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Oh man! That was when they came here for 7/27 tour (I'm not sure tho) and they got to watch coldplay right? I was crying that time cause that day of their performance was my EQE (Engineering Qualifying Exam). I really want to go watch them but I was busy huhuhu. I wonder when they will go back here 😭

Yes, that was that lovely day. I met a lot of camren shippers and harmonizers too. I was at the VIP area. We were at the lounge with celebrities, funny story Liza Soberano was with us for hours. There was about like 70 of us only in the VIP with a meet and greet package. I was so ecstatic that day. I came at the venue like a half hour early. Made friends with almost everyone at the VIP then our moment came. There were freebies. The poster smells like flowers bahahaha.

Then my moment came. I entered the room. There was music playing. I was going to record our conversation for memory purposes but I was wearing a tight dress with no pockets so I had to leave my phone with my friends.

So as I was entering the door of the room. I saw Dinah Jane staring at me like I was like ohmahghad tryna contain maself, at this point I was a little conscious because she literally stared at me for like 15 seconds straight, as I was walking up to them and we did not lose our stare for that entire duration, like if she was gay I would say we were eye fucking bwahahahaha. Then came Ally who suddenly said hey and stuff and was about to hug me but the bouncers were like hurrying us up. So I went in the middle. Normani put her arms around my waist immediately. Then Dinah wrapped her arm around me too so I did the same. Lauren was dancing at this moment and I was like I cannot let this moment pass by without a moment with her, so what I did was look at her first and ohmahghad fam she doesn’t look real, and so she was dancing, I can’t even remember what song was playing, I was that high, and then I stopped in front of her and juz stared at her and she was like looking down on me, because we are the same height but she was wearing like a really fucking high heels and I was wearing flats because I knew I would be jumping all night in front of the stage haha then I dunno how or at what exact moment it happened but I was holding Lauren’s waist like hugging her and she was dancing as I was holding her and she was holding my arms like pulling me closer and then Lauren calls me “baby” and ohmahghad fam, she started to say things and I couldn’t even remember the exact words because I told you I was so high at this point bahahaha.

It’s quite funny seeing people celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter today in social media and I feel like it’s just another normal day for me because I celebrate Harry Potter 24/7.

it’s… funny…when celebrities say shit like ‘money can’t buy happiness’ while they’re sitting in mansions and never having to worry about putting food on the table, or when they say ‘looks don’t matter, everyone is beautiful’ while actively participating in a business/establishment that literally makes money off of people being insecure and hating themselves god it’s just so fucking transparent

Funny how actual celebrity Harry Styles can arrive in the U.S. without fanfare and without a horde of paps documenting his every step through the airport but Eleanor Calder girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson couldn’t leave without 30 paps in her face, airport security leading her out and a hat to cover her face because she’s totally recognizable on her own yet she managed to arrive in LA without anyone knowing. Funny that.