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Jesus christ, Tumblr. Stop fat-shaming trans people and stop fat-shaming men.

If the only people you’re posting positivity for is baby-faced cis women, you’re not helping.

And if every time you bring up misogynists or homophobes or racists you depict them as fat, you’re part of the problem.

So Ed Helms, who voiced the Onceler, is now going to voice Captain Underpants.

Am I worried that Tumblr Fangirls are gonna obsess over Captain Underpants the way they did with the Onceler?

Of course not!

Tumblr Fangirls only had the hots for the Onceler because he was a skinny douche bag with an emo hair cut. Captain Underpants is a fat funny bald guy, and everybody knows that Tumblr Fangirls would never find that attractive.

anonymous asked:

Shy anon again! Good day! What sort of role do you wish to see Josh Gad in? Personally, I want a role where he's not "the funny fat guy" I would love to see him play a villain actually! What do you think?

Hey, Shynon! Good to hear from you again! 

It does appear that Josh Gad has fallen into a category of roles. I’ve noticed that most times he’s typecasted as socially awkward characters of both extremes: obnoxious and loud, or quiet and shy. Although, when we think of Josh Gad, we think of the “funny fat guy” because that’s partly who he is. He’s a comedian who happens to be overweight. But a few of the roles given to him associate his weight with the socially awkward character personality. (A little fat phobic, eh showbiz?) Of course, Josh does an amazing job with every role he’s been given. But he has so many more skills that he could use if he were given the chance to branch out. 

From the few times I’ve seen Josh act dramatically instead of comedically, I was moved to tears. He can do this kind of thing, and he can do it well. 

His portrayal of Steve Wozniak in Jobs really stood out to me. While Wozniak was another awkward character, he lacked comedy. During his monologue about his failing friendship with Jobs and leaving the company they’d started together as kids, Josh’s powerful delivery brought tears to my eyes. 

So did his role as Noah in Wish I Was Here, (yes, another socially awkward genius) a stubborn son who refused to see his sick father because he put his brother on a pedestal and never once told him that he was proud of him. Just moments before he passed, Noah gave in and came to visit him. His father gave him the words he’d always desperately wanted to hear, and died, holding his hand.

Every time I watch Josh’s performance in these scenes I’m just as moved and just as impressed. This man can do far more than make you laugh.

 So yes, I do like the idea of Josh playing a villain. It’s something different, and he would be perfect. Earlier this year he toyed with idea of playing the Penguin in an upcoming Batman film (nothing official, so don’t get your hopes up), so clearly he’d be interested in playing a villainous part. He has so much range as an actor, and hasn’t been able to use all of it yet. It would be a good challenge for him to play a scary or intimidating character. But, knowing Gad, he might still figure out how to make it laughable in the best way. 

is snl gonna try to find the next Funny Fat Guy for their sketch show, b/c there’s always gonna be fat guys in the news that they need to do impressions of, lest they become irrelevant, and also i’d like another cast member to thirst after

 Before weight: 360

After weight: 185

Height: 5'10"

I lost the weight through a strict diet and lots of exercise. 2 years ago I was a very unhealthy, obese, and depressed person. To everyone else I seemed like the funny fat guy, but inside I’ve always been sad. I was a smoker that weighed 360 pounds and has family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other things. 

But it wasn’t until I wasn’t able to ride a roller coaster because of my size that I realized just how big I was. The first thing I did when I got home is I threw out every cigarette I owned and began eating healthy, I knew it was time for change. In less than a year I had gone down from 360 pounds to 180 pounds and along the way I gained more confidence than I’ve ever had, and am no longer depressed. 

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