Funny & Inspirational Mugs by Kayla Godfrey

Artist Kayla Godfrey from RoseGoldRebel creates adorable coffee mugs inspired by a hilarious sense of humor and an inspiration twist. Influenced by the magical world of Harry Potter, coffee lovers and weddings, Godfrey’s cute mugs contain a special message, which will brighten your day first thing in the morning. Find them in her Etsy shop.

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did you know that i’ve designed the same fucking character 3 times for 3 different projects

respectively these characters were designed in ~2011, 2014, and earlier this year. and they are all basically the same fucking character. i’m so fucking mad at myself. please help me stop designing lanky funny animals with big snouts

at least boodoo is a step in a different direction when it comes to me and animal characters


Amusing Street Signs by Michael Pederson

Artist Michael Pederson has turned the ordinary into an amusing and fun piece of art. By breaking the monotonous routine of everyday signs in Sydney, Pederson quietly intervenes by sharing quirky and humorous messages on signs, which are camouflaged with the existing city landscape. 


Hilarious & Snarky Engraved Pencils

The Carbon Crusader  was conceived from “ a lifelong enthusiasm, passion, and love of words and the thoughts they express.” From the beginning, Yvy, the store’s owner claims that she always had trouble verbalizing what she thought. She often avoided confrontation and jotted her ideas on paper.

With the notion of filling several notebooks with observations and imagined conversations, a pencil is the most trusted friend. You can vent to it and even inspire yourself.  The biggest aim is to provide a sense of quality, freedom and immense humor. The snarky remarks on each pencil are inspired by pop culture and film. Referencing Mean Girls, and pain of taking exams, the collection of the hilarious writing tools comes in an array of gorgeous colors. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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7 Ways Relationships Change Over Time

It is inevitable, long-term relationships provide comfort, love and support. At the benign everyone tries to put their best foot forward, but as the relationship settle you learn each other’s quirks and secret habits you do when you think nobody is watching.

Comic artist Sarah C. Anderson composes hilariously honest illustrations, which capture the authenticity and grit of being in love and comfortable. The artist behind “Sarah’s Scribbles,” Anderson recently published a book called Adulthood is a Myth: A Sarah’s Scribbles Collection, where she doodles the existing challenges of adulthood in our society.

We urge everyone to check our her realistic and hilarious blurbs below.

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What Happens When An Illustrator Gets Creative With Words : Literal Art Interpretations Of Idioms By Keren Rosen

Dings&Doodles is a creative illustration outlet on Etsy by Keren Rosen

that plays around with idioms and proverbs and turns them into ridiculously funny cartoons. The creative posters featured below are made digitally, the bright colors and expressive characters engaged in a scene making each poster unique.

The perfect gift for your English teacher or that special friend who always makes a point to be grammatically correct, the idiom artwork turns a plain sketch into a witty depiction of language and art on a single canvas. The sense of humor that Dings&Doodles has behind these drawings is evident with the wide collection of images featuring popular idioms such as “ Sleeping Pills”, “Window Shopping”, “Fireworks”, “Jam Session" and many others. These amusing images undoubtedly not only take you back to the memories of grammar class  but leave you with a smile on your faces. You can find the entire collection in their Etsy shop.

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New Quirky & Puntastic Science Inspired Gifts

Newton and the Apple was conceived from a passion of love, knowledge and design. Its artist, “Gemma” holds a PhD in Auditory Neuroscience. Inspired by minimalism, famous scientists, formulas and the overall field of science, she creates stationary gets with a sentimental and clever value. You can find her entire collection of stationery in her Etsy shop.

Check out our favorite picks from Newton and Apple here!

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So, normally I wouldn’t bother with Valentine’s Day things, but @flavor-text-chara made some precious Chara Valentine’s Day card templates, and I couldn’t help slapping together a few of my own.

Because nothing says “I love you” like red demon eyes and bundles of lovely poisonous buttercups. =)