robert sugden’s stupid and desperate and having some weird ass breakdown cos he loves aaron dingle

and if anything, after literally pretending lawrence fucked him, this is a step up tbh 🤷🏼‍♀️

~KakuHida Week~ Oct 9 - Favourite canon moment

  • What do you mean this isn’t exactly how it went down in the anime

The headband scene was honestly such an iconic moment that confirmed Kakuzu is 100% a tsundere and up to this day I cannot handle the fact

Bonus fav moment without fooling around:


Remember when Adena El-Amin showed up at scarlet for the first time and said “I am looking for this girl”, not even bothering to mention kat’s name?? Adena didn’t know that the persistent social media director will end up convincing her to agree to scarlet publishing the article and that  she will end up finding her soulmate.

“can I ask you a personal question?” “what is your sexual orientation?” There is something about kat that makes adena want to know her on a personal level and kat can totally see herself falling for adena because “I really actually get the whole girl thing” even though she considers herself “an out and proud hetero”.

“For me, its never just about THIS, It’s uh more about This” Adena tells kat being with a girl isn’t just about sex but it’s about feeling connection with someone, it’s about the heart and soul. Right then, Kat tries to avoid the whole situation. Why? because Kat has already been feeling a connection with adena before she even met her, she has been captivated by her since she started researching about her. The desire to go meet adena isn’t because her story has ticked all of scarlet’s boxes– but it is because of something even kat herself didn’t realize, everything in the universe is conspiring to get her to meet her soulmate. 

“It was very nice packing contrabands with you kat Edison”, “you too adena el amin”. This moment is so important. When they first met, adena was very dismissive of kat, she was closed off and cold—adena knows this and she wants them to have a fresh new start so she offers kat her hand to shake.This time it isn’t the closed off adena kat has first met, kat has broken down adena’s walls.The handshake is anything but professional, they hold hands a moment too long, the grasp a little too tight and held each other’s gaze a moment too long, which shows that the handshake is the beginning of something else. There is something between her and kat, adena knows this now for sure. she realizes that she really has no choice but to grant kat her request, she knows that she can’t stop herself even if she tries and she certainly wouldn’t stop herself were she given the choice.

Kat is staring at adena’s picture/article posted on the wall at scarlet. Kat isn’t just staring at the picture but is tilting her head from side to side as she stares. This gesture is typically used by someone looking at something they don’t quite understand, something complex. Kat isn’t trying to get a better/different view of a 2D picture of adena, it is the woman in the article that has her puzzled. Kat is entranced and enraptured by adena and she can’t quite understand why. Who knows how long she has been standing there looking at the picture/article and how long she would have been there has Jaqueline not interrupted her.

“Adena is a brave girl but so are you!” This is all she needed to hear to confess to adena that she feels something for her. This time its not just about sex for kat, adena has touched her in a way no one has before and Jaqueline reminded her that she is brave enough to take the leap into the unknown.

There is a look of surprise on adena’s face when she receives kat’s picture. Kat, the girl that is living across the world from her was the one that helped her when she got in trouble smuggling contraband, adena understands the significance of the text, kat isn’t just flirting with her—kat is literally telling her that she feels a connection with her and because of that she knows that she needs to be in where kat is when she tells her that she feels the same, she has to “be in the moment” with kat—a text just won’t cut it. how many times has adena stared at that pic tho

“It was stupid, i was just trying to be funny” “it wasn’t stupid, maybe a little funny” “but you touched me here too”. adena’s expression changes from playful to something more serious and vulnerable as she looks directly into kat’s eyes. Adena doesn’t try to describe how kat makes her feel, the gesture she does with her hand speaks volumes because what she feels is so profound and is something words cannot describe, it is something inside. kat breaks eye contact because of the overwhelming intensity of it all.

“And Kat you should come too” adena using kat’s name here may seem like nothing but is really powerful given the fact that kat is in the conversation with her and is already paying her attention. Adena uses her name to again emphasize how important kat is to her, kat most certainly picks up on this and she will remember how special adena made her feel. adena sure knows how to deliver a message

I believe these first scenes reveal a lot about the nature of their relationship, the ups and downs kat and adena later go through and how their relationship evolved makes so much sense when we put in the context of how everything started between them. Kat and adena are soulmates and what they have is so damn real.

all to myself : vlog 6

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader
warning: mentions of drug use
coachella playlist for this chapter

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What gave you the ideas for all the names?

i wanted pik and quat’s names to be odd, sharp, and not name like at all. 

Quat was because the month i designed them, me and my friend e were on the hunt for kumquats. i was craving them so bad. i would go into stores sayin “now were the FUCK them QUATS at????” and i thought quat sounded so funny and stupid. so thats why i named quat. 

Pik is weirder. during my DND campaign my DM asked me what my character would name a shop. My character was a half japanese half orc were-shark who liked to make food so i googled ORC LANGUAGE on google and Pik equivocated to “cook” on the first page i clicked. orc isnt even a real language. but i went with “Pik Samé” but i thought the sound of ‘pik’ was funny and cute. so thats why i named pik pik. 

Sunny was the name of my dog growing up, and also is 100% just actually my dog, Sunny in the comic. Sunny is literally just my dog if they were a person. 

Honey cause… oh… i just thought it sounded so sweet. to be named honey. cause then everyone calls you Honey, and its like youre loved by everyone. oh…. aw… oh…. <3

Oolong cause i always thought that was a cool ass name. 

Ferdinand and Wesley cause i felt like it fit their personalities really well. 

I got Acy’s name out of a baby name site. my requirements was that it had to be 3 lettlers long and weird sounding. the name Acy won. I was actually gonna name him Norweigh at first. thank god. i didnt.