Boy: “Your dress is too short”

Girl: “Thanks, the designer used your dick for inspiration”

Someone watching the scene:

Me: I fucking hate drama why can’t we all just be nice to each other

Drama: *happens*


When you and your best friend say the same thing at the same time and you just look at each other like

watching horror movies (OT12)

suho: “Y/N this is not family friendly!”

chanyeol: *gif*

luhan: “baobei im manly! i can protect you from those demons!” 


chen: *jumps and scares you at the least expected times,,,, you get pissed but he would apologize to you later*

tao: gOTTa bLaST

kyungsoo: you’d be creeped out because he’d be laughing when someone gets murdered

xiumin: “see these guns? ain’t no one getting past these bad boys”

kai: he was fine during the movie but–

*you’re about to turn off the lights to go to bed*

jongin: “wAIT DONT”

you: ???

jongin: “what if we see kyungsoo”

omg someone help this precious baby ^

lay: *recommended a disney movie in the first place*

kris: “horror movies are not my style”

sehun: *someone gets killed*

“bye bye bitch”

baekhyun: *screeches whenever the floor creaks for the next week*