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Harry styles lockscreen

meet me :)

hey! so i realized i never really introduced myself on here, and as i’ve been gaining more followers i decided i should make a get to know me post, so here it is:

hi i’m meghan :) i’m 15 years old (i’m really mature for my age) and i live in st. louis, missouri. that’s me  ↑

my instagram is @ sigh.meghan

my twitter is @ meghan_hes (please go through my likes cause there’s some super funny stuff in there lmao)

i’ve been a one direction stan for about 6 years, but unfortunately i’ve never seen the boys live before.

(obviously) harry is my favorite, but i used to be a hardcore louis girl my first year of liking them (i was legit 9 years old and was up louis ass)

i found out about the boys from watching the x-factor video diaries with my neighbor and i got hooked 

none of my friends like one direction which is really annoying, so if you want to be friends my inbox is always open

i’m bisexual and i have a girlfriend named sophia. we’ve been dating for about 4 months

other music i like includes the 1975, ariana grande, the neighbourhood, the jezabels, beyonce, marina and the diamonds, lana del rey, and melanie martinez

i’m planning on going into environmental science or politics after high school, and i’m about to become a sophomore

i hate school more than anything in the world and freshman year was possibly the worst thing to every happen to me

my birthday is on february 26, and i’m a pisces 

my favorite songs on harry’s album are meet me in the hallway, woman, kiwi, and from the dining table

i want to travel so bad, and i’ve never been out of the US (someone please get me out of here trump is killing me)

i love talking to new people so please talk to me

i really hope you enjoy my account and please message me sometime. follow me on instagram and twitter, and i beg you to talk to me cause i have 0 friends. i’m friendly and we can send each other memes :)

All these girls crying cause of Zayn Malik leaving and I’m over here crying because my macaroni didn’t heat up all the way


Bo Burnham insultin Justin Bieber-interview on Conan

SOMEBODY TELL ME how the sperm that made me was the fastest one when I can’t even run a mile?? hm?

Oh… You know… Just another picture of Liam being all HOT and stuff… No big deal… :)