Read in February:

Batman Night of the Owls - Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo
D4rk Inside - Jeyn Roberts
George - Alex Gino
The Hit - Melvin Burgess
White Crow - Marcus Sedgwick
Smart - Kin Slater

As shown by Apa, my monkey from Sweden :) I highly recommend:

George, is about a girl who finds out she is transgender. She wants to play Charlotte in the school production of Charlotte’s web. The only problem is, the teacher doesn’t find it suitable because George was born male. With the her of her friend, George will find a way to show her mum and the whole school who she really is and what she can do. I found this wonderfully cheerful and inspiring. Beautiful and just an enjoyable read, it’s definitely one to try.

Smart, Kieran is smart, but not in the ordinary way. He doesn’t see the world like you or I. He isn’t very good at school or socializing. His helper at school tries to help him understand things easier, but it doesn’t always help. His family life isn’t easier, his mum keeps getting bruises and his step dad is always smoking something funny. His step brother is just as bad. He has no one to really turn to.

Then one day he sees a body in the river, the police mark it as an accident, he was just another hobo that society doesn’t care about. But him and his friend know differently, he was murdered but no one believe them. Who would believe an Autistic boy and a homeless lady? But he is determined to find out what happened to the man, to get him justice. But things are deeper than they seem.

Full of heart ache and mystery, you’ll find yourself inside the mind of an autistic child and wanting to help him out. You’ll share his sorrows and his journey to find the killer. This book is really eye-opening and really easy read.