funny supernatural

It was an accident I swear!
  • Me: *accidentally starts watching supernatural*
  • Me: *accidentally watches 4 seasons in 4 days*
  • Me: *accidentally thinks the dorky Angel and the pie lover are cute together*
  • Me: *accidentally starts shipping my first ship*
  • Me: *accidentally comes across fluff for new found ship*
  • *weeks go by*:
  • Me: *accidentally stays up until 6 in the morning reading smut*
  • Me: *accidentally dedicates 18484939 fan accounts to Destiel*
  • Me: *accidentally falls off bed in the middle of the night over intense feels*
  • Me: *accidentally makes theorise about how it's canon during math class*
  • Me: *reflects of how deep I am in the Destiel trash pit*
  • Me: nO rAgErTs
A lame joke
  • *Sam, Dean, and Castiel walk into a bar*
  • Bartender: *looking at the trio* I'm sorry, but we don't allow animals in here.
  • Dean: *looking to Cas* Excuse me? My friend here is a freaking angel. He's done more for this world than you ever could, and if anyone has the right to be called a "person," it's him. So why don't you say that to his face!
  • Bartender: What? An angel? No! I was talking about the gigantic moose that followed you guys in!
  • Dean: Hey! That's my brother you're-
  • Moose: *makes moose noise*
  • Dean: ...
  • Dean: *realizes that they've been walking around with a literal moose all day, mistaking it for Sam*
  • Dean: Son of a Bitch, that's the third time this week
Consequences of reading Twist and Shout
  • Me: *can't listen to elvis*
  • Me: *can't go to the beach*
  • Me: *can't do milk shake dates*
  • Me: *spills milk on the floor* WHY!? WHY!? *gross sobbing*
  • Me: *constant crying*
  • Friend: "See you then" *waves*
  • Me: *choking on sobs*
  • Friend: Wait why are you crying!?
  • Me: FUCK YOU
Cas is sexually frustrated
  • Cas: Hello
  • SPN writers: ..Hello..?
  • Cas: It's me
  • SPN writers: wut-
  • Cas: I was wondering if after all these seasons you would let me love my Dean