Signs on their period
  • Aries:screams bloody murder
  • Leo:whining loudly
  • Sagittarius:ignores their period but moody AF
  • Aquarius:says why, and starts body shaming
  • Gemini:says im on my period
  • Libra:grumpy with a bloody vag
  • Cancer:cries cause cramps and pain
  • Scorpio:impulsively angry and then soft hearted
  • Pisces:curled up eating sweets and holding tum
  • Virgo:fatigue and moody
  • Capricorn:on their period when they are out
  • Taurus:chocolate attack and bed bound

The 14 Best Times Women Shamed Sexist Men Online\

If you are someone who identifies as female, and you’ve ever spent more than, say, a few minute on the Internet, you’ve probably manged to reach the same conclusion as many others: Sometimes, being a girl on the Internet is not the most fun thing in the world.  I mean, you’ve got to deal with harassers. Mansplainers. Guys who slide into your DMs for no discernible reason other than to mess with you. Then, you’ve got the shamers.
'Feminist Babysitter' dismantles the patriarchy, one toy at a time
Babysitting may be a part-time gig for young artists and college students, but it’s a full-time opportunity to impart wisdom on young minds. So why not turn playtime into a seminar in feminism?

“That’s the premise behind a hilarious new webseries from comedy duo Ginny Leise and Soojeong Son. 

 In Feminist Babysitter, Leise plays the titular caregiver who can’t let a minute go by without a nod to the patriarchy. Never mind that the child she’s caring for can barely speak.

Son’s 2-year-old niece, Ahri Son, plays the adorably attentive but baffled toddler. Her deadpan reactions are the perfect counterpoint to Leise’s enthusiastic ranting. While leafing through a magazine that fails to feature Asian actresses, Leise exclaims, “We should burn this—and start a ‘zine!” Son gives her an adorable dazed look.

Leise, who’s a real-life nanny and babysitter, says the inspiration for the series came from a genuine desire to start a dialogue.

“I’ve found myself increasingly in conversations where I just want to speak to [the kids I work with] all about feminism,“ she told the Daily Dot. "I have this real feeling like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is my opportunity to impart some wisdom on children.’”

But Leise and Son aren’t taking aim at feminism. They have true respect for the cause. If anything, Leise is having a laugh at her own emotional urges.

“For me, the humor isn’t making fun of feminism or feminist causes,” she explained. “We’re poking fun at the earnestness and the urgency [of] this character [who] thinks every moment is an opportunity and she’s not going to let a single one go by without saying something… I’m just [playing] this ridiculous heightened character who’s very close to my heart.”

Read the full piece and watch the videos here

Reasons you should play Portal

-Super cool gameplay mechanics (it’s puzzle-based)

-Well-written everything, and it’s super funny

-Female protagonist (and female antagonist, too)

-There are so few people interested in it anymore, so you fortunately won’t have to see the cake jokes. As much. Please don’t talk about the cake.

-The robot has a really nice singing voice


What actually happens when celebrities spill their beauty secrets.


I LOVE Sera and her romance will always be one of
my favorites. I love how she does not let her race
dictate who she is. I love how she fights for the rights
of EVERYBODY who is not noble. I LOVE her room
and her journal. I also don’t think and will NEVER
think she is racist toward the Dalish. She just does
not let her race or past define her. Its funny how people
especially female gamers want strong female characters
but only if its to their standards. Sorry to be the one to
bring you the news, the world does not work that way.
Its time to grow up and accept that.