The Signs as OHSHC Quotes
  • Gemini:"Commoners are very smart."
  • Leo:"A little water never hurt anyone. Besides, people are always telling me I'm dripping with good looks."
  • Capricorn:"It's not trash, it's a home for a hamster."
  • Cancer:"Alright, the low blood pressure evil lord has given his approval."
  • Scorpio:"These people are simply overgrown weeds."
  • Libra:"This conversation bores me. Go play in traffic, please."
  • Taurus:"Why should I care about appearances and labels anyway?"
  • Virgo:"Fancy tuna."
  • Sagittarius:"Good looks that attract the public eye..."
  • Aquarius:"We were barely saved by commoner wisdom."
  • Pisces:"Rich bastards."
NG Quotes 2015-16   P1

In no particular order

“I’m just thinking about murder.”-Sydney G

“I thought a ram was…like…a bull.”-Max

“You’re so full of shit, its falling out of your face.”-Rae-Lee

“I like him, he’s a dog.”-Oliver

“You’ll never get my knees!”-Alyssa B


“Make out 24/7, fun times.”-Alyssa B

“Long and chunky.”-Ethan H (great way to describe someone’s neck)

“My hero!”-Bram H to Alyssa B

“Have a threesome.”-McNab

“Bless your soul Oh My Goodness.”-Bram

“It smells so firey.”-Mary 

“He’s not-Bram, I’m Rodger.”-Bram

“It’s Like Severe, This Is Danger!!”-McNab

“CLR It!”-Alyssa B

“Dogs are people too.”-Bram  

“I’m grabbing more fire.”-McNab

“Son of a pickle!”-Bram

“The different.”-McNab

*McNab calls Mat G, Steven* “That’s Mathew.”-Jennie C “That’s good.”-McNab (in response)

“Our French program sucks.”-Aiden G “It’s funny ‘cause it’s true.”-Alyssa B

“I put myself on the makeup.”-Ms. Coleman

“Since when is Africa in Europe.”-Jesse

“It’s not not-Bram.”-Bram

“You can annihilate it, but you can’t kill it.”-Emma F

“Its Norwegian culture, if you like black metal.”-Patrick

“You sly dog Jennie.”-Jesse