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Rafael falling asleep on his desk and Sonny is wondering why it is taking him so long to come home,the kids are already in bed and he would like for his husband to be home,so because Rafael isn't answering his phone,Sonny calls Carmen and she tells him Rafael is asleep on his desk

Okay, but this is actually so fucking funny???!

Like Sonny is just chilling on the couch, watching trashy reality TV because the kids are already bathed and put to bed, and Sonny would really love some alone time with his workaholic husband right now, thank-you-very-much.

When it nears ten o’clock and Rafael’s still not home, Sonny gives up on trying to be patient and proceeds to call Rafael’s cell at least twenty times.

And when that doesn’t work, he calls Carmen, asking, “Can you please see if my husband is still in his office? I’ve tried calling him and he won’t pick up.”

So Carmen sneaks around the corner of Rafael’s ajar office door and proceeds to laugh her ass off, because, “Uhh, Sonny…he’s passed out on his desk!”

She then proceeds to snap a picture of Rafael and send it to Sonny, because he has drool dripping out of the corner of his mouth and onto an affidavit that’s underneath his head.

Sonny just sighs and grumbles, “He’s lucky he’s cute.”, when really all he wants is to get Rafael home, and safe, and tucked into bed, since he clearly needs the rest.

So sweetly, he asks Carmen if she’ll call him a Lyft and get Rafael into it so that he can get his husband home and into bed. 

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people


@benlaxton said: One of my favourite Carisi moments was when Fin and him went undercover in that prison and he was mopping the floor… I had to pause the show because I was laughing so hard

I gotta admit I don’t remember this scene much from when I first watched it, except that it was kind crazy but after watching it frame by frame, I’m literally dying. D.Y.I.N.G!! Can we pause for a moment and talk about the awesomeness that is the Scanavino? LOL!! Who else on this show has done such crazy shit as this?? WHO?

My bb works so hard. lol.

Thanks for this!! I have a few more in the ask box to work on…anyone others to request?? Drop me an “ask”.


Here, have some HamilHeights headcanons:

-Eliza meets Nina and Benny because she runs a daycare their kid goes to

-Peggy works at the daycare too

-Alex meets Usnavi because Alex needs his fucking coffee

-Alex rants about many things to Usnavi, but Usnavi tolerates it because he’s a loyal customer and he’s funny

-Sonny joins Alex on these rants sometimes, so he gets an internship under Hamilton

-Vanessa wore a Hercules-designed dress and the Rev Crew freaked out

-Alex flirted with Vanessa and Usnavi gives him the glare to end all glares

-Usnavi doesn’t talk to Alex for a week after that

-Eliza is a good friend and cinnamon roll to Nina and Benny (and their kid)

-Their kid is named Lincoln – I’m not crying you’re crying

-Nina works at a law firm with Burr and complains about him to Eliza

-Eliza says, “Oh, my husband hates Burr too!”

-She invites them to dinner at the Ham House

- At the dinner, Benny says, “Oh, you’re the guy Usnavi hate – I mean talks about.”

-Alex and Usnavi eventually become friends when they learn they’re both immigrant orphans

- “You’re an orphan? Of course! I’m an orphan!”

-Laf’s just watching this from the salon because the only ones allowed to do their hair are Daniela and Carla (They’re also there for the gossip)

-Angie’s also at the salon, but she’s expressly there for the gossip

- “Oldest and the wittiest and the gossip”

- The salon ladies and the Schuyler sisters are such great amigas

-They’re like Girlpower times two

-Benny meets George Washington (Mayor of New York) because he drove him in his cab once

-During the drive they were both really uncomfortable because they were thinking, “Who the fuck is that and why does he look like me? Whyyyyyyy?” They’re both too polite to mention it, though

-When the gay marriage announcement comes out ‘yes’ (Usnavi had the TV turned on in the bodega, and a good chunk of the barrio was watching) Alex just starts happy crying and he waves someone’s bi flag

-Usnavi says,  “I thought you were straight.”

-Alex says, “I…have..had a boyfriend.”

-Usnavi asks, “Oh, you did?”

-Alex breaks down and leaves the bodega, sad crying now

-Eliza tells Usnavi that Laurens died seven years ago

-Usnavi finds Alex and tells him that Abuela Claudia died about seven years ago, too.

-They just sit in silence for a while

- “Did you know you’re not so bad.”

-Friendship, so much friendship!

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Enchanted AU! Nina Usnavi Sonny live in a fairytale world & through an odd course of events usnavi and Nina are set to be married (bear with me). However whoevers currently in charge (I dont wanna place either of her parents here so faceless bad guy it is) doesnt want Nina married so usnavi is shoved down a magic well and sent to the heights where Vanessa and Benny live. They stumble upon Usnavi and Vanessa takes him in until they find out how to get him home.

Cont. sonny & Nina find out where usnavi went and chase after him into New York. Meanwhile vansavi is on its way. The bad guy is still trying to murder usnavi tho but fail in funny ways Nina could even meet Benny that way. Sonny and Nina then find usnavi and reunion but both are kinda reluctant on going back home with their original plan. They decide to test it out once on a date going to the ball and they end up breaking it off. Nina goes off usnavi sees Vanessa dancing w others so he gives up. cue bad guy & poison apple. Vanessa had been trying to get over usnavi cuz she thought he would be leaving, but she sees Benny and Nina together and finds out she could be with usnavi and then they find his body and Vanessa tries true loves kiss and it works. There can also be a dragon after that and either usnavi has to save Vanessa or vice versa. Everyone gets their happy endings

I love all the pairings shenanigans we can have with this!! And just, Usnavi and Nina breaking out randomly into song is so freaking funny to think about! And Sonny as Pip is perfection XD But yeah, it basically ends up with Usnavi being with Vanessa looking for a way back, and Nina being with Benny, looking for Usnavi, and Sonny’s trying to keep the bad guy from screwing it up but like Pip, Sonny gets trapped a lot in the process but manages to get out every time and help. And maybe with Usnavi and Nina being married maybe they’re both kinda iffy about the whole thing and they finally make that clear to each other on their date, how they see each other as siblings and not as romantic partners. Oh man, I’m just imagining Sonny’s reaction to Usnavi getting poisoned; poor kid… And yeah, for the dragon, I’m thinking Usnavi gets snatched up by the dragon, and Vanessa goes up to save him to keep the whole princess saving prince thing going. And in the end, Usnavi, Sonny and Vanessa stay in the real world and Nina and Benny could go back to fairy tale land mostly cause I could see Benny’s phone ringing and going ‘Wow, great reception here!’ and throws it cause he doesn’t need work anymore! He’s gonna be king now! W00t!

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reverse au where everyone's got like their opposite personalities?

Oooohohoho my god! I don’t know who to switch with who and which would be funnier!!

Sonny or Vanessa being a hard worker and wanting to go to their country of origin but being super awkward with their crush and Usnavi being a lazy, but kind and hot-headed social activist OR a tough no-nonsense guy who wants to get on that elevated trains and get out of the barrio.

Benny being super smart but insecure about how people see him if he succeeds or not and Nina being a carefree girl, who was in constant trouble as a kid and can find the fun in anything.

Kevin being much more heartwarming towards anyone he considers family (including non-Rosarios) and cooking all the damn time, and Camila wanting what’s best for her family so she isn’t useless. Carla being the pseudo leader of the barrio and being the queen of gossip, and Daniela being the optimistic one who follows Carla as her second.

Imagine watching horror movies with Sonny & Mike but Nick comes home and scares the hell out of you guys.

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Warning: fluff

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