funny story about jared


Imagine a fan asking a compromising question at Comic Con Panel.

Characters- Jared P., Chloe M., Jensen A.

Jensen-There’s an episode I’m sure you guys remember, Chloe and Dean are searching an old sports rec center and they find this pool table

Crowd cheers

Jensen-Okay okay it wasn’t an episode of true blood we know Dean didn’t get any..

Jared- did Jensen?

He blushes horribly Chloe is dying laughing

Chloe: during the episode no, my dad filmed that scene…after…well (she jokes making the crowd scream. Jensen is fifty shades of red)

Jensen-anyway…. So Dean teaches Chloe to play pool and she basically hustles him because she acts like she had no idea how to play and then later at the end of the episode he watches her beat some guy at pool in like two shots. Which I guess is the way the writers let you know she likes him more than she lets on.

Chloe-was their a point here? (She teases) she plays her fingers across his thigh winking at him driving the crowd and him crazy

Jensen-what was the question? (He says obviously distracted) you’re killing me, hey can I not sit so close to my hot girlfriend?? (He looks off to side asking the crew at comic con)

Chloe- only if you plan on sleeping on the couch alone later. (She stands now and plants a soft kiss on his unsuspecting lips wrapping her arms around his neck as she Ruffles his hair.)

The crowd goes wild, Jared can’t hold his laughter in rolling his eyes at them.

Jared: okay okay, the question was how our character ever had situations like in the show.

Jensen pulls Chloe in his lap as she crosses her legs over the arm of the chair resting her head on his shoulder.

Chloe- are you talking about the time with the guitar?? (It clicked now where he was going with this story)

Jensen- well I was…

Chloe- that’s not the same time.

the crowd cheers wanting to here more.

Jensen- uh…yes it is. So before I was interrupted, before we started dating, Chloe heard me playing guitar and was like, “I wish I knew how to do that, I always wanted to learn and never had the time,” while she bats those long eye lashes at me and bites her bottom lip looking all sweet and innocent.

Chloe- I am sweet an innocent

Jared- until she gets a couple drinks in her (Chloe playfully punches Jared) sorry it only takes one.

Chloe- you two are ridiculous.

Jensens laughing- so of course the upstanding citizen I am offers to teach her. So we get about two weeks in and I was like this is hard word, because she would get it one minute that completely act like she never one before. And we were doing principal photography one day and her and I were sitting off to the side while Jared was doing her shots and I was getting frustrated because I had this suspicious either she really sucked at it or she was screwing with me.

Chloe: don’t tell lies. And he was so sweet, he literally had a ton of patience don’t act hard now.

Jensen- her dad walks by to bring us some scripts and sees her with the guitar and starts dying laughing. And by then I was about to break the thing. So she goes and does her photos and I’m standing off to the side And he says,“is she teaching you?”

And I scoffed, “teaching me what?”

And here’s where I felt so stupid,“you know she can really play that thing better than you. She should, damn her mom had Stephen Tyler teach her.”

Chloe: my mom was a tour manager one summer for Aerosmith and she got the guys to teach me how to play guitar. I’m also classically trained in piano.

Jensen: and then it hit me. She fucking hustled me! I was like dumbfounded. Because she was soooo bad at playing.

Chloe: I can’t be the only female in the whole world who lied about being good at something to get the guy she likes(she points at Jensen) to teach her. Men love that the whole thinking they know how to do something you don’t. It like when women let you open the jars at home, we can do it, it just makes y'all feel good.

Jared: what’s funny about this story is that he went it go on for a couple more weeks before calling her out.

Chloe: that was really sweet of you.

Jensen: the things you do for love.