funny till

Ugh…..Okay, I am so upset rn. Why this boy can get laid and i cannot? Like he is an idol and working his ass 24/7 barely finding free time in his busy schedule. And I am here literally (sexy)free&single (ready to bingo) and still no one want my ass. F u Jeon Jungkook.  

*playing “Single Ladies” in the background*

“When in drought, call your friendly neighbour Bucky Barnes”

“You speak french, right?”

“Only a Buck”

“You dumb as fuck”

“Jackson Pollock”


funny shit ever XD

EXO: *loses Tao in a crowd*

Chen: this calls for drastic measures.

Chen: *mischievous smirk* Do you guys think Tao will get mad at me if I sold all of his Gucci stuff on eBay?

*car engines sounds in the distance*

Tao: *pulls in beside EXO in his Maserati*

Tao: w-wait a minute, hold up!

Chen: found him!

I know it was probably because it’s easier to hear them speak and stuff, but i find it kinda funny how everyone has scrum caps and not a single one of them has a mouth guard. Between the two things to have and not have, mouth guard is a little more important.