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Guys, as some of you may know, BigHit’s official webpage got hacked today, please avoid visiting it since autoplay videos add to the # of views! As mentioned in this tweet here the hackers can easily track your information, so let’s avoid it for now and wait until bighit fix the problem, they might even take legal action. So yeah, don’t open the page, avoid visiting it, make sure to clear your cache and cookies as well, stay safe~

im deep in the vld hole here and need to voice my thoughts on kallura given literally everything so far & how i believe it doesnt make sense? (even though a lot of ppl have already said that) and maybe my worries will subside a bit. this most definitely might be a jumbled mess but i hope if youre worried or anxious or just kinda ehhh on the whole possibility this will help your worries subside too!!

(definitely got longer than i intended it to be but its coherent!)

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Just in case you missed Lady Gaga during the half time show: