funny vine


Arriving somewhere unfamiliar.

Made with Vine
signs as vines pt 2

aries - what the fuck richard & way to go paul
taurus - i smell like beef & ah
gemini - waddup, i’m jared, i’m 19 & a child
cancer - 69 cents & butt cheek on a stick
leo - vodka down the hatch & oovoo javer
virgo - a really good book & a knife, no!
libra - i can’t believe you’ve done this & i can’t swim
scorpio - 420 whatcha smokin’ & i don’t have a penis
sagittarius - is that a weed? & i won’t hesitate bitch
capricorn - it’s wednesday my dudes & ya mom’s a hoe
aquarius - get ya fucking dog bitch & barbecue sauce on my titties
pisces - an avacado & i’m washin’ me and my clothes