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Here’s a serious question though: Why is Seb’s ability to style himself directly correlated to how much muscle he has? I can’t think of a single questionable outfit he’s worn when he’s been beefy but then he goes back to being smol and comes out in a turtleneck/biker jacket combo.

anonymous asked:

would u imagine if Tak got so mad he started cussing out the others in 70 different languages that all spell out "Fuck You" while crushing a zombie with his t h i g h s

Takeo [2.0]: *Breaths in*

  • 1. English: Fuck you
  • 2. Japanese: Anata ni fakku
  • 3. Russian: Yebat’ tebya
  • 4. German: Fick dich
  • 5. French: Baise toi
  • 6. Spanisch: Andate a la cresta
  • 7. Italian: Vaffanculo
  • 8. Swedisch: Knulle dig
  • 9. Norwegian: Knulle deg
  • 10. Dutch: Rot op
  • 11. Portuguese: Foda você
  • 12. African: Fuck jou
  • 13. Albanian: Qij ju
  • 14. Amharic: Irisiwo bekonidomi
  • 15. Arabic: Allainat lak
  • 16. Armenian: Minet dzez
  • 17. Azarbaijan: Sit atdormaq
  • 18. Basque: Izorratzen duzu
  • 19. Bengaals: Apani yaunasangama
  • 20. Burmese: S ngya sanyya fuck sotae
  • 21. Bosnian: Jebi se
  • 22. Bulgarian: Chukai te
  • 23. Catalan: Fot - te
  • 24. Cebuano: Fuck kaninyo
  • 25. Chichewa: Ndichiyani inu
  • 26. Chinese: Ta ma de ni
  • 27. Corsican: Tu scopare
  • 28. Danisch: Fuck dig
  • 29. Esperanto: Fuck you
  • 30. Ests: Persse
  • 31. Finnisch: Vittu
  • 32. Fries: Fal dea
  • 33. Galiasch: Foda - se
  • 34. Georgian: Gahqeui
  • 35. Greek: Sas fuck
  • 36. Gujarati: Tame vahiyata
  • 37. Haitian: Fuck ou
  • 38. Hausa: Fuck ku
  • 39. Hawaiian: Anal oe
  • 40. Hindi: Phak yao
  • 41. Hmong: Fuck koj
  • 42. Hongarian: Baszd meg
  • 43. Irisch: Ag fuck té
  • 44. Igbo: Na; i
  • 45. Islandic: Raestu pig
  • 46. Indonesian: Fuck ranu
  • 47. Javaans: Jancol sampeyan
  • 48. Jiddisch: Baren ir
  • 49. Kannada: Ninage phak
  • 50. Kazaks: Sizdi ebat
  • 51. Khrner: Fuck anak
  • 52. Kyrgyz: Jiberip, seni
  • 53. Kurdish: Fuck hûn
  • 54. Korrean: Yeos meog eola
  • 55. Croatian: Jebi se
  • 56. Latin: Vilis
  • 57. Luxembourg: Féck deck
  • 58. Macedonian: Te ebam
  • 59. Malagasy: Astrihoany ianao
  • 60. Malay: Fuck anda
  • 61. Maltees: Fuck unti
  • 62. Mongolian: Ta zöndöö
  • 63. Ukrainian: Pishov na khuy
  • 64. Polish: Pieprzyc cie
  • 65. Roemanian: Te draai’
  • 66. Slovak: Kurva vas
  • 67. Slovanian: Jebi
  • 68. Swahili: Kutomba wewe
  • 69. Thai: Yed khun
  • 70. Turkish: Lanet olsum

((Mod: I put way too much effort in this one… it’s not like I have exams to study for or somethin. Also, I used Google translate for this one, so my apologies if they’re wrong))

softest-kookmin  asked:

what do you think about that 'jungkook getting annoyed of jimin wanting his attention' thing that has been literally everywhere

That statement should’ve been chucked away along w the “Jimin you got no jams” and “alien Tae” jokes. it’s so 2014, and people have long moved on and gotten tired of it.

People who INSIST that Jungkook is still hating on Jimin and is annoyed of Jimin craving his attention are clearly blinded by ignorance and insecurities. It’s because of shipping and Jimin i must say. They’re against Jimin (poor boy). They think that Jimin got in their way and hence they throw all the blame on him. Saddening. Fans should ACKNOWLEDGE bangtan’s closeness bc let’s be truly honest, they love one another. Whether you ship them or not, they’ll still be close.

Another thing. Where in the world did one get the idea of labeling jungkook as “annoyed of Jimin”? Did u not see the many times Jungkook smiles, shoots heart eyes at Jimin, BACKHUGS him? BE WITH HIM? Why would  they still be attached at the hip if Jungkook was annoyed? Lmao I don’t think I have to pull out receipts bc it’s so fckn obvious lol.

I can’t fathom. To conclude, I despise those who carelessly put such label on him. Jungkook and Jimin deserve better.

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idk when/how you became an advice blog but it's kinda funny. between all the "u went on a date with louis and you die" and "who do you think gave you the vagina" you're also telling people how to manage high school and friends and real life. Chillest blog ever.

I know right??? like how funny is that. I was thinking about it this morning I’m like this is too funny that I started this blog for one reason and now it’s like bad1dimagines/advice blog mashup, killer combo 👌