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The real reason the X Men weren’t in Civil War is not because of copyright issues–it was because Kitty would have swore too much, she’d never go for that bullshit, and Marvel couldn’t afford all the music she’d use for punchline emphasis


You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky
And then you decided purple just wasn’t for you

Neat little Hamilton staging things (Act I)

Alexander Hamilton

  • there’s a fucking pause for applause when Ham comes out for the first time
  • like, it goes “what’s your name man? Alexander Hamilton………….(*insert continued wild applause here*)………….. my name is Alexander Hamilton”
  • during the “but his mother went quick” line, one of the dancers is lifted and carried away from Ham, like his mother being carried off by death :))))
  • “moved in with a cousin, the cousin committed suicide”: a chair is placed center stage and one of the dancers climbs on and mimes hanging himself. it’s very powerful.
  • everyone is wearing white except for Burr, until Eliza comes and gives Alexander a colorful coat, thus making him stand out from the rest of the company (that fucking symbolism tho)
  • Angelica hands Ham a book, and if I remember correctly, Laurens hands him a rucksack

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