• Tracer: Hang On, What’s that?
  • Junkrat: It’s my bodyguard.
  • Tracer: A pig?
  • Junkrat: No!
  • Tracer: It is.
  • Junkrat: It’s not, it’s a ferret. A severely deformed ferret, I’ll grant you that. So severely deformed in fact that it looks a little bit like a pig.
  • Tracer: Looks exactly like a pig.
  • Junkrat: Yes, well, it certainly has been remarked upon. In fact, just as John Hurt is known as the Elephant Man, Bacon Sandwich here is known as the Pig Ferret.
  • Tracer: Bacon Sandwich? Funny name for a ferret, isn’t it?
  • Junkrat: Ha ha! And that’s where I had you fooled. Because it’s not a ferret, it’s a pig.
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anonymous asked:

How come back in the day when everyone thought Purple Guy was hot, everyone was also convinced that he loved toast? Like that's always confused me,,

Many years ago, the internet was younger than it is now. Less evolved. A generation of children that grew up with computers, could now connect with each other, but we had no idea how to use this power. More importantly, we had no idea how to make jokes in this new medium. From this primordial soup of chaos, random humor emerged. Or, as it was more commonly referred to, “being randem xD lulz :3”.

Basically we agreed that certain words were funny. Words like spork, bacon, cake, rawr, ninja and yes, toast. They became widespread, because every time they were repeated, people would laugh, or at least claim to have done so by typing “ROFLMAO”. Since this was most widespread among teenage girls who liked manga and edgy bishounen, the two often met. So Purple Guy becoming associated with toast would make perfect sense, except FNAF came out in what I thought was a different era of internet comedy.

I guess what I’m saying is, jokes like “TOAST!!!” are the one-celled organisms from which better memes evolved, and like actual one-celled organisms, I’m generally not aware of them unless they make me sick.

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BBCAN5 era was the greatest time nothing will ever compare to it. It was a near perfect season aside from the winner. And you were so funny with your bacon

If Ika (or even Dem) would have won it would have beat bb10 as my favorite season ever like it was SO good. Like the night of the Dre Exposed Party? I was CACKLING at my computer. My bacon thing was so fucking wild too skldjfsd like Dem should really thank me for all his comp wins