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  • Sehun: Hyung, can we stop at McDonald's?
  • Suho: Kyungsoo is making dinner at home.
  • Sehun: I fuckin hate this family.
The Signs as Eurovision Cliches

Aquarius: that Gay™ Jam with the dance routine

Virgo: the Eastern European power ballad

Libra: the ‘we don’t want to win pleas don’t vote for us lmao’ entry

Sagittarius: the unnecessarily sexy song

Taurus: 12 points to your neighbors rule

Aries: nul points for the UK

Gemini: the song that spent the entire budget on lights and shooting fire

Pisces: the song that just doesn’t make sense. at all.

Leo: the Nordic entry that wants to be Lordi but can’t

Capricorn: Graham Norton’s amazing commentary

Scorpio: that awkward shout out to China

Cancer: the middle of the show musical number by the hosts that is either cheesy or brilliant or both