funny ties

lmao, poor Pekoms… he seriously can’t catch a break man. first, he gets shot in the back. then he’s left to drown in shark-infested waters. and now, he’s being tied to a boulder…

well, at least Aladdin was kind enough to treat his wounds and leave him a few rice balls and something to drink.

“I love you”

Note: These responses are absolutely serious. They aren’t stereotypical at all and I assure you that every single type will definitely react like that in real life.

Ne: Ohh I love you, too! But I also love pancakes, sunshine and… bread! Like, bread can be so amazing. There are so many different types of breads! Like MBTI types! OMG I NEED TO MAKE A POST ABOUT MBTI TYPES AS BREAD.

Ni: But what is love? What is it about? How come that we are able to feel such a deep connection and how does its pattern fit into this complex world?

Se: Ohhhh I love you, too– wait omg! There’s a butterfly! *chases the butterfly*

Si: One time I loved someone, too. It was the most romantic story of my life and it started on a rainy day in November…

Te: Do you have evidence to support your statement?

Ti: …. What the fuck. Why?

Fe: *tears up* You love me? Someone loves me! LOVE ME FOREVER! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME!

Fi: ……. Wait a minute, I have to check whether love is acceptable according to my personal values.

High Ti and compliments

Person: You look great.
High Ti user: I know ;)
Low Fe: Omg what are you doing?! That was a compliment. You need to be polite and not arrogant. They might not like you!
High Ti user: Oh uhh I mean.. thaaaank you! That’s very kind of you.
Low Fe: Good. That’s great. :) You can stop now–
High Ti user: I like your eyes. Eyes are really cool. You.. uh see with them and stuff.
Low Fe: *dies*

An MBTI Post (I have no title for this, just read :)

ENFP - The most introverted extrovert

INFP - The most extroverted introvert

ISTP - The most intuitive sensor

There is no sensory intuitive. Sorry….

IxFJ- The most thinking feeler

ESTP - The most feeling thinker

ENFJ - The most perceiving judger

INTP - The most judging perceiver

High Ti problems #2

There’s a funny picture or chat or something funny happens.

Everyone: *laughs*

High Ti user: Good joke, but actually.. *explains why it doesn’t really make sense or some other logical flaw in it*

Person 1: Omg can’t you just laugh about it like everyone else?!

Person 2: You must be fun at parties.

Person 3: No one likes know-it-alls.

High Ti user: … Why is everyone overreacting?

I’ve been working on a dragon age au for Hiccup in which he’s a city elf who lives with his mother, and balances his time between blacksmithing and research. Often times, he’ll leave the city for weeks on end to explore different forests and caves, excavating materials for his inventions. He frequently runs into darkspawn, but thankfully he has his bow and arrow, and Toothless: the whiniest, overbearing dragon in the entirety of Thedas to protect him.

Note: for those who haven’t read the book, Toothless’s personality and appearance are based off of his book version c:


I am working on opening an etsy shop and getting some hedgie-related things printed for sale. Behold, my holiday card! What could be more festive than a hedgehog with Christmas light quills?! And why have I not seen it before?! The front of the card will have the lights on; the back will have the lights off.


a cat gets stuck in a box and it is beautiful

(I like fat cats in boxes ok)