Midnight Memeories is the third studio album by the English-Irish boy band One Direction. 

1. “Best Meme Ever”
2. “Meme Of My Life”
3. “Memeana”
4. “Midnight Memeories”
5. “Pepe & I”
6. “Don’t Forget Where You Meme”
7. “Memeng”
8. “Memeily”
9. “Meme Now”
10. “Little Black Pepe”
11. “Through the Meme”
12. “Something Meme”
13. “Little White Pepes”
14. “Better Than Memes" 

(Request from: wankingtwink, sorry it took so long!!)

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:Why did 5sos have to go for the doge meme? Why couldn't they go for something better like pepe the frog? Why are they so late on this that was literally like 5 years ago do they WANT people to think they are meme trash? Why do I even like this band? I'm seriously having second hand embarrassment right now this is not good.