Ok I just realised that there’s two scenarios here:

One, just as angry actor guy asks “who.invited. THE HOCKEY TEAM” the hockey team is yelling Ford’s name and keep praising the stage management so the connection will be made and poor Ford will just awkwardly smile as they all give her a *look*


This guy is so self centred he doesn’t know Ford’s name despite having been working together for a while, so has no idea who they are talking about.

If it’s scenario B then loads of interesting possibilities for fics and headcanons about why Ford is looking for a change, and how her relationship with the actors might not have been ideal.

If it’s scenario A, funny possibilities from actor friends trying to understand why their best most adorable stage manager is leaving them for THE HOCKEY TEAM.

Andy  Samberg Appreciation Post

Andy Samberg. T me, he is the one of the nicest person ever. So, why not  appreciate him?

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First of all he’s funny, a great actor and so loveable.

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And he acts like a crazy fangirl and (i’m gonna say it) relatable.

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I meann… Just look at his face

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Just so lovable..

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And, you knoww..

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when someone mentions that finals are coming up

Look!!! Evak are completely coordinated! I took a screenshot and laughed at how they’ve clearly become more like eachother, so I took some more screenshots and realised that they’re completely in sync throughout the whole clip! Once again, so well thought out by Guru Julie Andem and Co. !!!

Go to @etheltannetsted ’s Instagram, where she puts out loads of other great small details from Skam!! Peace out, and Alt Er Love