• (Knockout and Starscream are in the lab working together on a project Lord Megatron assigned them. Knockout accidentally scratches his paint on the edge of the table as he walked past it)
  • Knockout: "NOOOOOOO!"
  • Starscream: "WHAT!? WHAT IS IT!?"
  • Knockout: "I've been hurt! The table got me! I'm dying!!"
  • *Knockout dramatically falls to the ground*
  • Knockout: "Avenge me!!!"
  • Starscream: "Seriously Knockout? All that over a little scratched paint? Was that really necessary?"
  • Knockout: *From down on the floor* "YES!"
  • Harry: Oh, Teddy's crying. Just give me a moment
  • Narcissa: Oh no, let me
  • Harry: Wh- really?
  • Narcissa: Of course, I adore babies.
  • Narcissa: It's the grown ups that are disappointing
  • Draco: Oh no