The reason behind that look of terror I get when people start scrolling through my camera roll when I’m showing them a pic.

  • Tangled Fans: Oh my god! Why does Frozen get a big budget sequel when all Tangled gets is a TV series on Disney channel! Disney is completely neglecting Tangled! This is so unfair!
  • Princess and the Frog, Wreck It Ralph, and Big Hero 6 Fans: *look into the camera like they're on the office*
Me when I get married

Pastor: The bride has written her own vows.

Me: *looks deep into partners eyes* I love you more than Pepe the Frog. No grumpy cat can make me sad around you. I will climb 90 degrees to taste your mineral, cause I crave it. You are my cinnamon roll, too precious, too pure. Thanks Obama, for giving me my true love. Not even the fact you stuffed bread sticks in your purse during our first date could deter our love. I’m never gonna give you up, and-

*is shot by jealous ex*

/mmm whatcha sayyy/